The first test screening of TGBMS took place near Nottingham last Sunday (17 August, 2014).


Shot in a unique ‘guerilla’ style, featuring a series of interviews, interlaced with untold amounts of information, TGBMS lays out the mechanics of the financial tyranny of fake debt whereby people across these islands are having their homes stolen by a coterie of self-interested and bankster-serving dupes, who are employed at all levels of the pyramid of Crown House of Rothschild hegemony.

It is nothing less than a brutal heist, the result of which is genocidal.

The film captures the moments of bankster-state terrorism in such a way as to propel the viewer immediately into the very heart of the often-violent action. It is quite a roller-coaster ride, even for one who has seen the footage many times and, indeed, features himself in a series of dramatic episodes.

As the film unfolded, it was evident that it had captured the attention of all those present in the room on that august afternoon.

The film is resolutely of the people – from their presence at the evictions, to the interviews with those on the front line of TGBMS, to the meticulously documented dishonours and miscarriages of justice doled out to individuals at the CHRCTS (Crown House of Rothschild Courts & Tribunal Service), it reveals the cracks in the machinery of state control and banking fraud.

As such, it is a savage indictment of those Judges and professional liars whose self-serving role is to act as gatekeepers, intent on denying the people the rights and protections that are theirs under the Law of Mortgages, Equity and Natural Law.

The film moves along at an unrelenting pace, a true ‘shockumentary’ that takes the viewer on an epic journey that is as challenging to his intellect as it is to his heart. The swindle is laid bare by the courageous actions, insights and revelations of its participants.

The producers, Michaels O’Bernicia and O’Deira, wish to thank all those who attended last weekend for their support and participation in TGBMS – it is greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, if there is any group or individual who would like to arrange a further test screening of TGBMS at their location, you are cordially invited to contact the producers via the website and/or other social media.

Similarly, if one knows of an independent cinema that would be interested in hosting a test screening, please get in touch.

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