Yesterday, on the feast of St Michael, 2014, the High Court in Leeds was witness to an extraordinary event, the like of which will rarely, if ever, have been seen in a British court before.

Andrew ‘Sooty’ Sutcliffe, a man acting as a high court judge, chose to ignore the truth and, instead, issued a judgement that was, in the language of his BAR, unsafe.

In other words, he has handed down a VOID order.

As he delivered his erroneous judgement, the good men and women who were present in Court as witnesses to the miscarriage of justice, turned their backs on him.

In so doing they were demonstrating their contempt for his failure to apply the Law and his subsequently void verdict.

It was a powerful gesture towards not only Sooty, but also to the entire phony judiciary of these lands.The failure of the Courts, time after time, to provide the remedy at Law which is the right of the peoples of the British Isles has been well-documented. It now is laid bare and Andrew, in so doing, has revealed himself, like so many of his ilk, to be a man without honour who is demonstrably unfit for the role into which he has been placed.

Has this ever happened in a High Court hearing before?  I don’t know but one would imagine that such occurrences can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

In this sense, it was a historic moment.

On a day when ‘Jimmy Boy’ Chadwick turned up at the Court with a 6ft 4 bouncer in toe, when Wilson ‘Willy’ Horne was sweating like a pig jammed into a wool suit and when Sooty Sutcliffe thought it necessary to have the private security puppets for G4S in the mockery of a court room, the British ‘Legal’ system and its well-paid operatives, revealed, yet again, it and themselves to be utterly devoid of any morality.

Without limitation, Sooty’s order is void on the following grounds:

  • There was no valid Deed of Mortgage. As in Waugh vs BOS (2014), no mortgagor is estopped from relying upon the defects of the deed, as per s1.3 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989. Sooty ignored this.
  • There was no lawful contract signed by all parties, as per s2 of the 1989 Act.
  • There was no evidence of any loan having been made (not surprising as how can one prove that which never existed?)
  • There was no valid Possession order.
  • Redstone Mortgages committed fraud when it made its initial possession claim.It committed, through it agents, Trespass with Conversion.
  • Jimmy Boy Chadwick and the other hired agents for the corrupt company, Redstone Mortgages, committed trespass when they ignored Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access.
  • Chadwick lied under oath when he said the Campbell’s family home was uninhabitable.
  • The home, the land and all the private property thereon (including the house) was stolen and/or destroyed, the facts of which were firmly established by the eye witness testimony of Graham and Paula. That is what the claim was over.
  • In choosing to accept the demonstrable lies and sophistry of Willy Horne, he has brought the entire British judiciary into disrepute.
  • Therefore, he has acted in bad faith towards the Claimant.
  • He has ignored the fact that each and every mortgagor in these lands has fallen prey to The Great British Mortgage Swindle – a financial scam which has been perpetrated with the assistance of the money-grabbing and duplicitous conveyancing solicitors who procured the false Deed of Mortgage for and on behalf of the Banks.

In the light of the foregoing, Sooty’s order is ultra vires (beyond his powers).  He has ignored the Fraud and is therefore his fallacious judgement remains vulnerable to the maxim, Fraud Vitiates Everything. It exists only as a series of moral and lawful omissions – a veritiable string vest of legal nullities.

Andrew Sutcliffe, 'QC' a man acting as a High Court judge.
Andrew Sutcliffe, ‘QC’ a man acting as a High Court judge.

Welcome to the void, Andrew.

The indefatigable Clan of Campbell continues its fight, in the words of its matriarch, Paula, “we are all family.”

She is right. And with every single unlawful eviction and theft of people’s homes over fake banking debts, so grows the resolve of the indigenous peoples of Britain to take back their land from the usurpers known as the Crown House of Rothschilds and its crypto-Jewish-zionist invaders.

We are at war and it is a battle for the hearts and minds of the Men of these lands in which there will only be one winner:


We are currently under tyrannical occupation by the afore-mentioned pirates and bandits.

Come 1st November of this year, if we have not re-established the ancient Run-away Grand Juries, then the tyranny will increase and, in a mockery of what we each know to be a bedrock of our real common law justice system, each accused will be guilty until proven innocent under the phony EU ‘legal’ system.

I urge everyone who reads this to share it amongst those who need to know this.

Ditch your citizenship/subject status to the fake ‘Crown’, support the work of the Response Group and assist in the re-establishment of our ancient rights.

Those rights never went away -they have simply been buried under the avalanche of fake Romano-Judaic ‘law’ commonly known as a ‘legal system’, whose very existence is for the purpose of screwing as much out of the people as possible.

Messrs. Wilson, Horne & Chadwick. Hopelessly lost & at sea in murky legalese.

The Power lies not in the puppetry of those sophists who solicit in and out of the phony court system, it lies within the hearts and minds of the idigenous Men and women for whom individual sovereignty is their Natural State of being and their God-given right.

No one can be compelled to live under a tyrannical government. This is why the Grand Jury exists, irrespective what the foppish purveyors of legalese might assert – it is and always has been the ultimate recourse of the people when faced with fake state oppression.

There comes a time. That time is now.

Much respect to each of the honourable souls who have and will continue to support Paula and the ‘Family’ or Clan.

We shall prevail.

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