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One of the joys of being here in this epoch is that not only does one have a rich tapestry of personal experiences to draw upon, there is also a wealth of cultural heritage, a growing body of true ancient history and a library of wonderful music from more recent times. Some of the music that provided the sound track to one’s youth, has a prophetic quality that catapults the youth and the man into a coherent present.

Thus, Morrissey’s reprise,

A rush and a push and the land which we stand on is ours, it has been before and it shall be again”

stands as a zeitgeist even though it was released in 1987.

The increased awareness of the on-going genocide of the indigenous European and the growing swell of recognised injustice experienced by many individuals on these lands right now, coupled with the vulnerabilities of the Crown-House of Rothschild, the rise in consciousness of the previously duped, the resulting sense of righteous indignation and the individual’s ability to effect change in the material world [the glass is always half-full, remember] all combine to provide the indivdual man with a wonderful opportunity to remove himself of the odious Rothschild-Crown axis of State oppression and find the justice he seeks.

When a man bemoans the tyranny of the state – in whatever form it may take, from the illegality of paying taxes to a genocidal government, to the genocidal practices of cutting his Job Seekers Allowance, to a criminal tax on his spare bedroom, to the decay he sees around him, to the abject failure of HMCTS to provide a competent jurisdiction in the determination of the facts surrounding the creation of the ONE EYE-MON-EY and any fake Bankster-claimed debt, to the heinous fluoridation of his water, the immoral contamination of pesticides in his food, to the false binds of licences, permits, huge fuel bills and so on, he is right to do so.

The question is, what’s he going to do about it?

Inevitably, though, his genuine grievances will fall on stony ground on the simple basis that he is wrong to continue demanding his remedies from his oppressors. Oppressors who are operating in a system that has been engineered to hold him down. They are, in the main, a dishonourable, ignorant and brain-washed collection of stooges, whose hearts and minds have been sold to a system of financial kleptocracy; puppets who dance to a dis-eased psycho-satanic beat of utter befuddlement.


This is the quandary: until a British Judge steps forward and declares that, as a consequence of him understanding the simple facts of how the private Bank of England creates fiat money using a fractional reserve system of finance, tied into the ‘Treasury’ and its deceptive utilisation of birth certification, then there can be no justice.

Until such a man is conversant with the operations of bonds, securitisation, pledges and the nature of fiat currency, then he is not competent to preside over any mortgage claim because he is ignorant of the truth.  Neither is he capable of declaring the fact that any and all evictions are acts of genocide, perpetrated against the indigenous people.

There is no evidence that such a man exists.

Were he to, he would be a colossus: a heroic man of the people who embodied levels of understanding and integrity hereto unseen in HMCTS.

The stakes are high: not only would such a man face all manner of difficult consequences, he would also be placing himself in a position that could endanger his life.

The odds against such an individual emerging are astronomical and, therefore, need to be discarded.
On the balance of probabilities, it is not going to happen.

And yet, people still persist in the erroneous view that it is possible, arguing that if one can simply crack the code via a claim at the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court, then justice will be done. Such is the depth of this cognitive dissonance that a forum thread on the American Karl Lenz’s dubious approaches to achieving remedy in an iniquitous court system was initiated by a man with no direct experience of HMCTS to spiral out to over 150 pages . The inevitable conclusion was reached but not before a massive distraction and inculcation of false hope had been set off like a mind virus, which may well have been the intention behind it.

It served as a massive distraction and thus it may only have been of benefit to the system itself.

It is RM’s assertion that not until all banking claims are declared null and void will there be justice.

But can one seriously imagine such a scenario?

Any judge who did such a noble thing would not only have intellectual and moral integrity: he would also have balls of steel.

It is reasonable to state that given the deregulated levels of financial skullduggery at large in Britain  right now and the fact that they are all effectively Crown House of Rothschild interests,  no Judge or Court will ever provide justice in a matter involving a ‘bank’ since that action would bring down the whole house of cards.

Therefore, the only realistic remedy is that the people form Grand Juries of sovereign individuals, sufficiently competent to apply reason to the factual information of Money’s creation and from there make a ruling that can be handed down to each and every inferior court.

There is no higher court in the land than a Grand Jury.

Given the inherent powers of Grand Juries and the precarious state of the British people’s disregard for the communist European Union, the time is surely coming for a rush and a push.

The land which we stand on is indeed ours.

Each man’s home is his castle.

All evictions by way of phony possession claims are acts of genocide. The shameful involvement of the police in these matters means they become as culpable of genocide as the bailiffs who throw anyone out on to the street.

The problem is genocide.

The reaction is one of righteous indignation.

The solution is the formation of Grand Juries . For the people and by the people.

Whilst there are a plethora of genocidal techniques in operation, the one the people can most readily understand and empathise with is that of unlawful eviction.

An eviction is as direct an attack on the mental and physical well-being of the individuals as can be imagined.  To remove people from their homes is an attack that goes to the hearts of all those who are subjected to it. The repercussions are obvious and this piece examines just how that is the case.




It begins and ends with the ONE-EYE [MON-EY]. When indigenous people’s homes are being stolen from them by way of false possession claims that they owe moneys to those Rothschild-Crown ‘debt’ collectors fraudulently called ‘Banks’, that is an act of GENOCIDE
The fact is that, right now, there is not a single court in Britain that is capable of hearing this matter.

Why? Because they are operating as House-of-Rothschild-Crown agencies, just like the Banks, just like the members of the BAR.


The other evening one went for a walk around inner city Nottingham. There was a good deal to ponder. Any individual who purports to be a free thinker must be prepared to consider all possibilities and view a subject from as many angles as is necessary.

Almost fifteen years ago now, the RM went on a ‘grand tour’ which encompassed India, Nepal, South East Asia and Australia. The majority of the sixteen months was spent in the eastern lands of the Arya, particularly the Himalaya.

During that time he met many fellow wanderers, some of whom had migrated from their homelands. One such was a man who RM met at a roadside stall in Dharamsala, in the northern mountain state of Himachal Pradesh. He was selling trinkets but what drew one’s attention was his voice. It had an instantly recognisable timbre, with elongated vowels and a familiar resonance. It turned out this man, who had been living there since the late seventies originated from a farm, which was literally on the edge of the estate RM was brought up on.

Similarly, on a three week walk through the Chomolungma (Everest) region of Nepal, RM was sat in a mist-enveloped chai shop, sipping a cup of milky tea when in walked a group of climbers. As soon as one of them began to speak, his accent and dialect revealed him to be a native of the same place in Elmet that RM heralds from.

Suffice to say, on both occasions, they got on famously. Any outsider who had been privy to either meeting may well have assumed they were old friends, such was the warmth of their exchange. Of course, this can happen when and wherever we may be. But please understand what one is conveying here: each encounter was marked by a palpable sense of kinship, a mutual recognition and a connection that exists on a local and/or tribal level. It is not the kind of experience that one can have with any one, it goes into levels of mutual heartfelt cognition that comes when one is in the presence of what may be termed, one’s own.

The connections we have with with those of our tribes are centuries, if not millennia, old. That they exist cannot be disputed. These are the actual nations into which we are born and to which we have ancient ties. The podcast ‘The Fraud of English and Rise of UCT‘ by the maverick founding trustee of UCT Michael O’Bernicia illustrates the point perfectly: the notion that millions of people can share a ‘United Kingdom’ is fallacious. It is an artfully constructed lie.

The real nations are small and tribal (local). All else is an engineered illusion.

This is why so many individuals are simply incapable of tapping into nationalist movements that purport to exist on a larger scale. It is one of the reasons why world government cannot and will not exist.

The evidence would suggest that people are at their happiest when living in communities of around 150 people. The sociability factor of man is not to underestimated. The controllers know this and thus they construct a fake nationalism that manipulates said factor. Take for instance the promotion of team sports: as in the case, for example, of ‘England’. The media promotes the sporting teams of said by appealing to the tribal factor.

In the case of football, though, ask a genuine ‘fan’ and most often he will say that the allegiance he feels for his local team is stronger than that which he may have for the ‘national’ side.

This is why Manchester United fans who are not from the city are ribbed for being glory seeking phonies.

Two days ago,  RM took the following picture of a war memorial to those Holme Valley  men who had been killed in that mass-engineered slaughter that was World War 1.


The memorial, some 7 miles south west of a town called Huddersfield, was extended to include the list of those local men slaughtered by the elites in World War 2. For that valley to have experienced the deliberate genocide of so many of its finest and strongest would have had a massive impact on the lives of those remaining.

All wars are bankers wars   – artfully and satanically engineered geopolitical slaughter of milions of indigenous men in their primes that only serves to increase the profits of the financiers who fund both sides then, as in Versailles,  arrange for further moneys to flow their way via the imposition of reparations.

The true meaning of patriotism:


patriotism noun
ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the late Latin sense): from French patriote, from late Latin patriota ‘fellow countryman,’ from Greek patriōtēs, from patrios ‘of one’s fathers,’ from patris ‘fatherland.’

This is why the Cymry sing of the “land of our fathers.” A connection with the land that pays homage to one’s ancestors, without whom one would not be here.

Ancestral connections with the land and the people exist in all peoples on this planet, even if they have been buried under mountains of faked history, over-laid houses of bogus religion and phony state rule.

The British henges, the stone circles, dolmens, ancient forests and so on are testimony to our ancestors‘ knowledge of nature, their connection with the land was a reflection of their bond to the universe. As above, so below.

The churches and chapels that were laid over the ancient sacred sites are emblematic of the last thousand or so years of genocide that our ancestors and ourselves have experienced and, lest we forget, survived.

We are still here! 

Wherever the RM has roamed, he has remained aware of his connections with the tribal nation and with the region into which he was born. [For more on this, listen here]. It is also why the Bernicia and Deira Anarcho-nation was spoken into existence on 29 March 2014.

To return to the Himalayas: the point to consider is this – there the RM was, thousands of miles away from the fatherland of his birth, high in the Himalaya and – in an instant – there was an immediate recognition between the men who met in that cloud-enshrouded hut at an altitude of over 15,000 feet. There was a common thread that bonded them.

The identification of their kinship was by initiated by the sound of the spoken word.

Thus, it begins with sound.


This is why the RM has begun the RogueCast series: the sound of our spoken voices connects us. Vowell sounds, spoken and heard are the root of creation. Each listener becomes connected to the speaker by the action of paying attention to his voice, or tuning in to its frequencies. When an affinity or harmonic frequency is reached, the rapport is established. It is natural and it is the way of the cosmos.

Nationhood remains, above all a spiritual connection – an affinity with land and the people.

There has been much trumpeting of UKIP’s dominance of the latest vote for a puppet figure in local councils and in the leviathan cash guzzler, the European Union. Much of it has centered around its figurehead, Nigel Farage.

Nigel, for all his boisterous observations over the traitorous attempted imposition of the phony European Union, is a privately educated ex-banker. It is the hidden hand of the financial systems that control each and every parliament: the politicians are puppets in a circus designed to appease the people and mislead them into believing that a tick on a ballot slip somehow equates with taking a part in their own oppression or the oppression of others.

Democracy is a sham.

Quite why would anyone trust an ex-financier who operated in a psychopathic form of control, Who would regard an indigenous freeman of these lands as an enemy? Why would agencies of the state act to cause RM loss and harm that amounts to attempted GENOCIDE? Notably, Farage avoids the issue of Mass Immigration when it’s childish not to address this particularly obvious aspect of social engineering. And when has one heard him speak out against the deliberate genocide of the indigenous peoples of Europe?

Why are indigenous Northern European cities and towns being subject to mass immigrations of peoples from other places, Nigel?

Is it because there is programme of mass genocide going on, Nigel?

It is often carried out under the faux notion that somehow these cities, towns and fake countries would benefit from more ‘diversity’.

What we are dealing with is, in fact, something altogether more sinister. So sinister in fact, that there will be many who, like the RM, simply could not even entertain the reality that the Northern European is being subjected to a programme of genocide. As the following meme so devastatingly reveals,

anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

The proof of this meme’s strength lies in the fact that these programmes are not being engineered in any other country – for instance, no one claims that Nigeria would benefit from being more ethnically diverse.

“Look, there are too many black people in Nigeria – it would benefit from being more diverse. We should open the borders to immigration and encourage millions of white people to emigrate there. And if the people object, then they are racist.”

No one claims China has too many indigenous Chinese and that it needs to open its borders to black people.

No one complains that India is not ‘multicultural’ enough and therefore needs to allow other people to move there en-masse.  Mind you, India did experience a migration from the West via the Aryan peoples.

Thus, the use of the terms ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culturalism’ are weapons of psychological warfare. They represent nothing less than a social engineering policy that, as fantastic as it may seem, is designed to breed out of existence the white male, to encourage discontent and rumble revolution between the indigenous peoples and the immigrants. Those behind it are the eugenicists who operate their nefarious programmes from behind the facade of such agencies as the Tavistock Institute, MI5, the LSE, the Privy Council and, of course, the agency of genocide known as the National Health Service.

So why are indigenous European countries operating these mass immigration policies? Why are they planting memes like ‘anti-racist’, ‘diversity’ or ‘multiculturalism’?

Some take the view that the European male should take the blame for the enslavement of others and the theft of others’ natural resources but upon close examination, that is a fallacy that also falls apart: it is simply illogical for any individual to take blame and experience some kind of guilt trip over the actions of those Venetian oligarchs and their nefarious associates in the world of the Holy Roman See and those criminal enterprises like the faux Royal Family of Rothschild who committed acts of piracy and plunder the world over.

You see, upon closer examination, the truth is that it was only ever a tiny number of elite controllers who engaged in those antics. They grew fat on the plunder and the likes of David Cameron’s family made hay while the sun never set on the East India Company’s Empire, as was run from out of the Foreign Office.

This is an attempt to examine an issue that many of one’s friends and associates would shy away from. That issue is the genocide of the men of the North – the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe, wherever they may happen to be.

Tim Murdock aka Horus the avenger, a recent interviewee on Radio 314  offers up an uncompromising and unapologetic perspective. He has clearly identified the genocidal attempt to kill off indigenous Europeans (‘white rabbits’). Those wishing to kill off the ‘white rabbit’ are ‘pink rabbits’.

As he makes clear, when one is under psychological warfare, certain memes need to be flipped and that this is easily done. We never hear other countries being accused of being too yellow, brown or that there are too many Chinese in China or Africans in Africa and that they need more ‘diversity’. Yet this is exactly what is repeatedly stated about European countries. When does anyone ever suggest that non-European countries are racist because they are not ethnically diverse? Could it be that the term racist is only used agains those who are ‘white’?  It thus follows that,

anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.

Anyone who wants to kill you off is your enemy.

That is the bottom line.

Do not waste one’s time fighting those who are not trying to genocide one. Traitors are those who perpetrate genocide against their fellow men.

The reader is encouraged to ask, why would the system be seeking to eradicate the indigenous man?


The white European male is under attack and he has been for centuries: if the ritualistic slaughter of millions of young indigenous men in the bankster wars of the twentieth century failed to wipe him out, the oestrogen in water, poisoning through plastics have led to large increases in female population has sought to achieve the same.

The last thing the Statists want is free-thinking, action-orientated-tribal-men-with-balls who challenge the bogus laws, phony governance and all the bullshit that flows from the corridors of ‘power’.

If you have an affinity with the people and with the land, and/or were born here then you are indigenous.

The real enemy is not the Pole, Romany or Asian.

It is anyone who is trying to kill you off. Period.

The judge who rules an indigenous man should be evicted from his home is that man’s enemy because he wants you killed. He is a statist operating in a satanic psychopathic oligarchy of vested interests.

Prior to the criminal eviction he experienced, RM’s muslim neighbours did not seek to wipe him out – not once did they seek to cause him loss and harm.

Yet a man called Richard Inglis, acting as a county court judge did seek to do so.

Knowingly and deliberately making a man homeless over a debt that can never be validated is an unconscionable act that amounts to attempted genocide.  And that is what ‘Dickie’ engaged in. His desire to accomplish this was so powerful that he misrepresented the facts to a succession of men working out of the police force of Nottinghamshire and the bovine bailiffs, led by the criminal, David Caress ( a traitor) operating out of the same court, each of whom bought into his lie that RM’s claim had “no merit”.

This, he now realises, was PATHOLOGICAL attempt to GENOCIDE the RM, committed by all those ‘pink rabbits’ against a man who they deemed as being difficult to control. The lie of fake debt had to be kept spinning – at all costs. This attitude is no more manifest than in the perjuries committed by a cadre of Bankster Molls operating out of two firms, SHOOSMITHS OF NORTHAMPTON and WALKER MORRIS of LEEDS.

Operating out of this nest of vipers, Louise Power and Rebecca Courtney are two highly paid whores solicitors, who will, if the money is sufficient, commit any act of depravity perjury by submitting third party witness statements into the County Courts in favour of their masters when, as a matter of accounting fact, no debt is owed: RM states this having seen the latest such from Louise Power from April 2014. She constructed a fraudulent witness statement on behalf of the CEO of the Bradford & Bingley which was replete with lies and deliberate omissions. This perjury by a third party interloper was ignored by the Court and the valid claim this man and his family had against the B&B was struck out as a consequence of those lies. It is a fact that liars like Louise and Rebecca are all too dominant in what is laughingly referred to as the British Judicial System. Their traitorous actions of these ‘pink rabbits’ result in great loss and harm being caused to many families up and down these lands.

For them, men like RM need to be wiped out. Why? Because they do not want the truth to be heard. The lie must be covered up at all costs and any man who is attempting to reveal it must be stamped down, when the other forms of genocide are not working. Well, the news is that none of it has worked:

one is still here and one is in fine fettle and the wrongs will be put right…




The enemy within is the hidden hand behind the genocide: the Crown House of Rothschild.

The problem is genocide. These fuckers wish us dead.

The reaction is one of righteous indignation.

The solution is the formation of Grand Juries – For the people and by the people.


Is Mass Immigration into Britain part of a plan to wipe out the indigenous man?


That is an issue worthy of any man who regards himself as a free thinker.

What was the miners’ strike of 1984-85 other than a genocide against the strong, robust and intelligent working peoples.

KNOW THY ENEMY: it is ‘pink rabbit’ who engaging in genocide against the ‘white rabbit’. He may come in the form of banker, a nurse, a marketeer or a bovine cop.


There is much furore over the culling of badgers in Britain but what about the genocide of the white rabbit? Very few seem to be as outraged over the criminal evictions of men, women and children from their homes.

What about the cull of mankind?

The solution?

A Grand Jury is the Highest Court in the land. Thus, any and all determinations and order(s) it issues must be carried out, and the perpetrators of mortgage genocide will be arrested.

In this way, the people will bring genocide to a halt via a Grand Jury, specifically formed to determine the facts and make a ruling based on those facts.

In other words, we form a GRAND JURY to provide justice for the people in ways that HMCTS have so disgracefully failed to.

As Morrissey so prophetically expressed it:

A rush and a push and the land which we stand on is ours, it has been before and it shall be again


That rush and push will come peacefully – by means of a Grand Jury.

Bring it on: the people have had enough.


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