Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”
― Mark Twain

When one has been wronged, there exists an imprint that, like a muddy boot mark on a white rug, will tarnish one’s consciousness. Especially if one is not aware of it.

The dilemma for man is how to be… how to marry his thoughts to his actions, how to drop the fear and simply move in harmony with what is necessary. As a man makes his way through life, it is inevitable that he will find himself in conflict with his fellow men. Sometimes, others commit trespass against him. For the purposes of this essay, trespass is taken to mean an action that infringes upon the natural rights of another.  When a man commits trespass, he is, by definition, committing a wrong.

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The other side of the equation is forgiveness. Forgiving another is an act of self-love in so far as it allows the victim to become the survivor. With forgiveness comes light: by forgiving, the individual can put down the load of the other’s wrong. To move one’s perspective from that of victim to survivor brings a beneficial shift in one’s consciousness.

After all, repentance or remorse is for the transgressor to deal with – his conscious will be pricked, whether or not he admits it, and his behaviour will reflect that. If the lesson has been learned, then he can move on. If not, then it will keep returning until he finally learns it.

The nature of life is that we get provided with every opportunity to learn from our mistakes and thus correct our wrong doings.

Forgiveness is an art in so far as it is a beneficial and skillful expression of one’s consciousness. Many insights have been proffered by those who have come to understand its nature:

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.”  [Anon]

The passing of the years, with which experiences become amalgamated, lessons get learned and realisations hit home is it, whatever arises, the journey of life.

A journey of individuation, of self-realisation, in other words.

Self-realisation is the simple process whereby the individual comes to know who and what he is and why he is here in this form, on this planet, at this time.

This is an important point. Why? Because, ultimately, the individual man can only walk his path alone. He enters this world alone and he leaves it alone. His life – by which one means the unfolding of his experiences through the years – is always directly and personal to the individual. Of course, that is not to dismiss the fellowships which are formed in the course of one’s life. However, any one who claims that ‘we are all in it together’ or that ‘it’s for the common good’ is putting forward a statist perspective and, as such, he is the opposite to a true anarchist.

Self-determination is the right of the individual under Natural Law to be exactly who he chooses to be. This is why no one can be compelled to be a citizen. In the simplest of terms,

I am who I say I am.’


One is not what some government agency attempts to re-present one as.

The struggle to be free of external governance is the battle of our age. Unfortunately, such is the nature of the all-pervading financial control system that, unless a man can somehow achieve economic independence, there exist very few who are truly free.

Everywhere one looks man appears to be in chains. Whether they be socio-economic, religious and/or psychological varies according to the individual’s own life but until he sees them, they bind him and hold him back. One used to think that each of us was in charge of his own life, that decisions were made by the individual and he swam or struggled to stay afloat as a consequence of his decisions.

That was naive. Previously, one took a more casual attitude to what one now realises is the single most powerful bind that man labours under. It is the false God or religion known as MON-EY.  It is not, in and of itself, evil. It is, however, fair to say that whoever controls its creation has mankind in his grip. Thus, fake debt is used by the psychopathic satanic controllers for evil purposes.

One used to believe that hard work would bring its own rewards and to an extent that is true. Yet such is the nature of the grinding machinery of money, the actual mechanics of its creation and control, any satisfaction that comes with the efforts the man makes is tempered by the fact that his energy is being stolen by a parasitic host.

The host being the world’s satanic and psychotic financiers.

Many will encourage the individual to ignore the fact that a huge proportion of his earnings are taken from him by agencies of government. A former colleague of RM’s took the view that ‘they’ are “all bastards and thieves,” and because of that we should simply give them what they demand, ‘fuck ’em and get on with it.’

Unfortunately, it is rarely so simple.

The thing is that, unless the individual is able to accumulate sufficient financial resources to become truly independent of the system, he will remain trapped. There is little freedom to be had in city or town life. At every turn there are people and systems of extraction that are in the business of taking the energy of that man. For instance, bus fares, parking tickets, VAT on everything, fuel for heating the home, for his car and so on. Energy extraction is the name of the game.

Such is the desperation of people to earn money to pay for food, clothing, shelter and so on, some will take any course that appears to provide it, often regardless of the consequences.

For instance, where one is staying right now, there is a low-key brothel being run next door.  The Romanian women who take part are being pimped out by their men in a money-making racket. State ‘credits’ come in the form of benefits for living costs and anything that can be pulled in on top of that is,well, fair game.


Let’s be clear: the vast majority of immigrants in the islands known as the Britain  are only here for economic reasons. Like pawns on an economic chess board, they have been manipulated into seeking jobs and/or wealth in countries foreign to them. They are not here because they have a deep love for the lands and the people.

A man who is truly indigenous to these lands has a love, a heartfelt connection to the land, his friends and neighbours and an ancestral heritage that roots him to the land of his birth.

This is not to be taken a nationalistic bullshit. For instance, as a youth RM was subjected to all manner of attempts to inculcate a love of country, a fictional region known as ‘England’, under the benign rule of a monarch who was there to protect his freedoms. These were attempts to create a false pride.

The truth, as it turned out, was that right from the start, he did indeed have love of his country and that, quite literally, this meant he was happiest in rural areas, the wilds far away from town and city. Thus, his love of his homeland was never jingoistic or fake. It was palpably there, in his friendships, his associations and his oneness with the natural environment of these islands off the coast of Europe. An immigrant to another’s land is highly unlikely to have such an affinity.

When in 1999, RM left his home to travel to India, he was drawn to the Himalaya mountains and he duly spent many months there. But, as wondrous as the mountains and other places he visited were,  home was not in the Himalaya, Nepal or India and he had to come back to the land of his birth.

The result of the socially-engineered mass economic migration into European countries and the genocidal practice that is multi-culturalism is that peoples are forced to live alongside others who not only operate within different moral, psychological and religious structures but also have no affinity with the land on which they stand.

To return to the issue of the Romanian immigrants who live round here ~ in the simplest of terms, they have a moral compass that is at odds with what most people in these lands would regard as appropriate or correct behaviour.  To them, pimping out females to pull in extra cash is merely an economic necessity – they see nothing wrong in it. (Mind you, the trafficking of children into paedophilia by the elites through agencies and indivduals in the UK would suggest that there are sick fucks at every level of so-called ‘society’)

It is not the first time RM has lived in such close proximity to a brothel. Back in the summer of 2006, at his previous stolen home, just a few streets away from where one sits now, a pair of crack-addicted whores took up residence in a house across the road. They were certainly open-minded in terms of the men they took back there – young, middle-aged or old, it mattered not as long as they had a few quid on them.The whores would solicit their services, not like the lawyers at the Magistrates Court, but rather on the public park before returning with the punter to the house. It was like living in the middle of Hogarth’s London, with the difference being that gin had been replaced with crack cocaine as the drug of solace for the prostitutes.

To me it was strange twilit world that recalled the image of Dante’s Inferno. A hell on earth? Possibly.

Yet, now, some 12 years on, it would appear that such a world is inhabited and frequented by those who feign to be ruling or controlling us, are themselves regularly engaging in prostitution, paedophilia, racketeering and murder. Politicians, priests of finance and phony religion, pop stars and footballers … the list goes on, just as the individuals spiral into a nether world of immorality.

This desperate state of the nation is no longer a twilight world – the bright glare of the truth and the tool for revealing it, the internet, means that the cesspit of phony controllers is now gushing over with revelation upon revelation.

We are in a time of great revealing – which is the real definition of apocalypse.

To return to the point about life providing the individual with valuable learning opportunities, it is self-evident that he who does not learn the lessons of history is destined to repeat them.

By way of example, let’s consider an example from RM’s family. His mother was brought up not to question authority. If a man in a white coat or with letters after his name and a posh accent told you something, it must be true.

When a visitor from the NHS examined her baby son, that woman lied to her when she said that the baby boy should be circumcised. His parents swallowed those lies without question. Within weeks their first born had been subjected to a without-anaesthetic cutting off of his foreskin, which represented some 25% of his manhood.

This caused, in the simplest of terms, neurological harm to that baby, harm that has taken him a lifetime to come to terms with; largely, it has to be said, because he was, until recently, ignorant of the effects of genital mutilation on the neurology of the individual.

It also destroyed the natural trust that would be expected to arise between parents and their offspring. One says parents because did the father also not have a duty to protect his son from harm?


The thing that sticks in the craw is that this is undoubtedly a Pharaohonic practice that belongs to those who exist in the fake confines of religion, be it Jew, Muslim or satanism.

To give up one’s mind and morality to a collectivist system of psychological and spiritual enslavement is anathema to RM, as is any control system that sucks in the individual and shits him out at the expense of the collective.

Are those parents guilty in some way? And, if so, what are they guilty of?

At best, they are guilty of  negligence: by failing to investigate the issues for themselves and relying upon the false information of the health worker who, for whatever reason, was operating in a fake Pharoahonic (Jewish) belief paradigm.

For further information on the extent of Pharoahs and their continued involvement in the genocide of mankind, the work of Sean Hross is recommended:

At worst, those parents are culpable in allowing acts of genocide to be perpetrated upon their own children. Throw on top of that the vaccinations and mercury fillings that they unquestioningly permitted without due investigation and we see the dangers of parental ignorance.

This is from a 1949 entry in the British Medical Journal on the history and practice of circumcision:


In Britain, while the practice of circumcision is widespread, there are rather different  reasons for its performance, and, though exact figures are  difficult to obtain, it would seem that more than half the  male members of the population are circumcised.

Many doctors have for long rebelled against the wholesale and  somewhat primitive lopping of the infant foreskin which goes  on in some out-patient departments and surgeries.

On these occasions the technique of the operation is  frequently deplorable ; sacrifice of skin is often too  generous, and attendant damage to the glans penis or fraenum  is not unknown.   If these criticisms are valid  then it may well be asked why large numbers of doctors permit and encourage a practice which so savours of the  barbaric.

Religious considerations apart, it is  not easy to find a rational argument for circumcision in most  cases, and the operation is more often performed because it is de rigueur in certain districts or a habit in some  families.” […]

[…] Dr. Douglas Gairdner’s valuable study, “The Fate of the  Foreskin,” which appears at page 1433 in this  issue, will, we believe, make many readers pause for  reflection.

Though medical opinion about  circumcision may be more conservative than it used to be, yet  even to-day the attitude of the profession in general to the  subject is too often based upon false ideas of the anatomy  and physiology of what is a useful cutaneous  appendage.

Of the value of the prepuce in the  first two or three years of life there is no doubt, for it  has an important function in covering and protecting the  glans penis.

Contrary to widespread belief,  non-retractability, a frequent finding, is not synonymous with phimosis.   There can be little medical  justification for routine circumcision of the infant, and the  operation is only occasionally necessary under the age of  3.

After this age operation is indicated for  cases of non-retractability with true phimosis and for those  with recurrent preputial inflammation or  paraphimosis.   Circumcision should be limited in  extent: the fraenal region must not be damaged, and  sufficient skin must be left to cover the very sensitive corona glandis […] .”


Circumcision came in with the immigrant Pharaohs and their Jewish counterparts and, like every aspect of their involvement in the life of the Briton, it spread like a parasite that came to infect the host’s mind and body.

Whether or not they admit it, what each parent is engaging in when they buy into the lies of those who say the child’s genitals need to be mutilated is a barbaric alien religious cult whose machinations have been take up by a psychotically run health service which, contrary to all its claims, is in fact more often than not engaging in genocide because, in reality, it is a satanic death cult.

Is it simply another version of the Blood Libel that is occurring right now? In other words, is the NHS infected with a virus which is manifesting in the criminal form of vaccinations, wide distribution of dangerous pharmaceuticals and mistreatments like chemotherapy? Is the NHS actually in the business of poisoning, neurologically damaging its patients whilst simultaneously pushing the quack remedies of ‘legal’ drug pushers known as Big Pharma?

One would be hard pushed to find evidence to the contrary.

The parasite lives off the host who is often unaware of its presence.

The gross negligence of those public servants in Rotherham to protect the young people of that town from predatory immigrant males whose levels of morality are directly at odds with the indigenous folks of these lands is a case in point and a lesson in how and why some groups of humanity will never successfully co-exist.  Every one has the right to associate with whomsoever they choose.

Association is always voluntary – it cannot be forced on people. When it is, then the eventual outcome will be certain: conflict.

This is the game that is being played out on the social engineering chess board.

However, we need to be clear about just who the victims are in the current malaise that afflicts man and that is everyone who is doing what they are doing out of real or imagined financial necessity or greed.

Ever since arriving on this planet, one has been subjected to the bullshit machinations of others. Those others have sought to cause me loss and harm. They have attempted to poison me indoctrinate me, tag me, bind me, cut me, rob me, rape me, fuck with my head, miseducated me, commit fraud against me, lie to me and cheat me in any way they could. That is not to exaggerate and many would say, so what – that’s just how it is on Planet Earth. ROGUE MALE

One has every right to be angry about these things… why wouldn’t one feel aggrieved at how he has been shafted?


Yes. Cheated before one was even out of nappies. And that goes for millions of others too…

One is constantly reminded that a lie can be half way round the planet whilst the truth is still getting out of bed. It may have taken 50 years for the truth to be revealed but now it is out.

Ultimately, it’s about trespass.

Trespass on the rights of the individual. A man is born. He has every right to live his life in his body as complete as it is.

This is how and why the issue of paedophilia is so dominant right now.  The abuse of children, in whatever form it takes, appalls any right-thinking individual.

That is also how and why the issue of vaccination of young children is also dominant now.

Medical science is a form of delusional madness from which few medical men ever recover. Backed by commercialism, this madness runs roughshod over the life and health of the people.”—Herbert M. Shelton, Ph.D., D.C., N.D.

It is also the case with any issue that involves people committing wrongs against others.

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that people have committed trespass on the rights of others and this has resulted in harm and loss.

To forgive is an act of kindness to one’s self: it means one is a survivor and not a victim.

This is not to say that all is well:

Forgiveness is not acceptance of wrong behavior. If you must continue to interact with someone who has wronged you, who has offered a lame apology only to follow it up with more bad behavior, nothing requires you to trust such a person. This person isn’t likely to ever be trustworthy — you must keep a distance. While it’s fruitless to torment yourself over this person’s actions, you should not be his or her willing victim. Acknowledge; move on.”

As a survivor, one forgives…

But one does not forget.

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