ANARCHY DEFINED. (Slide by Mark Passio)
ANARCHY DEFINED. (Slide by Mark Passio)

That assertion, dear reader, may cause one or two members of the Self Realisation Community, which operates through the vehicle known as Universal Community Trust (UCT) to spit out their breakfast toast as they realise the significance of the words.

It may also cause some degree of consternation in any one who has not yet awoken to the collectivist meme that he is falsely operating under.

And so it should, because any individual who is shocked or surprised by that statement has simply not been paying attention.


The RM is a founding trustee of the Self-Realisation Community and its vehicle, the Universal Community Trust, whose existence was declared in the City of Nottingham on 10 July 2010.

A free man is an anarchist. He acknowledges no leader. He is beyond government. No man tells him what to do, just as he tells no man what to do. Each and everyone of us was born onto this planet, free and clear of all encumbrances and attachments.


From the very moment of one’s arrival, there begins a system of bogus governance, designed to pin the man down. An image that coherently illustrates this is that of Gulliver, tied down by a series of pulleys, ties and wires, attached to him by the Lilliputian people who seek to control him.

When he wakes, this giant, simply pulls the barbed hooks from him and stands erect,  a free man under no one else’s control or governance.

As words are our spells and the English language, once mastered, can be a particularly deceptive tool for control (for those who would speak with forked tongue ~ which necessarily includes all phony practitioners of the legal profession who operate for and on behalf of the BAR which operates, for and on behalf of the Crown, which operates for and on behalf of the House of Rothschild et al ), one must begin with a little etymology: as the Mark Passio slide above demonstrates: anarchy simply means ‘without rulers’.

Get this: NO ONE is in charge !

Each and every man is free.

No rulers, potentates, controllers, generals, captains, bankers, politicians.

No appointed leaders. Only men who act freely and show, by example of their actions, how each and every one of us is FREE to do just what he wishes to do, providing no loss or harm is caused to any other.

Get that, and you get anarchy because a free man is an anarchist.

The term itself is much maligned and deliberately so by those whose real agenda is to ensnare the individual in a net of collectivisation which is nothing more and nothing less than GROUP THINK.


The creative force behind the founding of the Community of Self Realisation manifested itself in the form of my brother and close associate, Michael O’Bernicia.  It grew from a journey he began back in 2008-09 when, along with a small though significant number of other men, he came to the heartfelt and intellectual understanding that the so-called society in which we find ourselves is utterly fraudulent, based as it is on a tyrannical one thousand year construct of monarchical, financial and religious  feudalism.


The current and manifest system of control began with the Duke Guillaume (William the Bastard) who via a campaign of mass genocide, rape and pillage, came to declare the lands he and his mercenaries had stolen from the indigenous peoples of the British Isles were from henceforth the property of the “Crown”.

The current criminal incumbent of the throne is his 22nd Grand daughter, a woman known as Elizabeth, who presides over her ill-gotten realms from a position of increasing precariousness as Man awakens to a true understanding of how his manipulative ‘overlords’ came to be in their positions of fake power and how that has been consolidated down the years through a variety of psychological means.

In accord with Natural Law and the principle of taking action in the material world, Michael determined to remove himself from its artificial and immoral grip. He did that which any so-called citizen or ‘subject’ always has it in his power to do: he revoked his citizenship. One’s enslavement is one’s citizenship and it is wholly reliant upon a series of iniquitous and deceptive legal practices beginning with the Registration of his Birth. It is a simple action to take: by sending a declaration to the woman acting as ‘Sovereign’ ruler of the phony “United Kingdom”, one is longer subject to any form of external governance. Many others, of which RM is one, came to the same conclusions and took the same steps to jump the citizen-ship.

As a natural progression from this point of departure and, in the spirit of altruism, he, along with the RM and five other independently-minded souls, declared into existence the Self-Realisation Community and its lawful vehicle, the Universal Community Trust (UCT). The formal creation occurred in Nottingham on 10 July 2010.

The UCT exists wholly under Natural Law ~ those immutable laws of the universe which can be summarised in the expression, Every Man is Free to be as he so chooses, providing he causes no loss or harm to another. 

It was thus created and formed through the very precepts of anarchy

One is free: it is one’s own life, own body, own mind and one is the hero of his journey of individuation through his current incarnation on this planet.

This extraction of oneself from the system that may be termed the Matrix is, as can be appreciated, a somewhat arduous process, given the pernicious nature of the artificial ‘legal’ constructs that have been constructed around Man.  This site itself is testimony to one man’s struggles, tribulations and triumphs as he went (and continues) along his own journey of individuation.

When one declared himself a Free Man on the Land, one was making a bold assertion and one which many infected with Statist doctrine seem unable, even to this day some 5 years later, to truly appreciate: it was a necessary step to distinguish between man’s divine right to live free of all external and bogus systems of a deceptive control, based on a plethora of ‘ecclesiastical’, ‘law merchant’ and ‘admiralty’ artificial constructs.

The rise of UCT can be viewed here. There is a subtlety about the UCT and what it has become that many have overlooked and/or  failed to appreciate: whilst all power lies within the indvidual, when one enters into voluntary associations with other like-minded men, then that power is strengthened immeasurably.

For instance, RM has heard some foolish people falsely claim that Michael is seeking to be a king or a ruler of other men and that he has created the UCT for his own self-seeking ends. What those fools fail to grasp is that a man who is on the path of self-realisation is one who is an anarchist: he has no truck with rulers, with any desire to control others and, being one who resists all who would attempt to control him in any way, understands that no man has any right to control another. This is not to say that he does not lead by example: the steps he has taken in pursuit of his own self-realisation have inspired many to step into their own self-empowerment and shake themselves free of those chains of tyranny which inhibit their every move. The only leaders worthy of our attention are those who lead by example.

For sure, he talks the talk but, most importantly, he walks the walk.  The self-realisation community consists of sovereign communities of individuals ~ groups of individuals who have voluntarily come together in order to step away from those who would trespass on the rights of the individual.

To be absolutely clear on this point:  the UCT is a voluntary anarchist association, in the real sense of the expression.  RM, being a willfull individual, would not be writing these words if it were anything less than that. Thus it is a non-aggressive and voluntary anarchist association of free men.


The journey of self-individuation is a lifetime’s work. For many,  it will commence in their 40’s, if they choose to do anything about it, that is.

Most, sadly, by that time due to all manner of nutritional, biological, psychological and financial assaults on the man, may simply be unable to lift themselves from the fugue of their condition.  This fugue has been engineered. It is not man’s natural state. Poisonous vaccinations, mercury tooth fillings, traumas caused by circumcision, by unwitting parental acceptance of the fake claims of a medical INDUSTRY that has been subsumed by a cancerous MONEY system of control, by an oppressive (mis)education system built on lies and deceptions, render the individual prone to apathy and illness, a creeping and debilitating sense of powerlessness, which has been artificially planted and disseminated throughout that which passes for ‘society’.

A natural life (as opposed to the artifice of the Matrix, whereby we live in grid-locked constructs that are virtual circuit boards of constriction) is one of growth cycles, of ever widening expansions of consciousness and mushroom-like growth spurts of expanding wisdom, as the individual comes to his own unique realisations of why he is here on planet earth, his role(s) in the material world, the wonderment of nature and why any of it MATTERS.

In his truly natural state, in harmony with Nature, Man would live way beyond his current age limits ~ as demonstrated by our ancestors’ longevity and indeed the lives of those who live in the purer environs of places like the Hunza peoples of the Himalaya.

The pursuit of happiness, the continual learning and the freedom to be all that he may be, is the birthright of every soul that manifests on this planet in the form of Man. The expression Namaste is a poetic and manifest acknowledgement of that fact: one bows to the divine in one because one acknowledges it in oneself.

This journey is both linear and fractal ~ it can be viewed as a path and it can be viewed as a spiraling vortex of winding revolution, twisting and spinning through time and space in the same way the earth journeys through the cosmos. Thus the individual is a harmonious manifestation of the planet beneath his feet and the cosmos above him.

However, such is the nature of the Matrix (any and all control systems) that the individual man finds himself in, the means by which he is artificially oppressed (again, the circuit board analogy holds up as an image of its nefarious manifestation),  his life is a difficult and at times oppressive struggle. This is because, whoever one is, wherever one might be, under all the layers of psychological deception, mind games and fear, Man longs for freedom because that is his natural state. In other words, he is, by his very nature,  a sovereign and autonomous individual. He is an anarchist.


Everyone loves a rebel because every one is a rebel himself: SOVEREIGNTY is one’s natural condition of being. One is not here to obey orders or to issue them to others.

Consider for a moment, if one will,  that statement and then reflect upon the archetypes and the characters (real and/or fictional) with whom one identifies. In RM’s case it was (without limitation, and in no particular order) Robin Hood, Arthur of the Britons, Alf Tupper, Frank Worthington, Jesus, John Lydon,  Tarzan, the Buddha, Captain Kirk, the Hulk, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Bob Marley. Whether or not these figures actually existed in the ways one imagines (some of them are cartoon figures!), is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the wired-in nature of the mind to seek a hero outside oneself. The journey of self-realisation, or more simply put, becoming increasingly aware of who and what one is, leads one, if it is genuine, to the gnosis that the hero lies within the individual: in one’s life, one is one’s own hero. The fact that so many believe that the hero lies externally from his self, does not, however, make that true.

In this sense, man has to grow beyond by working through his childlike predilection to identify with the external manifestation of the boy-man’s emotional dependency upon the fake hero outside himself. This is a form of psychological immaturity, an impasse if one likes, that he necessarily must come to know and understand in order that he can drop it and step into his own internal power.

Yet this stage of hero-identification may not be long-lasting and the journey in, through and out of that misperception, will naturally lead to further liberation for the individual. Thus, whether fictional or ‘real’, it matters not for one is dealing here with archetypes, with those whom one resonated with. The unifying thread that runs through each on that list was and is their rebellious nature and the fact they took no shit and gave out only that which their would-be oppressors deserved.

None of these men/archetypes are in any sense unhinged or out-of-control. IN fact, one may regard them as holy (wholly) men, complete in the knowing wisdom and surety of their existence as individual men. And it is precisely that state which resonates with RM’s being. The archetype can thus be used as a sign post along the journey of the individual through the manifest material realm he finds himself in.


First and foremost, we are Men. Hu-man means ‘colour of man’. Is one really a hu-man? Or is that term, like so many contained with the ‘English’ language, ambivalent and deliberately misleading? Some may say it’s only a matter of semantics, that it does not matter because we are what we are, regardless of the terms we use. That is true only up to a point.

The issue of Hu-man rights is thus something of a red herring. This is because, as Man, one is born under NATURAL LAW which self-evidently means one operates under its immutable qualities and one is FREE because that is RIGHT. ‘Hu-man rights’ are colourable law in so far as one’s rights are not and can never be granted by others. Rather, Man has free will, freedom to live as he chooses, to travel, to think, to grow, to self-realise.

Does a babbling brook of pure water need to be controlled?

Why don’t birds have mortgages on their nests?

Does not a tree grow in accord with by and through its nature?

Does fire not burn in accordance with its nature?

Does a leopard not run freely in its natural environment?

Is not a worm or a cockroach a wholly natural being, subject only to the ‘rules’ of nature?

Is a flying fish subject to any other force other than nature?

These modes of natural existence are not granted by others: they exist inherently in and of themselves. And thus, being naturallly occurring, all things exist under Creation which is, self-evidently, the supreme guiding force throughout the cosmos.

When one considers the myriad methods of Man-made control and the part the grid of language plays in the manipulation of others and in one’s own thoughts, one sees that language is indeed hugely significant.

Without being able to understand the etymology of the words we use and how they can both liberate and oppress the individual, one is vulnerable. Vulnerable, that is, to the psychological manipulations of others, of parasites who would seek to control and dominate and bully us into positions whereby they can gain advantage over us and steal not only our wealth but also our hearts and minds. And that is no exaggeration.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 12.56.54The attentive reader will know that our phucked up world is phucked up because of the mind games and the greed of those who would control man. These individuals, whether they operate in finance, the legal system, religion, politics, the media, medicine or ‘industry’ form the control grid. This control grid is also known as GOVERNMENT and it is nothing less than a form of religious belief, in that it BINDS the individual by way of his blind faith in the (imaginary) good of those public servants who are operating in his best interests.

To some, those individuals are in breach of a trust and it is simply a matter of fixing the system in order that it may operate more fairly and to everyone’s benefit. One man who believes this to be so is Brian Gerrish, who fronts an organisation with a deliberately ambiguous name, UK Column.* 

When Brian and others call for the fictional government to issue the ‘Bradbury Pound’, he is revealing himself to be a statist: a man who erroneously believes and/or promotes the belief in external government (control) of others.


Given the very function of GOVERNMENT is to oppress and enslave man by means of MIND CONTROL, it is a deluded stance. A statist is someone who believes in the legitmacy of others telling others what to do because they know what is best for THEM, not individually, but as a collective. He believes that if others do not obey those commands, then the use of violence and imprisonment is valid because that is the modus operandi of government.

The call for the fake government to reinstate the BRADBURY POUND is the equivalent of asking the wolf if he would be so kind as to look after the interests of a flock of lambs.

It is classic statism in so far as it utterly fails to consider the notion that individuals, in voluntary association with each other, develop their own forms of currency, not in order to further enslave mankind to the hidden kleptocracy of child-fucking-coked-up-satanic-psychotic-banksters, but to be voluntarily able to step away from all fake forms of external governance. The anarchic rise of BITCOIN (no central control) & other crypto-currencies is serving to hasten the demise of global banking and the associated spectre of taxation since it moves the individual’s dependency on the fiat currency/phony promises to pay away from the controllers.


The more individuals who become aware of the power of creating their own currencies engage in it, the weaker the private-pretend-public-banks become. The beast is slowly starved. Ultimately, money will vanish to become a distant relic of a darker age that man passed through. Money is the resistor in the circuit board of currency, take out the resistor and the flow of energy will be as a mountain stream, spiralling whence it may, undiminished and free of the grip of the banksters-issued money.


Fuck the State, Fuck the Crown, Fuck the Rothschilds, Fuck the System.

Go Beyond, Way Way Beyond the Fake.

In the period of 1976-77, Johnny ‘Rotten’ (Lydon), the punk poet of his generation, in a big fuck off to the hippies, the Queen and all forms of the status quo, expressed his stance in a way that resonated with all the lads in RM’s class at the state institution of Dumbing Down where he was systematically subjected to overt and covert acts of miseducation: it is the spirit rather than the content of the song that sings to us of rebellion and freedom from all that is phony. Nevertheless, these words in particular, as written by the 20 year old Johnny Rotten do have a certain prophetical quality about them:

Anarchy for the U.K.
It’s coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line.
Your future dream is a shopping scheme

Cause I want to be anarchy”

FREEDOM IS ANARCHY. (Jamie Reid, artist)
FREEDOM IS ANARCHY. (Jamie Reid, artist)

By his own admission that young man did not have the full facts of the matter at his disposal, yet there was an intuitive knowledge that it all began and ended with the Crown and the current usurper of the fake throne of redundant ‘royalty’. The song, “God Save the Queen” was released to coincide with the fake celebration known as the 1977 Jubilee.

The art work of the Sex Pistols was created by Jamie Reid (left) and its release was a seismic threat to the controllers in so far as it was the artistic equivalent of  a psilocybin cloud being simultaneously let off in the midst of the Treasury, the Cabinet Office and Buckingham Palace.  It rattled their neurons to the maximum and flooded them with dread.


This is the power of the creative artist, and by his very nature such a man is a born anarchist (as are we all, one might conclude). The memes of control infect man’s consciousness in ways that are often unpredictable simply because the man is the consummate creative genius, a creation of the divine, an infinite essence of the ineffable.

Resourceful, creative, ever-changing, the real man cannot be controlled because his nature is uncontrollable.

This is why such massive expense and energy is used to dumb him down, control him and cut him off from nature. His trust in his divinity is manipulated and he allows it because he trusts in himself and this knowledge of his own innate ability to create good in the world is taken to be in each and every other man.

This, however, is an illusion ~ at least on this planet ~ because he does not realise, in fact he can barely grasp, the truth that there are groups of other men on earth who are infected by a parasitic dis-ease which may well be called PSYCHOPATHY. This disease means that there are men amongst us who will lie, cheat and steal in order to satiate their insane appetites for material wealth and control of others. If one is not aware of this, and one has been brainwashed to believe that ‘we are all in this together’, and it’s all some how for the ‘COMMON GOOD of all’, that ‘TRICKLE DOWN wealth’ is the natural order of things, then one is open to attack, impotent to defend oneself and inacapable of action.

The religious belief in the state inculcates the individual into a collectivist mind set,  whereby he has blind faith in the NATURAL ORDER of things. Some men, even to this day, carry around the erroneous belief in the DIVINE right of the Pope, that the Queen is on the throne as a result of GOD’S WILL and that all will be well if the people simply insist on their rulers acting as servants.

Such individuals have fallen hook line and sinker for the lies and deceptions of the state, a state which is nothing more and nothing less than a CULT, whereby the subjects are required to have BLIND FAITH and TRUST in that which is designed to oppress them.

Of course, this is a most grim state of affairs but only until one awakens to the fact that when the individual can become intellectually equipped with the real MONEY which is KNOWLEDGE he has the ability to fend off those who would seek to rob, cajole, infect and govern him by means of language manipulation, phony laws, pretend religion and fraudulent financial mechanisms.

The solution is EDUCATION from which the auto-didactic individual becomes equipped with the tools or weapons of self defence which can be deployed against all who would seek to attack him via the mind games, aka mass psychological control.

The antidote is ANARCHY and the most potent form of organised anarchy right now, in RM’s humble view, lies in the voluntary association of anarchists known as UCT.

One is free to join.


1. *Column: Latin columna ‘pillar.’

It comes as no surprise then that a column is a pillar which supports. The connotations of the name are there for all to see ~ it represents a pillar in support of the fake “United Kingdom”.

Interestingly too, it has military associations ~ “one or more lines of people or vehicles moving in the same direction : a column of tanks moved northwest | we walked in a column.• Military a narrow-fronted deep formation of troops in successive lines.)

2. Larken Rose

3. Gnostic Media

4. Red Ice Creations & Radio 314

5. Mark Passio

6. No State Project



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