There is a spectre stalking these lands – a grim reaper figure, hooded, cunning and determined to cull the people.

It is manifest in the shapes of the phony ‘UK’, the fake ‘EU’ and the doomed-to-failure machinery of One World ‘Governance’.

RM recently had the displeasure of hearing two men talking on a so-called ‘alternative’ radio show about state tyranny. Both men have public profiles and both have insights to offer. Unfortunately, the opening half hour of the programme was nothing less than an attempt by the pair of them to justify their taking the road of least resistance to the tyranny around them.

One of them, the interviewee,  even confessed his own compliance in the face of those who would bully and oppress him: he gave the example of doing as he was told when travelling through airports.

Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 08.46.42The attentive reader will not be surprised to hear that this is anathema to the stance the RM takes with regard to the state and all those who work in it. Such an approach is that of a coward and for those men to take it upon themselves to decry those who have actually declared their own Sovereignty and thus their own anarchic status, irrespective of the reactions of the state, is disingenuous at best.

Such men are not those with whom RM would choose to associate for, irrespective of their insights into the state oppression, to do nothing in the face of it, to shrug one’s shoulders and state, as one of them did, that there is nothing one can do about it because the system is too all-encompassing, so one should go along with it, is the mark of a man who does not know the difference between right and wrong.

A man who is of such a state of mind would do well to wind his neck in and stop pontificating on those matters which he is not cognisant of and which he is too cowardly to do anything about. We are engaged in a massive psychological war that is manifest in the various means the phony ‘UK’ government is deploying to wipe out the indigenous peoples by silent weapons of  mass genocide. When one is at war, then one has to be sure of one’s fellow warriors. None of the actions detailed on this site are for the faint of heart or the dupe who believes the state can be fixed, when its very existence is dependent upon controlling him.

Ultimately, any and all  apparatus of state control will fail but, first, any one who is falsely holding out hope that the rats who inhabit the sewer that is the House of Westminster will somehow shape up and do what the people command them, would do well to question their viewpoint. Immediately.

For instance, they should examine how and why it is that they falsely believe that appeals to the dark heart of the fake state for any form of relief in the shape of, for example, the Bradbury Pound and other such demands will be successful.

In times like these, we need to choose our companions wisely.


Many are those unthinking statists who pump out a plethora of links to various on-line petitions. This is akin to Oliver Twist asking for more of the un-nutritious gruel from Mr Bumble, the tyrannical controller of the orphanage in which he is incarcerated. The symbolism of this scene may well demonstrate the position of the average UK citizen right now. Appealing to one’s captor, to those whose very existence is predicated upon the state’s oppression of the individual, is as childish as Oliver’s asking for more:

This cognitive dissonance prevents those labouring under it from seeing the facts. If the erroneous belief in external ‘Governance’ is not dispensed with, then those who continue to falsely believe in some kind of redemption being delivered from those who oppress their very existences on this planet and who consequently refuse to alight from the runaway train, will continue along a railroad that is rapidly approaching the cliff.

They are on the rail road to destruction.

How clear does it have to be? Here, without limit, is a list of the crimes of the statists against the indigenous peoples.

  • Financial Fraud – as exemplified by the Great British Mortgage Swindle.
  • Wifi and mobile phone radiation.
  • Poisons in the air from geoengineering (chemtrailing).
  • Poisons in the water supply.
  • Poisons in the food.
  • A National Health Service that is a slow death cult.
  • A Monarchy controlled by the nefarious House of Rothschild.
  • Traitorous police forces whose complicity with the oppression is so blind to the facts that those individuals operating within it are seemingly incapable of realising the true nature of their roles in the genocide against their own peoples.

Then there are the limited hangouts like UKIP, a party run by a former merchant banker and other government sponsored statist entities like New Earth Nation, the OPPT and so on…

In stormy times like these, people cling to the wreckage of their former beliefs, seemingly incapable of perceiving the essential fact that any and all external governance is redundant.

This is the sickness known as STATISM – the false belief in the moral legitimacy of a bogus state that engages in genocide against the indigenous peoples. All state activities are run by a collective of mentally and spiritually ill controllers whose levels of morality and associated tyranny are as clear to see as the noses on our faces.

This sickness cannot be overstated and it manifests particularly clearly right now in the form of the paedophilia that infects so many of those in phony positions of power.

In 1967, the Sexual Offences Act  was passed which made what had been known as buggery ‘legal’.

In the simplest of terms, this meant that the act of anal intercourse became somehow more acceptable because it was ‘legal’ for consenting adults to engage in it.

And who said it was ‘legal’ and why? Those in whose interest it was – namely all those sick psychopaths in the ‘establishment’ who engage in such behaviour.

Over the last 47 years there has a been a deliberate campaign by those who engage in it – and that includes members of the aristocracy and parliament – to rationalize it and claim that which was previously regarded as deviant and represent it as a natural instinct and that those who practice it should be tolerated. Hence, the rise of the Paedophile Information Exchange and its nefarious attempts to ‘normalise’ sex between adults and children.

With this comes a deliberate manipulation of the language which attempts to soften its consequences.

Whilst it remains true that the private behaviour of two consenting adults is entirely their own business, and that, of course, the genuine love two men may have for each other can be profound, no matter what their respective sexual proclivities, it is worth noting anal sex is a misusage of the natural function of the anus which has long term consequences for the health of those who engage in it.

When RM was a child, it was common to occasionally refer to some boys as ‘puffs’ – in the sense that their behaviour was unmanly, or ‘girlie’ in the eyes of those other boys. It was a childish refrain, like the phrases ‘big girl’s blouse’ or ‘jessie’ would be used to express one’s reaction to something that was usually more associated with girls.

In 2014,  it is quite possible that a youngster who is heard using such a term at one of the thousand of state-brainwashing, commonly known as ‘schools’, may be subjected to some kind of censure from his teachers who are invariably advocates of the State: statists in other words who are all-too-frequently apolgists for state-sanctioned violence. Such people are no different from those who falsely believed that others should be lashed (whipped) for their crimes and/or misdemeanours. That is the lash.

That very state from which folk blindly seek remedy from their travails is peopled with the very worst of society and those who engage in deviant sexual behaviour are necessarily subject to the blackmailing as confessed here by Tim Fortescue, one of its proponents in the 1960s.

To ignore these facts is to advocate more of the same.

History teaches us that the last days of Empire are characterised by unnatural and licentious behaviour in which anything goes – acts of depravity like bestiality, buggery, child abuse, drug taking, prostitution, violence, increasing levels of madness and all manner of harmful behaviours are common place, with the fake rulers so out-of-touch with the morals of the balanced and inherent goodness of the people, that as the oppression increases, the unveiling of the state’s depravity becomes clearer and clearer.

Can anyone deny that we are living in these days now?

“The Empire never ended” – is the refrain of Philip K. Dick in his novel Valis
published in 1980, it correctly identified how the ancient empires had morphed into homogenous corporate forms which hid its continued existence.

Happily, some 34 years later the Empire is coming to an end. It is in manifest decline and will shortly implode on its self – though not before it has wreaked more destruction upon those who are deemed to be its subjects: the citizens.

When one is in the middle of a maelstrom it is impossible to see its complete nature and extent, especially if one has turned to drugs and/or alcohol as a means of coping with the emotional fallout. (That is the Rum).

When buggery is presented as natural erotic love then the writing is on the wall.

Philip K. Dick was right, but now that empire is about to fall and with that the lash will be removed from the statists’ grip.

Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 07.09.53The time for individuals to claim their sovereign independence and relinquish their enslavement from those who have no moral right to govern them via the citizenship is upon us.





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