Recorded whilst out on Shank’s Pony on 23 April 2014 in the locale of Deira (formerly Elmet), the listener is invited to join the RM as he ranges across the landscape and the following areas of interest: 

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 13.07.52What to do? Owning one’s issues, the sting of the Scorpion, moving on when not wanted, STATISM, how difficult it must be for those who take Authority to be the Truth, rather than the Truth as Authority,  ST GEORGE,  Palestine and PHOENICIAN icon, Phoenician/Venetian Oligarchical Influence over Britain,  the ERRONEOUS belief in AUTHORITY outside oneself, no natural right to steal from others, TRESPASS is always a WRONGDOING, Trespass is the overarching action that covers most breaches of Natural Law,  turning the other cheek? A trick to engender NON-ACTION? Remorse needed for FORGIVENESS to occur,  GOVERN-MENT is MIND CONTROL, ARE YOUR THOUGHTS & FEELINGS YOUR OWN? Releasing feelings, statism is a religion, collectivisation, state ownership is palpable bullshit, statism as a MEME infecting Man’s consciousness, will everyone wake up? Big Screen TV’s are a propagandist’s wet dream,  mass manipulation via STAGECRAFT, THE FRAUD OF ‘ENGLISH HISTORY’, statutes are like concrete overlaying Natural Law, why would one want a job? Refusing to turn a blind eye to untruths, lingering issues. STATISM is the PROBLEM, not the solution. Paradox: more self control = more freedom

“The most dangerous superstition”, Larken Rose, Religious nature of STATISM, RELIGARE – to bind. individual gives up his authority to another. Fallacy of Government. Believers in Government are caught in a religion. Priests and politicians – same thing. Same think. Herding up the people via collectivism. Prime Minister. Dropping the statist religious dogma, seeking remedy from one’s jailers, collectivist mindset, The Bankster Busters, Refusal of some to see through the fact that Her Maj’s Courts are run by Financiers.  It’s all a front, a sop for the people to keep them in ignorance of the truth. The Mortgage Swindle, MON-EYE is sophisticated slavery. [The discerning listener will spot how the vitriol seeps out after the one pint beer stop.]

Lying Lawyers intrinsic to the fraud via their professional negligence. STATISM IS ENSLAVEMENT. Those who know it and do nothing are like house slaves, complicit in it. Feudalism. Land Registry is book keeping system for elites to control the land. ONE-EYE’S secrets, the futility of the slave complaining to his master about his subjugation, being in one’s right mind. Bankers being suicided in 2014, money’s secrets must be kept at all costs. RM’s previous statist delusions, falling for the mortgage scam, IS THE STATE LOSING ITS GRIP?, is one losing one’s religion is losing all that binds one, mentally, spiritually, physically. The STATIST smoking ban. Operating in the shadows of a system that has shafted him. BEING SHAFTED by the system, don’t rock the citizen-ship, the Figure Head is nude in bed, sucking the Rothschild penis, that produces the golden seed because the Rothschild know the secret of banking: that it’s all a pledge, a promise. Rise of crypto currencies. How RM is an anarchist at heart. Fallacy of believing a system that is designed to oppress needs fixing. New Bankster Busters is an anarchist organisation. Self governance, realisation, the individual is where the remedy lies.


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