Thought for the day: End #TGBMS & free the People from debt slavery.


Make no mistake, when a small group of determined individuals stand up to tyranny, there is an effect.

8 years ago, I took on the might of the Rothschild Banking Monopoly by making a counter claim in Nottingham County Court against the Bradford and Bingley who had begun false possession proceedings against my home of 15 years:



That counter claim was grounded on 4 basic principles:

  1. There was no valid contract, signed by all parties.
  2. The bank could not prove a loan had taken place and that I had not funded the purchase via the ‘promise to pay’, made by way of the (void) mortgage deed.
  3. There was no full disclosure at the time of the alleged agreement as to how the alleged ‘loan’ was created.
  4. There was no consideration from the bank; which voided the purported agreement.

Each of the above elements form the basis of the multi-levelled  Great British Mortgage Swindle. The battle for my home raged on for some 16 months and was falsely termed by Richard Inglis, the then circuit judge at Nottingham,  as “scandalous”, when the real scandal is the very existence of The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

It is no exaggeration to state that the resistance was a source of inspiration to others and that the resulting groundswell of support rose to a magnificent level when hundreds of people turned up on July 23, 2014 and January 23, 2015 in support of the Crawford Family who were similarly defrauded by the same bank:


As we know, the only way the Crawfords were defeated was the same way I was – the police, the courts and the bank colluded in what was termed ‘Operation Hooper’ that only succeeded because of deception and criminality.

8 years on from when I stepped into court to defend my home against the false possession claim,  and one can see the effect of such resistance: mortgage repossessions are manifestly down. People are going into the courts and challenging the false possession claims against their homes to the point where:

“The Ministry of Justice has released data (which) shows that the number of annual mortgage repossessions enforced by the courts fell from around 25,000 to under 5,000, during the six year production period of TGBMS, a film which chronicles the struggles of the very people who made that happen.”  source

Quite rightly, much is made about the decline in British standards of living. Much is made about ‘austerity’. Much is made about the lack of jobs. Much is made about the fact that many young people cannot afford to buy their own homes.

The solution? Demolish the mortgage system. Cage the bankers responsible. And, thus,  free the people from having to pay extortion moneys to keep a roof over their heads.

To do so would result in the people being free. Free to be creative. Free to spend more money in the local and national economy, thereby providing the country with a massive boost to its productivity.

If that sounds over-simplified, then so be it. The fact is, people are living under a yoke of fake debt. Everyone, no matter where they may dwell is living in a condition of hyper-inflation, whereby housing costs (rent or mortgage) have increased exponentially over our life times, a fact which is hidden from all the ‘cost of living’ statistics. By way of illustration, when RM was a student in the mid-eighties, a ‘studio’ or bedsit could be rented for between £12 and £18 per week. The same would now be at least £100 per week. As ever, the only ones who benefit from such an iniquitous state of affairs are those who operate as bankers and a control system which seeks to subjugate the people.

How many will it take? As many as is necessary. Each day more and more wake up to the tyranny. For those who feel the task is hopeless, let us remember: never underestimate the power of a determined few to bring about change.


Acknowledgements: as ever, David R, for his continued support, which is greatly appreciated.

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One thought on “Thought for the day: End #TGBMS & free the People from debt slavery.

  1. Anna von Reitz: 6:29 PM (21 hours ago): to me

    Neil– down to the wire here. It appears that their plan was to bankrupt the entire world, convert the whole planet into a giant workhouse/ plantation under the administration of bankruptcy “trustees” and have their way with us all.

    I put a stick in their gears by making and official claim in behalf of the missing Americans, but it now becomes of crucial importance for us to dig up the actual proper land jurisdiction name of each country as it was PRIOR to all this corporate crud.

    Can you help with England, v Great Britain v UK?

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