Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.” — Luke. XI, 52.

I do not write this piece lightly and neither do i write it with vexation or malice as some lying member of the unlawful ‘legal profession’  may erroneously claim.

Those named herein are men acting as judges in what purports to be a system of justice.  They have a duty to serve the Truth, to administer equity and, under Natural Law, to do the right thing by their fellow inhabitants of these lands. To this effect, they have each solemnly sworn a public oath.

It is again a matter of Right and Wrong. Under Natural Law, no man has the right to trespass on another man’s rights and he certainly has no right steal another man’s property. When that property is a Man’s home, where he and his family live, the wrong doing is tantamount to a  genocidal attack or an act of war. Similarly, no judge has any right to lock a man up in a cage for a victimless crime.

Whilst there is a plethora of evidence to support these claims across the Civil and Criminal Courts, for the purposes of illustration, I will focus on the issue that is of most significance to all of us: our homes.

In the UK there are some 11 million mortgaged properties and each member of every household, whether they see it or not, is labouring under the yoke of a phony  system of entrapment whereby they are duped into believing they have been loaned moneys with which to buy a home or shelter.  The link here explains how the mortgage advance with which they buy said homes is in fact created by the extension of credit from a valuable financial instrument which they are duped into signing over to the bankster. It is procured by whichever conveyancing solicitor is acting for them and providing them with [fake] advice.

In my experience, the judges do not understand this. Or, if they do they are not letting on.

The perfect example of this came in a hearing before a man called Richard Inglis, who was acting as a judge at Nottingham County Court in a matter between RM and the Banksters known as the Bradford and Bingley. In their very first encounter, back in August 2009, the RM detailed just how the credit system works on the back of the mortgagor’s signature and promise to pay. Richard dismissed this, despite admitting in Court that “I have difficulty in following the financial argument.”

RM’s response to this was “Well, let’s get someone in who does understand it then.” ‘Dickie’ ignored this and issued a void order for possession of my home of 16 years.  RM put in an application to have the order set aside on the basis that the Court had failed to provide a competent jurisdiction. All very reasonable, one might say.

The same judge struck out that application on the spurious grounds that the matter had been dealt with.

Maxims of Law are immutable Truths ~ like great Art they are timeless because they are the Truth. As Mark Passio states, the Truth is Absolute.

The maxim, “Nemo iudex in causa sua”

is a Latin phrase that means, literally, no-one should be a judge in their own cause.”

Bear that in mind for it is a most relevant aspect of that which we are dealing with here.

The District Judges and Circuit Judges and all those be-wigged and robed potentates who sit on the podiums of judgement every day across these lands have each served time as lawyers. It is fair to presume that many of them acted as conveyancing solicitors who were thus complicit in the procurement of false Mortgage Deeds (read here to see how and why said Deeds are fake). That means they are each complicit in the genocidal billion pound racket of the Banksters.

That may also explain why Richard failed to apply logic and due diligence to the matter of the RM’s mortgage.

At the time, RM did not have the ‘statutory knowledge’ to back up what he was claiming about the need for a valid contract between the parties. Nevertheless, he spoke the truth about the matter and Richard willfully chose to ignore it.

This is the position these men and women find themselves in: they are utterly compromised by their past and current roles as members of the BAR and the Judiciary.  By failing to apply logic, the tenets of Natural Law and any kind of honesty to the matter, they have fallen prey to their egos, to the machinations of the criminal banking cartels and to a genocidal programme that is waging war against the indigenous peoples of Britain.

The RM has first hand knowledge of Richard Inglis’s complicity in this matter. He has also appeared before a man called [Recorder] Scott at the same court ~ this man issued a civil restraining order against the RM on the false premiss that he was making vexatious applications to the Court when the reality was they were entirely logical and valid.

A man called Wyn Williams, presiding at the Administrative Court in Birmingham also failed to deal with the facts of the matter at a hearing for Judicial Review back in April 2010 ~ a hearing that was remarkable for the fact that RM tendered a true form of payment by promissory note in order to settle the matter with the Bankster’s lying lawyer, Benjamin Wood of FourSquare Chambers, City of London.

Next, there was a hearing before another man called Peter Smith at the High Court in London ~ he similarly refused to deal with the logic and integrity of the RM’s claim against the Bankster.

RM also has first hand knowledge of  men acting as a District Judges in Sheffield County Court, in the Newcastle Courts, Bristol, Barking, Croydon, Plymouth, Preston, Burnley, Blackpool, Milton Keynes, Kings Lynn, Canaerfon, Liverpool and Manchester who similarly ignored the facts of the matter and acted against logic and Truth by proceeding to issue void possession orders.

Initially, RM gave these men the benefit of the doubt ~ after all, we have all been dumbed down and miseducated when it comes to our understanding of how money is created, particularly the mechanics of the fractional reserve banking systems.

But that benefit has now passed. This week, the first in the Gregorian year known as 2014, i have accurate knowledge of a series of county courts who have issued void and criminal possession orders against family homes in Preston, Kings Lynn, Milton Keynes and Plymouth.

The goons who are carrying out these orders are the fuck wits who act as bailiffs for said courts. A prime example of the levels of criminality at play here is a man called David Caress who is currently operating out of Nottingham County Court. A former miner, he has committed crimes against the people for a number of years now. Such is his level of insanity that he erroneously believes that he has the right to steal people’s homes and throw them out on the street. Caress is known personally to the RM and nothing I state herein is untrue. By a man’s actions, shall ye know him and Caress’ ignorant criminality can be viewed here.

Having been fighting these criminals on the front line for the last four years, RM knows what he is talking about which is why he has no hesitation in naming these men. Whether they are as psychopathic as the criminal and fake system of law in which they operate, i cannot say.

However, each and every one of them should be sacked. By way of example, we return once more to the man known as Richard Inglis. On 7 November 2011, RM and RM2 were living at a friend’s house which was under threat from the criminal actions of Nottingham County Court who had, once again, issued a void possession order over a fake debt. As is often the case, the police had conspired with the court, the bank and the bailiffs to come in and assist in a civil matter over which they had no right whatsoever to become embroiled in.

The criminal locksmiths had spent some 5 hours unsuccessfully attempting to force their way in through a front door which had been gridded up. RM was inside the house, RM2 outside. The attending officer was a man called Peakes.

The warrant had been paid off and Peakes was shown the evidence to demonstrate the truth of this and that the Court and its criminal bailiffs were acting unlawfully.

Peakes was ‘negotiating’ with both RMs. He asked me what would be a satisfactory outcome. I told him that would be for him to tell the bailiffs to feck off and the bankster to apply for another warrant as this was void. He told me that was not going to happen.

“Why?” I asked him.

“Because I’ve been speaking to Judge Inglis on the phone and he has told us to go ahead.”

RM2 had also been told the same by Peakes and he had responded, “Well, if that’s the case, go and arrest that man.”

I replied by stating that the police had no right to break in without a warrant, signed by a judge under oath and attestation.

Peakes ignored this and told me the police would be in riot gear and they were going to break in.  He claimed that he could not ignore the instructions of the man called Richard who was acting as a county court judge.

“What? Even if they are criminal?” RM asked.

That man Peakes ignored our valid claims and under his instruction, a team of men dressed in the garb of the paramilitary used a battering ram to break down the back gate and then a crow bar to force their way into our then home. This was the second time in exactly one year that we had been subjected to the criminal actions of the man known as Richard Inglis.

NOTE: Richard et al, of course, are at liberty to sue me for libel if any of this is untrue.

All of which leads me to conclude the people of these lands are at war with a genocidal and psychotic cadre of men who are acting within the unlawful ‘legal’ and fake financial systems.  The men and women who sit as judges and issue thousands of void possession orders each day at the behest of the lying lawyers who represent the psychotic interests of the banksters are morally bankrupt and are operating totally at odds with Natural Law. The vast majority would not know the right thing if it kicked them up the arse.

“You reap what you sow,” is another eternal truth which will, in the fullness of time, be the lesson that these willful cowards and enemies of the people will learn.

In the meantime, given the abject failure of the fake Crown’s ‘justice system’ to do that which is Right under Natural Law and the compromised nature of all those phonies masquerading as Judges, it is incumbent and entirely necessary for all those facing eviction to do that which is Right and Proper under Natural Law:

The failure of the courts to apply the Law means the phony people acting as judges have failed the people in favour of the criminal banksters to whom NO ONE owes so much as a penny. We are at war and each and every one of us has the right to protect our home and family from any man who is committing trespass and/or attempting to violently steal it, regardless of any phony piece of paper that he may depend upon.

And that means, by whatever means is necessary.

So it goes, so it goes…

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