Any action, such as that of #TGBMS, which results in harm against another sentient being is a breach of Natural Law. For the purposes of this essay, RM will be focusing on one man who has caused him harm. That (excuse for a) man is known as David Caress and, as usual, this is written from first-hand experience of the facts of the matter.

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David is a sixty four year old man who has committed hundreds of crimes against the people of Nottingham. During the perpetration of these crimes, he has committed violent assault, theft, trespass and coercion.

He is known to the police force. He is known to the courts and he is increasingly known to the people. Every day he goes out, usually in daylight, but sometimes under the cover of darkness to carry out his wrongdoings.

And all the while he does it with the full knowledge and approval of the (Criminal) State. In fact, he falsely believes he has been sanctioned by the state to carry out these crimes. The man, by any reasonable criteria of what it is to be a sentient being under Natural Law, is so mentally imbalanced that he actually holds the erroneous view that his little badge or permit allows him to perpetrate his crimes and get off scot-free.


Unfortunately, he is not alone: hundreds of similarly violent and psychopathic men are employed as bailiffs in these lands known as Britain and they similarly engage in such acts against the people every day.

Contrary to the fake reality portrayed by the propagandist mainstream media, the not-so-hidden system of Feudalism never went away in Britain. Under said system,  land/property is granted to the individual by the phoney ruling class to whom one must pay tribute. It is a system of control that began after the Norman invasion of these lands and has continued to exist as the fake state known as ‘England’ has grown from its genocidal and unlawful invasion of Britain (more on that here). Like all taxation it is wrong as it is based on the destruction of free will by the initiation of violence and/or coercion.

In Britain, the fake Crown is the entity behind the still-existent feudal system of violent control. All homes, whether mortgaged or not, are subject to taxation whose moneys go straight into the coffers of the criminal overloads whose operations are ultimately coordinated by the Banking-kleptocracy known as the House of Rothschild.  Whether or not they know it, the people are enslaved peasants who have to be controlled for ‘their own good’ and this is why the population is living under the tyrannical yoke of a police state.

In this video, Mark Passio continues ‘the Great Work’ of teaching Natural Law to others. To educate means to lead out (of darkness) [ORIGIN: from Latin educat- ‘led out,’ from the verb educare, related to educere ‘lead out’ (see educe)]. As i watched the third part late last night, i had something of a revelation and it came during the section about moral culpability at around the 1’50 mark.

In the simplest of terms, it means that those who follow the orders of another man and complete the actions thereof are ultimately those who are responsible for them. As established in the Nuremberg trials, it is no defence for a man to state he had permission to carry out the wrong-doings, that he was merely following orders. This is because, under Natural Law, each and every one of us is a Sovereign being responsible for our own actions: we always have the choice to refuse to do something that is wrong and may result in loss and harm to others.

When David Caress evicts men, women and children from their homes, he is morally culpable for his actions. He may well claim, as so many of his ilk do, that he is ‘only doing his job’ but this is fallacious nonsense as, in the final analysis, it he and he alone that is perpetrating the wrong-doing: it is his action and his behaviour alone that is criminal.  

Passio is rightly scathing about morally redundant men like this, the ‘order followers‘ as it is by way of their gross stupidity, whereby they have given up any compassion or empathy they once may have had in order to blindly (or otherwise) that they commit, for a few pieces of the Queen’s ill-gotten silver, acts that are in breach of Natural Law against their fellow sentient beings.

It stems of course from the false belief in Government whereby mentally ill men determine that they can grant each other rights that they do not hold individually. For instance, the ‘right’ to steal money off another and throw him in a cage does not exist. None of us have it on the basis that such a behaviour is wrong. RM cannot go round to a neighbour’s house at 0800, bray on the door with his fist till a man comes down, then force his way past him, get some of his mates together to arrest the dweller and then kidnap him to throw him in a cage for nine hours.

Which is just what David Caress did to RM1 and RM2 on November 4, 2010.

For, IN REALITY, no man has the right to do that to another and consequently no man can give another the right to do that: you cannot magically bequeath rights to others that you do not possess.

The initiation of violence is always wrong and that is as plain as it needs to be expressed. Every man has the God-Given, Natural Law right to defend himself and his property from violent attack. Every man is responsible for his own actions and that means, of course, that no-one can hand over his right to defend himself to another: it is his responsibility and his alone.

Passio goes on to expand on the subject of self-respect vs. self-loathing. In the simplest of terms, he states that any one who believes in the legitimacy of Government (which is a euphemism for slavery) is in a state of self-loathing whereby they are so mentally ill and devoid of ability to see the absolute truth, that they take the view that theft and extortion via violence and coercion are acceptable behaviours for men to engage in and that, somehow, magic pieces of paper called statutes or acts or warrants, permit men to perpetrate these wrong-doings against other men.

Government is slavery.

How fecking clear does it have to be?  A local community group in Nottingham based at the Sumac Centre was purportedly set up as an anarchist organisation and yet the group pay all manner of taxes to the fake local and national governments? That is symptomatic of a deep rooted mental illness, RM would suggest.

The fact that men like David Caress continue to walk the streets with apparent impunity is emblematic of the sickness that lies at the heart of this land mass known as Britain. All those who blindly follow orders, who stand by idly each day whilst others engage in acts of great harm and loss to their fellow beings are mentally ill in so far as they have chosen to prostrate themselves to the beck and call of a phony and tyrannical group of men who call themselves government or, to be more accurate perhaps, ‘Bankers’.

If we extend this outwards we are faced with the uncomfortable reality that, in say the case of Tony Blair and the war crimes against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, the blood stains are on the hands of those individuals who followed his orders, even if they were duped into believing the initiation of violence against those peoples was somehow valid. Whilst brain-washed, self-loathing un-thinking dupes exist to fight the banksters’ wars for them, then Mankind is fucked and criminals like Caress will continue to walk the streets, a menacing bulldog-like man, who is a danger to others and should only be approached with extreme caution.

The Police are of the same ilk and cannot be relied upon to arrest this man for his continual crimes against Mankind. The only way to stop any and all unlawful evictions and further crimes being committed by this man is for the people to come together and prevent such actions taking place. To prevent him and the courts from working ~ by whatever force is necessary whilst they blithely continue to perpetrate wrongdoing against the people. In fact, given the levels of bovine tyranny at play right now, particularly with regard to evictions, these morally bankrupt stooges need to be prevented from perpetrating any more wrong-doing.

Their employment as bailiffs is symptomatic of the malevolence at the heart of all forms of governance and particularly the illegitimate courts and those judges like Richard Inglis to whom men like Caress and Inspector Peakes of the police are ‘dogs’ to be held and controlled by leashes known as permits and/or licences.

Ultimately, it is a question of individual sovereignty: ALL TRUE POWER LIES WITHIN EACH AND EVERYONE OF US and all systems of Admiralty Law are bogus and deceptive to those who know who they truly are. Caress and ALL ‘Order Followers’ are operating in a state of consciousness that is so sick and devoid of any morality, they are a dangerous psychotic menace amongst all of us.

That, dear reader, is how and why ALL bailiffs are all criminals.

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