On Saturday, 11 October 2014, a Grand Jury consisting of indigenous men and women from across the lands known as the Isles of Britain was convened in the city known as Nottingham.

The last Grand Jury that sat in these lands was August 29, 1933, at the London Court of Sessions.

Those Sovereign men and women came together, for and on behalf of the indigenous peoples of these lands,  in order to determine whether the Administration of Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1933, was equitable and/or lawful.

The Grand Jury heard the presentment and examined the facts. It reached a lawful determination of the facts and duly delivered two declarations:

Firstly, the act abolishing the grand jury is declared void ab initio on the basis that no government ever had the right to do such a thing because Grand Juries were formed for the very purpose of overturning miscarriages of justice by government institutions and individuals. As such, the abolition was a breach of natural law as well as various international declarations on the unalienable rights of indigenous peoples.

Secondly, the Grand Jury declares that every act purporting to transfer the sovereignty of the peoples of the isles of Britain is unlawful, treasonous and void ab initio on the grounds that to do so is to fundamentally breach the rules of the English Constitution as well as the Common Law of the peoples of the lands of the British Isles which guarantees that sovereignty cannot be breached

Thus it came to pass that on Saturday 11th October 2014, an ancient and fundamental right of the natural peoples was re-established: namely, the right of the peoples of these lands to form a Grand Jury as and whenever necessary to take to task any and all institutions of state and/or individuals who have attempted to usurp the Common (Natural) Law as enshrined by the Laws of Molmutius.

"British spirit and freedom are wholly of native British origin, and out of Britain they are imitations or fallacies, not realities."
“British spirit and freedom are wholly of native British origin, and out of Britain they are imitations or fallacies, not realities.” LORD FORTESCUE




It thus follows that as of 11 October 2014, there now exists a lawful objection to any and all traitorous attempts to impose the fake hegemony of the European Union and its continental legal system on the peoples of these lands.




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