Something’s afoot…The eagerly-anticipated relaunch of #TGBMS redux is coming.

TGBMS Logo1There is something stirring in the people of these islands right now and it is not only reflected in the Brexit vote, although that is one manifestation of it.

The people are sick to their back teeth of the banking deceptions, the fake austerity and the blatant tyranny that the fake state attempts to impose on them.

It is as though a great bear is beginning to awaken from its hibernation; as though the spirits of the ancient ancestors of these islands are stirring and it is as though the lines are being drawn in the sand by the ‘pitchfork bearers’, the good people themselves, who are beginning to awaken to the fraud that lies all around us.

Even a cursory scan over the content, forum posts and you tube comments across the social media concerning issues relating to bailiffs, tv licence collectors, debt collection agencies, lying lawyers, miscarriages of justice and corruption in the satanic corridors of phony financial power demonstrates this perfectly.

The Powers That Be Phony would do well to pay attention because, as is palpable, multitudes of the people are waking to the injustice, the corruption and the immorality of those ‘lords and ladies’ who deem to rule over them by means of a fraudulent financial system of control, aka MON-EY.

7 years ago it was not so.

There were only a few of us actually taking on these issues and, of that few, an even smaller number were tackling the banksters over TGBMS.

The injustices of the world are myriad, so vast in their scope that the individual often feels powerless to do any thing about it.

The sheer brutality of the Crown House of Rothschild’s Fiefdom, the phony nation known as Israel’s on-going holocaust of the indigenous peoples of a land known as Palestine, is as clear an example of mass genocide as it gets.

Yet, what if the reader were told that, no matter wherever he may be on this planet, he is being subjected to a form of genocide himself?

What if the reader were told that the genocide perpetrated against the Palestinians by the Psycho Mafia running the CHR fiefdom(1)  is the current high-tech version of the genocide perpetrated by similar invaders of these islands against his indigenous ancestors?

What if the ‘English’ history is a fraud, deliberately constructed by an inner sanctum of sophists who are in the paid employ of the CHR and whose express purpose is to keep the people dumb to the truth of their ancestral history?

What if the reader is told that all debts are fake, that the BBC is a pernicious propaganda vehicle of mind control and that he is living in a phony world where fake teachers, phony parents, priests, advertisers and other assorted media whores have been feeding him a diet of lies and distortions since he emerged from his mother’s womb?

Would he not have every right to feel pissed off?

Millions of people, whether they know it or not, are in such a position.

That is the reality to which they are awakening.

And yet, instead of feeling powerless in the face of the cancerous financial corruption, the individual, upon realising his position as a hamster on the treadmill of CHR hegemony, may choose to ask himself, “What can I do that will have an effect?”

The answer is simple:

Do no harm, take no shit

The individual has every right to take defensive action against those who attack him. This includes those who would falsely seek to subjugate him by means of a fraudulent banking debt.

Thus, he has the power to bring the machinery of his oppression to a standstill.

That journey begins with a single step and a sense of fortification that only comes from knowing one is doing the right thing.

This was the step RM took in January 2009 when he questioned the Bradford and Bingley’s presumed right to extract moneys earned by my sweat equity from him over an alleged debt it could  and would not prove, backed up by a void deed of mortgage and an invalid contract.

It was a decision that RM knew was a gamble. Nevertheless, he took the view that, in the long run, such was his surety that the Bank was acting fraudulently, that gamble would win through because it was backed to the hilt by the one thing that wins in the end: THE TRUTH.

The making of TGBMS began in July 2009 when Michael O’Bernicia and RM first established contact with each other. Right from the beginning, it has been a friendship and association that has been marked by synchronicity, a sense of adventure and a natural camaraderie born of action and necessity.

It was agreed early on that they would chronicle, on film, the experiences of taking on the Banksters over what they realised was perhaps the greatest issue of our times – banking fraud, with particular application to the Great British Mortgage Swindle.

Production began in late September, 2009 with the filming of RM’s experiences of challenging the B&B, via private commercial remedy as well as through the courts. Little did RM know that this would gradually evolve into a project that covered not only his experiences with the B&B and Michael’s with the Bank Of Scotland, but it would also expand to encapsulate the stories of those other brave souls who were working with them in an association that has become known as The Bankster Busters Trust™.

RM remembers, at the time, expressing surprise that they appeared to be the only ones who were engaging with it in the way they had. Little did RM know then, but it was to turn out to be the most arduous battle of his life thus far.

In September 2009, they dutifully documented by interview the significance of the initial hearing of the unlawful attempt by the B&B to steal RM’s home of 15 years, in August 2009 at Nottingham County Court and the abject failure of the judge, a man called Richard Inglis, to apply the law of mortgages.

The first time RM stepped into that den of iniquity was thus as defendant in a fraudulent claim by the B&B for his home. This was over an unsubstantiated debt of around £30k. It was followed by a filmed presentation at a Law Conference in November of that year and a further interview in the summer of 2010, by which time an awful lot had transpired. That period is well-documented in the film.

In June and July of 2010, the pressure intensified with a series of failed attempts by Court Bailiffs, David Rees and David Caress. Each and every eviction that was successfully prevented was filmed by friends who carried out the direction to remain peaceful and simply film it all. It was thus filmed on a variety of mobile phones and cameras by those present at the evictions. The result is that the film has an edgy quality, which immediately propels the viewer into the heat of the battle and the heart of the matter.

Incredible as it may seem, Ceri Howells, an associate of RM's, went behind his back & the public notices to buy the stolen home at a fire sale price some £50k less than its market value.
Incredible as it may seem, Ceri Howells, an associate of RM’s, went behind his back & the public notices to buy the stolen home at a fire sale price some £50k less than its market value.

Looking back, this approach has reaped some amazing results – being as it is a guerilla like movement of individual people prepared to take action when faced with wrongdoing. It is grass roots action which is palpably anarchic in how it has operated.

Nothing was scripted and the direction was simple: film everything.

This is what give the film its unique quality and, of course, makes it  truly ground-breaking in terms of it being resolutely grass roots – the dialogue and banter is always spontaneous, the settings as real as it gets and the situations unfold in often unexpected ways.

It is thus unlike any documentary film ever made.

Each participant was simply applying their knowledge to the immediate moment as it unfolded before them. Of course, much of that footage has ended on the cutting room floor, to be included in the bonus extras section of the DVD.

The footage used in TGBMS gives it a unique anarcho-punk quality and credit is duly given to each and every one who has contributed to the production of what we are terming, a shockumentary.

As shocking as it is to see the levels of greed, duplicity and violence in the behaviour of the Banksters and their coterie of aggressive agents in the film, it is also worth reiterating the point: this montage of events is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Aside from physically destroying someone’s home, there is nothing more genocidal than an eviction. Having been through 2 in the space of 12 months, RM can readily testify to that fact.

“There comes a time…”

Five years on and RM have come to realise TGBMS is the issue to galvanize the people the peoples of these islands for the simple reason that everyone immediately understands the maxim of law,

A man’s home is his castle.”

It is his sanctuary: home is indeed where the heart is.
When men, women and children are violently evicted from their homes over fake financial debt, deliberately engineered by criminal Bankster overlords, the lackeys of the CHR, it is an action that causes each of the evicted immeasurable psychological, physical and spiritual harm. If you don’t believe that or cannot grasp it then you are simply not paying sufficient attention.

Want to stop genocide?


Then wake up to TGBMS, get connected with others across the social media, step out, go and stop your local county court bailiff from engaging in genocide.

In the meantime, prepare yourself for the roller-coaster ride that is TGBMS, a film that is, in the words of its director,

A mind blowing monument of a piece of culture; the like of which has never been seen before.”




1 fief |fiːf|
1 historical an estate of land, esp. one held on condition of feudal service.
2 a person’s sphere of operation or control.
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from French (see fee ).

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