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William is sixteen and the son of my friend. The last time we spoke, he was describing to me the frustrations he has with life ~ the fake ‘adults’, the lies of his (mis)education at a school/prison of over 1200 pupils and his struggle to find a way out of the web of deception which lies all around him. This is written for him and all who share his frustrations in a way that it is hoped will assist him.  So, Will, thank-you for providing this opportunity and please share it among those friends who you know have their bullshit detectors switched on, enjoy being told a secret and are able to spot when they are being taken for a mug.

BLINKERED CHILD IGNORANCEThis article contains information that no so-called ‘education’ system in Britain will provide and it is just the sort of knowledge any free thinker around the age of 16 and above should be interested in because it reveals exactly why and how they have been lied to, how their minds are manipulated and why they sense they are being untreated fairly and living in a glorified prison. Though it’s written with Will in mind,  the audience is all young people because the vast majority of the so-called ‘adults’ have bought the lie and are in so deep that they are like men drowning in quicksand, whereas young people remain more open and curious to life.

Older people turn away from the truth because it unsettles them due to the fact it is usually at odds with all that they (religiously) believe in and they become fearful that to explore it would somehow deprive them of the means by which they make money (for their masters) and provide sustenance for their families. With each turn, they getted sucked a little deeper into the swamp they are floundering in. Dependency often leads to subservience and, thus, they come to lick the hand of the Banking overlords which feeds them and live out fearful lives of quiet mediocrity.

Does this make them cowards?  Probably. Are they unusual in behaving this way? Sadly, no: the vast majority of humans will shy away from all that unsettles them and the routines of their lives. There are many ways to achieve this ~ via ‘legal’ drugs (prescribed by Doctors/Pharmacists and that supplied in the form of alcohol), by choosing willful ignorance (flatly rejecting any new information that comes their way and challenges that which they falsely hold to be true), by flat-lining their brains with television, by allowing religion and its teachers to hypnotise them by repetition of prayers and chants and by choosing/being forced to work such long hours that their minds never have the time to dwell on a subject ~ people will be busy doing anything which prevents them from having to contemplate the real nature of the lives they lead, the observances they have and the possibilities for further learning.

In short, they calcify to the point where they become like statues.  In the long term, they sacrifice their mental and physical health in order to avoid those issues that really matter.  One of the biggest issues is how they are living as unwitting slaves. That is not stated lightly ~ RM has been outside of his former work as a teacher in the (mis)education system for almost 5 years now and readily admits that he too was a cog in the machinery of statism.

And remember, Will,  if those around you can’t take a joke, then feck ’em.  It’s your life, your journey, your movie and as long as you don’t cause harm to others, you are free to do just what you like. But don’t forget that caveat: cause no harm and be true to your self. Shake off your fake chains: you are more powerful than you realise. But remember too, there are people out there who want to screw you over for their own private gain: such people are predatory and make no mistake, they do exist. They have many tried and tested methods of control; one is language and that, of course, should form the basis for any real advice someone could give you. In the words of Philip K. Dick:

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use them.

It doesn’t take much to work out the truth of that statement: simply consider how you think, how you communicate, how you find out new things for yourself, how others communicate with you, the effect of certain words when applied in particular circumstances, how media, actors, presenters, anyone in a position of authority use words to control what they express to their audiences. Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 18.42.42

Language is, of course, one of the media by which we communicate ideas but it is also, for the individual, for thinking, for reasoning and expression.  It is  SPELLBINDING and those who practice it well are powerful, self-transforming and influential individuals. Combine WORDS with images, movies and symbols, and one has untold abilities to shape and influence others, for better or worse. However, for the purposes of this post, we are going to focus on the perhaps the most ingenious method of control there is: money.

The history of money, its creation and its controllers is what we may refer to as occulted knowledge: it has been occulted (hidden) to such an extent that very few people on this planet have a complete grasp of how it operates as a means of control over billions and how these control mechanisms are manipulated by a tiny handful of men for their own private gain. The following is a simple distillation of his understanding right now. This occulting of knowledge is only now apparent to him.  The information expressed herein is precisely that which was hidden to the RM’s older self. Therefore, it is offered up as substantive knowledge for those who need to know and will benefit from the knowledge. We all use it, we all believe in it but what exactly is this thing we call money and how is it created?

MONEY  ~ by which people can exchange comes in many forms: from shells to tally sticks, to gemstones, to precious metal to coins to animal horns to tokens and notes. Money can be anything that 2 or more people believe has  shared value.

USAGE ~ money is used the world over as a means of exchange, it captures the flow energy of the people and, like a resistor in a circuit board, it holds great power over the currency. [more on real currency, below]

CONTROL ~ by monopolising [the total control of] its creation, supply and demand, money is a highly effective method of controlling others. This control is by way of the governments who do not create money for the people but instead use the people as guarantees for loans (extensions of credit) from the Bankers who control it all.    The Birth Certificate (more below) is used as the basis for the promise (the security) to guarantee repayment of the loans taken out by the governments. The government then collects taxes to ‘pay off’ the fake debts to the Bankers. And all the while, the masses of people, languish in a trough of ignorance as to what it is, how it works and how it is used to extract their energy (currency) from them.

It is fair to state that the most successful controllers of money are those people who belong to the House of Rothschild. Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 11.19.10 Money is like a religion in so far as it binds, controls and requires its disciples to believe in its fake self. It requires that blind faith and allegiance to those high priests of banking who make up the rules and profit beyond what many would deem to be reasonable.

The knowledge of its history, creation and control is OCCULTED knowledge. In other words, it is kept hidden (secret) from all but a few who are allowed access to the money priests’ inner temple (where all the secrets are kept) in order that they may become MONEY’S DISCIPLES who spread the phony laws, control the people and hypnotise others into swallowing their nonsense.

Once upon a time, in a world of teenage nescience, the RM studied a subject called ‘Economics’, the essential point of which, time after time, boiled down to the control of the supply of and demand for goods and services. It was a dry old subject, taught by a dry old teacher in a dry old classroom and the lessons used to bore one’s pants off.

The demand for goods and services was controlled by this hidden group of ‘Economists’ who, our dry teacher reiterated, were working in the interests of everybody for the greater good.  In fact, they were, whether they realised it or not, ultimately working solely for the Bankers. This meant they controlled the flow of the money supply which in turn dampened or kindled demand for goods and services: if one had the money, then one could buy the goods and services; if one didn’t have any money then those goods and services could not be bought and demand would fall. At no point during the two years of study did RM’s teacher explain anything of the history of money.

Now why was that? Why was the information contained in this article NOT made available to those studying a subject of which it is probably the key component?

Money, money, money…

RM has heard it stated that the word itself is a form of mind-control, like hypnosis ~ Mon is from Mono & means one Ey is of Eye which is I (which is also Aye). The One Eye atop the dollar is the clue hidden in plain sight.

It is not difficult to see how money acts as a tool for mind control. Think about it: how many of those people you know are obsessed with it? They must have it, they must save it, they must be careful with it, they must not waste it, they must spend it wisely… There is a whole collection of attitudes and behaviours surrounding the One Eye, the MON-EY. Is money the ring that binds us all?

To RM’s older self,  money was a current that flowed in and out. In hard times, it was incumbent on him to tighten his belt and ride out the time of scarcity. When in plentiful supply, then it was incumbent upon him to spend. Boom to bust to boom to bust.  Again, one might well ask from whence did such notions (beliefs) come from?

I came into this world with fuck all and I’ve still got most of it left.

The pursuit of money was that which gripped the psyche of the adults around the RM as he was growing. When his father was on strike for three months at the back end of the 1970s, he had first hand experience of how a man was forced to go out and earn cash in hand to supplement his strike pay and use his earnings to put food on the table for his family.  If a man couldn’t make money, then life became much less certain. There is nothing like a family with empty stomachs to narrow the focus of the mind of a man… as well the controllers know.

The RM had a succession of jobs as a teenager.  The jobs taught him certain lessons and they paid him cash and that cash allowed him access to certain things. He was brought up to ‘pay his way through the world’ ~ ‘neither a borrower nor a lender be’ ~ and it was clear that this adage was sound advice that would see him through his life as smoothly as possible. Throughout his teenage years and his graduate days, the RM was little concerned with money: it came when he needed it and whilst there were times of hardship, it was a challenge for him to ‘tighten the purse strings’ and either go out and earn some or wait for it arrive by whatever means.

Some thirty years on and the RM is in a situation more poverty stricken (or rather, more cash-strapped) than he has ever been in. This was a direct consequence of him falling for one of the most treacherous swindles the money controllers use against the people: a mortgage [the Dead Pledge].


Money is used as a form of enslavement. Your enslavement begins with the Birth Certificate.  A slave is someone who gives over that which he has produced to another, his master. It matters not whether he is gives over 100% of his output or 10%,  he is a slave if he is not permitted to keep all he has earned and has to be giving over the produce of his labour (sweat equity) to a master. When his output is turned into a WAGE, paid in credits or in cash, then it is a piece of cake to control his energetic output and steal his produce.

The most common form of theft from a man is what is known as TAXATION. Given the very word, ‘GOVERNMENT’ means to CONTROL the MIND, it is logical to see it as a cadre of gangs who rob people of their produce by means of mind control techniques, the most powerful of which is the religion known as MONEY and, when that fails, by means of violent coercion.  To do this they have armies, police and various ‘officers’ who operate as revenue collectors. The simplest expression of this is Pay and Obey. Many of your parents will take the position that “that is how it is, we cannot do anything about it”. This is a lie and it is an attempt to pull you into the deceit by way of the fallacious appeal to common practice. Break the spell they are attempting to cast over you because the fact is the vast majority of adults know fuck all about just what money is and how it operates to keep them in a system of (not-so) hidden slavery. Like duped religious followers, they have a BLIND FAITH in money. It is a superstition rather like a belief in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy or Spiderman.

Many will understand immediately what it means to be a slave: every time a parent or adult asks you to do something which you are reluctant to do and then forces you to do it, they are treating you as a slave. Slavery is a crime against nature: you were, in fact, born with FREE WILL. This means at any given moment, you are free to make your own choice, irrespective of what an adult may claim.  Remember, though, you are subject to Natural Law ~ your free will comes with the responsibility not to cause harm to others.

The brainwashing system begins at school and the lengths the teachers go to in order to control you and train you up for a life of compliance demonstrates how powerful you are.

Ever wonder why the schools do so much REGISTERING?

Why lessons begin and end with a bell?

Why you are in a room full of others of your age?

Why you are all supposed to understand and be able to regurgitate the information you have been spoon fed in regular ‘tests’?

Ever wondered why some young people go to private fee-paying schools?

Do you ever wonder just why the fuck you are imprisoned in that building?

Why the hours drag by so slowly?

Ever wonder why everyone appears so stupid?

Why there are so many girls around?

Why some men behave in feminine ways?

Who or what is it that wants to control you at every turn?

How can you escape?

How can you exercise your free will?

THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE SCAM This is the tool of your enslavement.  Ask mum or dad for your copy and take a look at it. When the parent registers your birth, s/he is effectively making your person an agent of the state: your person is the slave, the government is your master and it is to your master that you pay your feudal tribute (taxes). This why the schools place so much emphasis on REGISTRATION and getting you to answer to the name ~ they are brainwashing you into accepting that the ALL CAPITALS name is who you are when, in fact, it is simply a FICTION, a noun which is used to entrap you in a Matrix of control.

This short film, MEET YOUR STRAWMAN, provides a good overview of this subject:

The easiest way to get your head around this is to contemplate the game of MONOPOLY in which the top hat, boot or car is the TOKEN you use to move around the board with. It is a fictional game in which one is subject to the rules and has to play with the MONEY (the notes) which is dispensed to the players by the bank.  The schools are brainwashing you into believing that YOU ARE the actual token, meaning that they want you to believe, just as they do, that YOU ARE the NAME. Each time you admit to being the name, they are casting a spell of control over you: it is a lie that you are expected to swallow (even your parents feed it you).

It takes some 15,000 hours of this brainwashing for most people to come out the other end having fallen completely for the scam.  They are training you like a master trains a puppy to answer to its name and to be obedient. When you are asked who you are, the answer is NEVER the NAME. The truth is that you are a wonderful individual, a perfect manifestation of the Universe, a unique fragment of all that is. Think of a tiny droplet of water in a vast ocean. It is connected to all the other water particles and together they make up the sea. Take one away and the sea is diminished, albeit microscopically. Think of a snow flake and how it is unique amongst all the billions of other flakes and how together they make a vast covering. You are utterly insignificant and yet, at the same time, completely unique and important to the rest of the ocean or the blanket of snow.

Above all, it is one’s individuality that places one smack bang in the middle of this great cosmic game of hide and seek.  Now you see me, now you don’t. Here is a thing to bear in mind at all times. You are not your NAME: you HAVE a name and that name is not you.  Just as you have a bag or a bike, you have a name. That name is as much you as the bag or bike is you. When you truly understand all of this, then you can begin to operate more freely. The only thing you have to remember is that with free will comes great power and if you use it to cause loss or harm to others, then you are misusing your life on earth and in breach of that one law. To harm others for personal gain would be as if a snow flake was intent upon dissolving away all those around it just so it could continue. This is exactly what those who control the planet through the hypnosis of Money are doing right now because they want to reduce the world’s population ~ and that includes all of us. Thing is that as in the end the snowflake itself would melt away too,  so those mentally ill controllers will bring about their own demise.

When your master is in fact mastered by someone else then you can begin to realise that the real slave drivers behind it all are those who control the creation and the supply of money. THE REALITY OF COURSE IS THAT YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOURSELF. And no one has any right to claim otherwise providing you are causing no harm to any one. That is the essence of self government or living in accordance with your free will under Natural Law.

The alternative, the one that most fall for, is external government. This is essentially agreeing to be a slave. Government, is nothing less than as described here by the French anarchist, Proudhon. For Proudhon, anarchy is to be defined in opposition to the principle of governmentalism, which seeks to impose order through power. As he writes in his 1851 work, The General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century:

To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated at, regulated, docketed, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, weighed, censored, ordered about, by men who have neither the right, nor the knowledge, nor the virtue. …

To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction, noted, registered, enrolled, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished.

It is, under the pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, trained, ransomed, exploited, monopolized, extorted, squeezed, mystified, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, despised, harassed, tracked, abused, clubbed, disarmed, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and, to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, outraged, dishonoured.

That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality.

And that, Will, is precisely my first-hand experience of all that government represents. In the simplest of terms, we are governed at arms length by the BANKERS who control the GOVERNMENTS by controlling the creation, demand and supply of money and lend to those same governments to fund wars, genocidal campaigns against the people and all other nefarious activitiess of the military industrial complex.

When the governed get ‘out of hand’ the jackboot of the police (a militarised force of ‘legal’ control) comes down on them. As the holder of the BC, you are destined to become an EMPLOYEE of the Bankers, as is everyone else. This employee status is confirmed by the NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER which you are given at 16. Its basis is the BC.  Another entrapment is the Driving Licence.

Both the NI and DL stand as proof of your status as a slave (aka ‘government employee for the banksters). Those who carry out the business of the bankers are handsomely rewarded for their ‘work’ ~ economists, propagandists, advertisers, film makers, psychiatrists, drug manufacturers (whether legal or otherwise, it matters not, if they are all using the money), lawyers, academics and professional performers (sports and other ‘amusements’) are all playing the game and acting as agents of control. They do not rock the boat or bite the hand that feeds them. And this acquiesence to the lie of government allows it to continue.

The thing to remember is that in order to keep the people tricked and playing the game, the Bankers require that the people remain nescient (unaware) of what is going on.  To break free of their mind games, one has to understand just what those games are and how they work on the human mind. At this point, let me direct you to this short film by LARKEN ROSE called THE JONES PLANTATION. As we observed earlier, when a man’s labour (his physical creation/making of goods and services) is taken by another, then he is, whether he cares to see it that way or not, a SLAVE.  This video explains it very clearly in only a few moments and shows how cunning men can control many people.

When you feel imprisoned Will, it is because there is part of you that sees you are on a giant plantation ~ if it feels like you are trapped, weighed heavy by those who would control you (whether parents or teachers) then that is because that same part of you that is and always will be free is dissatisfied because it knows that no man has the right to control another man. This is not to say that you do not have the right to defend yourself against those who would seek to harm you:  you do.

A bully will retreat when one stands up to him and sometimes, for purposes of self-defence, that may necessitate a punch on his nose or some other act of force to make him back off. They always do because, inside, they have been damaged and they are weak, a weakness they try and hide by playing the role of the bully. If this was not the case,  and he had not been bullied himself, then the bully would not be behaving as he is.

If you feel that school is a prison, then that is because it is. If you feel that there is nothing you can do about it, then that is because you have been brainwashed like a dog into obeying his master, no matter what that master does to him. You have been conditioned. But there is no need to feel sorry for yourself ~ self pity is of no benefit to you for in this situation you have to become your own hero and begin the process of setting yourself free.

Free from all forms of external governance/control is to be SOVEREIGN [from Old French soverain, based on Latin super ‘above.’ The change in the ending was due to association with reign . a sovereign state: independent, autonomous, self-governing, self-determining; nonaligned, free.. REIN is from Old French reignier ‘to reign,’ reigne ‘kingdom,’ from Latin regnum, related to rex, reg- ‘king.’] A sovereign, therefore, is one above a ruler.  And that is your natural state of being.

Ultimately, the real CURRENCY is KNOWLEDGE. One born with a fully functioning brain has the innate power of REASON. When you put into action that which you have learned, then that is WISDOM.

The TRIVIUM is a guaranteed method of freeing your mind from all the bullshit it has been drenched in and under.

TRIVIUM means THREE WAY(s):  these are




There are very few people out there who are teachers in the truest sense of the word. A true teacher provides you with the tools for learning and these are the means by which you can find your way out of the dark cave into which others have attempted to imprison you.

Education is from Educare which means to lead out (of the darkness).  A true teacher will assist you by educating you in the true sense:  he will encourage you to find out that which you need to know, how to apply your powers of reason to work out how and why it is so and then show you, by example, how to USE the knowledge and understanding in the REAL world (wisdom).

I mentioned the fact that you are contained within a herd of others who are of similar age to yourself. This is no mistake; in fact, it is a well-established method of control. Previously, your ancestors would have paid for each child to go to a school which was the opposite to that in which you find yourself. The emphasis would have been on how to think and how to apply that which you learned to your life and your art. There would be one classroom. All the children would be of different ages ~ say from 7 to 14. The older children would teach the younger ones that which they learnt and, in so doing, would have deepened their own understanding of the way we each learn.

There was none of this group-thinking that you are being subjected to each day in the institute of your learned-slavery. Those ancestors learnt the importance of self-reliance. The autodidact is one who learns for himself. The more curiosity we have, the more we find out for ourselves and the less we depend on others to define our thoughts and realities. One is a unique fragment of everything.

There is no other me, no other ‘you’ ~ all that exists is the I, the 1, the Eye. Anyone who uses expressions like ‘We are all in this together’, ‘Where would we be if every one took that attitude?’, ‘That’s just the way things are’ and ‘This is for the good of everyone’ is LYING to you.

Think about it. In whose interests would it be for any of us to believe those statements are true? The schools and those fake teachers in them are feeding you lies, disinformation and distortions on a daily basis. They control you by trickery and fear. They force cruel and unjust punishments on you if you so much as speak out or attempt to do things differently. They are very afraid ~ afraid for their jobs, their bills, afraid to speak out the truth, they feed young people all kinds of fake knowledge which is often forgotten immediately, such is its irrelevance to you and your life. For six hours a day you are imprisoned in a phony concentration camp, a jail for your mind. Listen to this song by John Lennon ~ it sums it up brilliantly


There is much to digest here, so we will draw it to a close. The key point to remember is that when the individual combines his intuition (that which is heartfelt) with his ability to think for himself, he will become a force in the world.  This is his natural state and the controllers know it. Thus, all power lies in the individual to be whatever he chooses to be which means to walk his walk and be his own man.

That is the aim ~ be yourself.


Step away from the herd for it clouds you in group speak and confines you in ‘acceptable’ behaviours that amount to a creative straightjacket. Keep smiling at those who would control your will, Will, secure in the understanding that nothing they can do can touch your true self.

Oh, and failing that, ignore the feckers ~ it is very deflating for them when their empty blusterings fail from non-acceptance.


Bibliography/videography & Other Links for Consideration

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8. Wikipedia on Tally Sticks.

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