An eye-witness despatch from a hearing concerning The Great British Mortgage Swindle at the High Court, Leeds on Friday, 19th September 2014.


One knows that things are stirring amongst the good people of these lands when 22 attendees in a high court hearing for a damages claim resulting from a criminal eviction, laugh as one when the judge asks, “but you DID receive the money, miss campbell?”

The truth was swift to respond: “No. I have never seen any evidence of a loan, in spite of asking for it!”

Why did the people laugh?

Because the question is patently ridiculous to anyone who has looked into the mechanics of money and credit creation.

As the laughter faded, Paula responded by stating that she had never seen any evidence that a loan was made, in spite of repeated requests that the bank provide the accounting behind the creation of the purported mortgage that Redstone Mortgages falsely claims to be the beneficiary of.

Without limitation, these are the facts that cannot be ignored by Andrew Sutcliffe, a man acting as high court judge:

  • The purported deed is void on the basis it was incomplete at the moment of execution by the Claimant (the alleged mortgagor).
  • That Deed no longer exists – only terrible photocopies, which are inadmissible in evidence on basis they are hearsay.
  • There is no original and valid possession claim, there being no contract that complies with the LPMP Act 1989, section 2 and no existent court order for possession.
  • James Chadwick, a man acting as a solicitor, committed trespass when he ignored Notice of Removal of Implied Rights of Access and climbed the fence onto the land at Milkup Farm.
  • The same man gave false evidence when he stated the condition of the house as being uninhabitable.
  • Personal private items have been stolen as well as the house, the 40 odd acres of land, a valuable gypsy caravan, an arga cooker, 400 bales of hay and other numerous properties.
  • Redstone’s conduct was oppressive – the actions of its agents, ‘K9 Security’, served to deny any realistic opportunity for collection of the stolen property – the geography of the lane leading to the farm, the deliberate positioning of its vehicles, the closure of the gate and obstructive behaviour of the trespassers denied any realistic possibility of collecting the property.
  • The demonstrable use of violence against the Campbell family, Graham Brown and family friends & guests was contrary to the Criminal Law Act 1977 means Redstone and its agents are liable for criminal prosecutions.
  • No sealed order for possession exists – no claim and no order.
  • Each and every witness relied upon by Wilson was unreliable: perjury was committed.

It is all a pretence – a thinly-veiled swindle based on the well-worn devices of a con – fictional consideration (a pretend loan), false receipt, bait and switch, wager at law.

Of course, as is the default setting of those operating in the guise of HMCTS officials, the presumption was made that a loan of money had taken place.

Yet, all of this falls apart when one considers that the whole sorry saga began with Paula being tricked into signing the false document known as a Deed of Mortgage.

That being void, everything that has happened subsequent to the execution of the fake document is also null and void on basis that fraud vitiates everything:


Fraud vitiates every transaction and all contracts. Indeed, the principle is often stated, in broad and sweeping language, that fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters”–37 Am Jur 2d, Section 8


FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING” (FVE) is the legal principle that, once it has been shown shown that one party has lied or committed a deliberate misrepresentation, their whole case is thereby compromised and no longer defensible in a court of law.



In other words, Redstone mortgages, irrespective of the fake protestations of its paid apologist, a man called Wilson Horne, acting as barrister instructed by ‘Wee Jimmy’ Chadwick, has committed massive fraud, Trespass with Conversion, Theft and Misappropriation of Private Property.

Each and every one of its agents, the Land Registry and any auctioneer and buyer of the stolen home and land are similarly culpable.

This FRAUD remains the elephant in the room for the Courts, over the three days of hearings, it has been sat on the lap of Andrew Sutcliffe.

His judgement was reserved – which means the first draft will be delivered firstly via mail and secondly at a Judgement Hearing. Before the final version is presented, each party will have the opportunity to correct any typographical errors and omissions of fact or Law.

This is good news in so far as it means that if he misses out any of the established facts, his judgement will be void which renders it unsafe and vulnerable to appeal.

When Wilson claimed it was too late to bring up the issue of the Deed being void, on the spurious basis that it should have been brought up at the original hearing of the fraudulent possession claim back in 07/08, he was talking out of his arse.

His fallacious claim is founded on quicksand.

It is akin to a man turning up at a murder trial that has been running for several months with the murder weapon and the judge saying, “No, no, we can’t look at that – you should have brought it up 3 months ago when proceedings began.”

Wilson was speaking utter bullshit. Why? In a weak attempt to defend the indefensible. And that, of course, is his modus operandi.

A Barrister will be paid at least £1000 a day for his appearance in court – fraud, corruption and genocidal lying has always been profitable.

But not for much longer.

Thus, his claim that Redstone and its agents were “Entitled to take vacant possession” was another fallacy that he span in an attempt to mislead the Judge and the Court.

Not if there never was a valid mortgage agreement, Wilson, lad!

Any one who knows a crime is about to be committed against them has every fecking right to resist – whether its a burglar, bailiff or copper.

Hence the fact that each party who ignored the Lawful Removal of Implied Rights of Access Notice on that day, 29 January 2014, was a trespasser.


No one can be compelled to obey a void order on the basis that , in reality and at law, it does not exist.

The thing is, as demonstrated by the laughter, the people see through it immediately: there being no valid mortgage deed and/or contract and no loan in the first place.

His assertion is as empty as the centre of a polo mint.

At Law, nothing can come from the void. Thus a void mortgage agreement cannot be magically fixed or mended. Nothing can alter that fact – it is incurably void.

Which pretty much means that since 1989 there has not been a single ‘real’ mortgage between a mortgagor and bankster in these lands – 11.2m mortgages and each and every one of them is VOID ab initio.


There are now two elephants, a hippopotamus and a blue whale in the room. What space does Andrew have for manoeuvre?

One of the documents contains a demonstrably forged signature… that in and of itself destroys the Bank.

Interestingly, he did offer a wholly discreditable attempt to explain away the fact that the Deed was not even witnessed correctly when he erroneously said that it could be done some days later, with the signor and witness agreeing it was the former’s signature when they met up in some imaginary place.

Again, upon hearing this fallacy being uttered by Andrew, the people once again guffawed out loud.

The longer this goes on, the more discredit gets heaped upon the rigged casino known as the Crown House of Rothschild’s ‘Courts and Tribunal Service’ and the more cramped with huge animals the Court and Judge’s head becomes.

Some thing will have to give and, if one were a betting man, one’s money would be on heads rolling.

Starting with the lying and negligent lawyers before ending with the likes of James Crosby, Richard Pym, Richard Banks and any and all CEOs of the fake banking sector.

It was also correctly claimed by Paula that she is in fact sovereign, a living breathing soul under God. “Mon Dieu et Mon Droit.“(God is my right)

Andrew would do well to remember that fact just as the entire Judiciary of these lands should for the inescapable truth is:



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