Not one of them knows what an Implied Right of Access is.

What? You don't know what an Implied right of access is? If brains were dynamite, you couldn't even blow your hat off!
“What? You don’t know what an Implied right of access is? If brains were dynamite, you couldn’t even blow your hat off!”

The Great British Mortgage Swindle is a multi-layered and well-lubricated tool of tyrannical genocide and enslavement.

Any one who has not grasped that fact yet is simply not paying attention.

It is a long established fact of life that man needs shelter. So crucial is this to his well-being that maxims of natural law serve to remind us of that truth.

All who trespass on the right of man to security of shelter are, by definition, not only putting the man at risk but also themselves on the basis that when one’s home and body is attacked that individual has every right to defend himself from the usurpers who step over the threshold.


Thou shalt not commit trespass.”


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house.”

Semayne’s Case establishes the maxim further – a man’s home is his castle.

So, when a family’s home is attacked by genocidal pirates who are operating under the fictional guise of their euphemistic job titles (judge, solicitor, bailiff, locksmith) not only does that family have every fecking right to defend itself but those who commit the trespass are placing themselves in a dangerous position.

One says dangerous because when a man is evicted from his home, the cut goes deep.

Take for instance, RM’s position.

On 04 November 2010, pirates in the form of the paid thug-bailiffs David Caress and Brian Busby of Nottingham County Court criminally forced their way into his home and, aided by constables engaging in an admitted conspiracy, had him unlawfully arrested, locked up in a prison for 9 hours to be released, homeless; with everything he had worked for down the years, stolen from him.

The imprint of that day’s criminal attack on him has gone deep.  And those who engaged in the violence against him would do well not to cross his path again and also keep an eye over their shoulders for Equity, which being the natural law of balance and harmony, demands that redress be made.

On 29 January 2014, Paula Campbell’s farm was violently and sadistically attacked by criminals representing a piratical and psychopathic company called ‘Redstone Mortgages’.

It is a truly appalling tale of gross deception, violence and trespass that pulls on the emotions of all right thinking men. It was an attack that has caused immense levels of psychological and physical harm to the survivors of that attack, which, of course, is the very definition of GENOCIDE.

In common with all thieves, pirates and bandits, the criminals have plundered the farm, destroyed property, flogged it on and made profit from the good they stole.

This is the very definition of Trespass with Conversion.

Over the last two days, RM has been witness to the fight back of the Campbell family. A claim for damages is in the process of being heard at the High Court (Chancery) in Leeds, a city that is home to some of the most criminal elements of the financial and legal professions. Those criminal elements are drawn to work as agents for the banking fraternity that is, like a cancer, ensconced in the West Riding of Yorkshire – the unholy triangle whose three points may be seen at Leeds, Bingley and Skipton.

These are, in essence, government run enterprises – UKAR.

Like each and every survivor of the genocidal practice, the Campbell family’s criminal eviction is a heart-wrenching story, which is succinctly outlined here by the redoubtable family matriarch, Paula Jayne.

What has transpired during the course of the to-be-concluded hearing of the claim for damages resulting from the trespass is fascinating in so far as it reveals the ignorance, malpractice and lumpen criminality of its perpetrators. ( Or, should that be, perpe-traitors?). Each of those involved in the piracy is complicit in the crime and culpable for his actions.

The following facts were unwittingly revealed during the course of yesterday’s hearing and, as incredible as it may sound to the attentive reader, they stand as the truth of the matter.

Andrew Sutcliffe, 'QC' a man acting as a High Court judge.
Andrew Sutcliffe, ‘QC’ a man acting as a High Court judge.

Firstly, to the astonishment of all present, the presiding High Court Judge, Andrew Sutcliffe, the Barrister, a man named Horne and the Solicitor, a James Chadwick for ‘Redstone’ were revealed to have no idea what an Implied Right of Access is. RM was called upon to provide a definition:

A postman, a worker for a service provider like water, gas and electricity, has an implied right of access to enter a property’s boundary in order to carry out his task. It is built on trust, with the assumption being that if he has a genuine reason to be there in order to carry out his duty as a service provider, he can go on the land.

However, that implied right can be revoked at any time by the householder. He may provide notice of its removal in writing directed to the other party, on written notices displayed at the property or he may simply revoke it by way of spoken word, as was the case here on 29 January 2014,  when James Proctor used a megaphone to inform all present that the implied rights of access had been revoked.

Of course, as is the case in this instant, the pirates falsely believe that the Warrant for Possession upon which they rely is valid.

If the home owner knows that it is a fraud that directly emanates from TGBMS, he has every right to remove the implied right of access in order to protect his home from the criminals who are trespassing and threatening to violently steal it.

The truth is directly at odds to what the expensively ‘educated’ Judge, Barrister and ‘solicitor’ have been misled to believe is reality. For them, the fake world of legalese and statutory instrument is the veil that has been woven over their vision.

Such is the depth of the complacency and ignorance of the truth that these so-called ‘legal’ professionals are operating under and so remote their cognisance of their very own criminality (at least for now, for they will soon be seeing it as criminal prosecutions begin to bite home) that a key player in the criminal action against the Campbell family, the solicitor, who goes why the name James Chadwick, happily spilled the beans when under keen cross examination on Friday afternoon.

James Chawick: claims to be a specialist in " complex mortgage repossession claims" yet admitted under oath that he is not aware of the Law of Mortgages.
James Chadwick: claims to be a specialist in ” complex mortgage repossession claims” yet admitted under oath that he is not aware of the Law of Mortgages.

A small man aged around 40, who wears brown shoes with his grey close-fitting suit, he had taken the stand and sworn on the Bible to tell the truth.

He began by giving his address (work not home!) and explained that he was a solicitor working for TLT, a Manchester firm who specialises


in complex secured banking litigation and professional negligence together with niche chancery based real estate, construction and commercial litigation claims.. .”

As his ‘confession’ poured out, so his answers became increasingly revelatory.

Remember, in reality, what we are dealing with is criminal:  fraud, trespass, theft and profiteering are its essential components.

Although he may not have realised it, this man readily admitted to committing fraud, trespass with conversion and engaging in conspiracy to steal.

In a wider sense, his answer could be taken as the confession of a genocidal maniac.  Some may suggest that is an exaggeration, but they would simply not be paying enough attention to the facts of the matter as expressed in this piece and many others on the RogueMale site.

Remember, he had begun his evidence by stating he is a specialist in ‘Banking Litigation’.

Some 2 hours later, whilst still under intense cross examination and in answer to a direct question – do you know what the Law of Mortgages is? He readily admitted that he did not and when it was asked of him he plainly stated that he did not know of  the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989 and the statutory obligations of said.

Fraud vitiates all – Paula Campbell’s Deed of Mortgage is a void document which in all probability, no longer exists. Like tens of millions of others, it was incomplete at the moment of signing and thus void under s1(3) of the 1989 Act.

Furthermore, there is and never was a lawful agreement for a mortgage that satisfies S2 of the Act.


Given nothing can come from a void, any and all court actions and orders that are issued from that point on are self-evidently also void.

They are nullities.  Think on that for a moment.

This renders every act committed against the Campbells criminal.

Things got worse for James Chadwick when he was asked about the authority he was relying upon when he committed trespass on 29 January 2014.

He said he was holding a copy of the warrant and that he signed it when the house was stolen.

What, you may well ask, was a solicitor doing with a copy of the warrant?

Usually, it remains firmly in the hands of the criminal bailiff who is reliant upon it for his % cut of the overall value of the home he is stealing. As is common, the warrant was not provided to Paula upon her request to inspect it on the day of the criminal eviction.

The warrant was void – a false instrument, easily procured from the court without the legal requirements for its issuance – a signed affidavit from a judge.

Warrants, traditionally, are only issued over most serious matters and this, of course is due to the fact that a man’s home is his castle and any trespasser would do well to heed that fact because if he enters without that man’s permission, he does so at his own peril and risk, for the man has every right, under natural law, to defend his home by whatever methods he thinks necessary at the moment of entry.

What James has now done is to open himself to a series of potential allegations:

Gross professional negligence – by his own admittance, he has no knowledge of the statutory law of mortgages and failed in his duty to ensure that the mortgage was lawful.

Trespass with conversion – he ignored the fact that any implied access had been removed. In full knowledge of the notice he had been given, he trespassed on the land and assisted in the criminal eviction of a family from its home.

Theft – of the family home and numerous other items.

Misappropriation of another’s property.

Fraud – misrepresentations to the court that there was a valid mortgage.


The hearing continues in the High Court in Leeds at 1030 on 19 September, 2014.

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