Three days ago the RM was witness to a hearing of a phony claim by a lying lawyer representing the failed Bank of Scotland, at the High Court, in a place known as Leeds.

THE GREAT BRITISH MORTGAGE SWINDLE is a genocidal charade built upon layers of fallacy, denial and deceitful sophistry and it remains abundantly clear how and why there will never be any justice as long as the old-tie network of brainwashed and befuddled ex-public school boy judges and barristers continue to sit in these theatres of base comedy and falsely presume to be competent to deal with matters involving banks.

The judge was asked to recuse himself on the basis that he has presided over this matter twice before and has previously demonstrated bias in favour of the criminal racketeers known as the Bank of Scotland (now HBOS).  He declined to do so, arguing that because he did not personally know the man and his family, he was confident that he would display no bias. One kids one not.

The first layer of bullshit that descended was a cloud of knowing fallaciousness pertaining to the fact that in these lands, there is almost never a lawful contract in place, signed by both parties. The judge and barrister both took solace in a legal reference book called ‘Chitty on Contracts’   which, of course, makes the obvious point that not all contracts need to be in writing.

That of course falls apart when one sees just how and why the 1989 Law of Property and Miscellaneous Act came into being. On 24 January 1989 ~ The Lord Chancellor (Lord Mackay of Clashfern) addressed the House of Lords with his reading of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill [H.L.]. He stated the intention of ‘Clause Two’ (Section 2):


The Law Commission recommended that contracts for the sale or other disposition of land should not be valid unless they are made in writing and that writing is signed by all the parties to the contract. The clause gives effect to that recommendation. It was made after wide-ranging consultation by the commission. It seems right that contracts as important as contracts for the sale or other disposition of land be in writing. The clause removes the possibility of an oral, binding, but unenforceable contract. It ensures that all the parties to a contract must sign it. The clause has been drafted so as not to interfere with the usual practice of exchanging contracts.” Hansard, vol 503 cc598-611.


In the simplest of terms, any agreement for the sale and or transfer of an interest in land (and that includes mortgage agreements) has to be in writing and signed by all parties.

No bank in the UK has any such lawful contract in place: that is the elephant in the room. The Judge fallaciously claimed that this matter had been dealt with previously by another expensively educated man acting as a judge, ‘Lord Justice Lloyd’.  This is utter codswallop.

Each and every time the RM has been into these courts, whether as a participant or a witness, both Judge and Barrister act as though it’s all some how lawful because moneys were actually loaned out – after all, most honourable folk will pay back that which they owe to another.

With a mouthful of plumbs and a level of smugness that comes when a barrister is representing any of the UK’s criminal banking institutions, and thus believes he is guaranteed a (hollow) ‘win’ in any of the Crown-Rothschild Courts, he launched into a 2 ½ hour-long circular and non-sensical attempt to explain how and why the BOS had a valid claim. Anyone at all interested in viewing how and which fallacies operate as means of screwing people over would do well to go and observe any hearing at any court in these lands.

The essence of this false claim was the fallacious presumption that the bank had loaned moneys of its own and therefore had the right to the properties in question.

RM will not bore you with the details of his bullshit but will add that the Barrister’s smugness took a battering in the afternoon session when it was demonstrated by the only genuine participant in the Court room that the ‘Blank of Despotland’ was – at the time of the alleged loan – running a deficit of £213 BILLION  largely as a consequence of the psychotic activities of James Crosby (the CEO) and a cadre of gamblers.

This kind of unregulated and unconscionable gambling comes as a direct consequence of giving these psychopaths the power to print money at will by way of effecting credits (‘loans’) on the back of the financial instruments created by the various phony securities and/or instruments like loan applications, mortgage deeds, bogus power of attorneys and so on…

With that kind of ‘power’,  little wonder so many psychopathic types are drawn into the murky and shark infested waters of ‘high finance’ and the associated industries like the legal profession whose role it is to lie, dissemble and defend at all costs the machinations of their criminal masters.

In this very real sense, it is a religious cult, with all parties worshipping at the altar of the man-made God known as the MON-EYE.  Until this fake God is destroyed, there will be no harmony on Planet Earth.

What is required?

An uprising of the people – from the ground up.

This will only come when those people wake to the full horror of what is going on… and the news that interest rates are set to rise  on those phony mortgages will result in more evictions.

No amount of creeping around politicians, asking for the ‘Bradbury’ pound to be reinstated yadda fucking yadda is going to resolve this matter as those who purport to be politicians are as head-fucked as the judges and barristers… No. The only solution will come via individuals: Men individually and together rising up and resisting the tyrannical tools of oppression that come in the form of lying judges, barristers, bovine bailiffs and brainwashed cops.

Like all religions, it is all utter fucking baloney – a series of binds that control the consciousness and the actions of Mankind.

The point, just in case some are missing it is this: the Bank of Scotland were claiming to have loaned moneys when they were TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN BILLION POUNDS IN DEFICIT!!

Get your head round that and remember how:

  • These shysters were bailed out by their lackeys in government.
  •  Not a single villain has been imprisoned for these crimes.
  •  Every claim made by a bank against a man is FAKE – the people are the creditors of the banks.
  •  People are being killed as a consequence of this religion which wages wars against those countries from which profits can be made via the usual methods of invasion and pillage of their resources.
  •  The so-called Courts of Justice are complicit in these crimes.  No judge or barrister has the balls to bring down the Rothschild Crown House of Cards.

So unregulated is this shit in Britain that the average house price is reportedly as high as £220k when the average salary is just £22k – if that is not a recipe for tyranny then what the fuck is? After all, does Man not need  shelter?

This, dear reader, is the essence of what is destined to be known as THE GREAT BRITISH MORTGAGE SWINDLE

It has to fucking stop.

No government will stop it.

No judge will halt it.

The remedy is in the hands of the people.

This is where the real power lies – as demonstrated just three days ago by Guy Taylor and those who supported him on Tuesday, 17 June  (Starts 29m in).



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