The reader is reminded that, as usual, the following is based on the RM’s first hand experience of what laughingly passes for the ‘British Justice System’.

As a precursor to this recent episode which covers RM’s latest escapade with the judiciary, it came to his attention that what had transpired, and what continues to transpire to thousands of others across these lands on a daily basis is, at least in part, a result of the rise of a Earth-wide network of controls which flow directly from false New Age teachings, Theosophy, Aristocracy, fake ‘Psy-ence’, the Crown House of Rothschild controlled monetary despotism, Fabianism, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberger group, the United Nations, the ‘Green’ movement, International Socialism, Communism, the Vatican, and any and all associated agencies who promote smart-grid technologies and ‘sustainability’. The various factions at play are numerous and, inevitably, one will have missed out some but they can each be united under the heading, ‘Technocracy’.


Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, the excellent researcher whose work goes back over 40 years, describes it thus:


“In the heat of the Great Depression during the 1930s, prominent scientists and engineers proposed a utopian energy-based economic system called Technocracy that would be run by those same scientists and engineers instead of elected politicians. Although this radical movement lost momentum by 1940, it regained status when it was conceptually adopted by the elitist Trilateral Commission (co-founded by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller) in 1973 to be become its so-called “New International Economic Order.”

The modern expression of Technocracy and the New International Economic Order is clearly seen in programs such as Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Councils of Governments, Smart Growth, Smart Grid, Total Awareness surveillance initiatives and more.

Wood contends that the only logical outcome of Technocracy is Scientific Dictatorship, as already seen in dystopian literature such as Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1932) and Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (1948), “both of whom looked straight into the face of Technocracy when it was still in its infancy.” SOURCE

Whilst evidence of this rise in technocracy is all around us, for it permeates every public institution, it is especially blatant when one is dealing with any aspect of the so-called ‘Legal System’ whose underlings are so brainwashed by notions of fake authority, they have given over all individual autonomy and blindly follow the orders they are given.

FALSE ARREST: Newcastle Airport, c. 22:20, 19 May, 2015.

Having arrived on a return flight from Nice in France, RM cleared passport control, having used his renewed ‘British’ passport which was recently issued in his family name.

As he approached the carousel to collect his luggage, a pair of day-glow-waist-coated cops stepped into his path. The male cop addressed him by his first name and suggested they step into a side room.

It turned out that the pair were there to exercise a ‘warrant’ for the arrest of the RM allegedly issued in 2011, when he allegedly failed to attend a Magistrates Court over an incident that can be read about here.

RM: “Where is the warrant?”
Male Cop (MC) “It’s at the station.”
RM: “What? Who is the judge or magistrate who signed it?”
RM: “If there is a lawful warrant out for my arrest, I need to see it. Some one needs to have signed it. I want to know the name of the man that is seeking to deprive me of my liberty. Otherwise, I’m informing you that this is an unlawful arrest.”
MC: “We don’t need to have it. It’s on the police national computer.”
RM: “That’s not satisfactory. I know nothing about this. No notice has been served on me, no correspondence has been received, nothing.”

What had catapulted RM into this shadowy world of kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment?


There are some who would argue, seemingly quite reasonably, that the only way to truly free oneself of the multiple tyrannies of state-corporate control is to drop the name as it used by a system of enslavement that is designed to bind the individual into a condition of servitude by way of his ignorance about who and what he is. And yet, the fact is the name was given him, free and clear of all encumbrances, by his parents before the birth was recorded and registered, without full disclosure as to its legal and financial ramifications by the ‘informant’ (his father).

The argument goes that the state effectively owns the name because it has been copyrighted for the benefit of those aristocratic scoundrels, liars and parasites who deceptively use various accounts created in the name of the individual (HMCTS, HMRC, Customs and Excise, National Insurance, bank accounts, social security accounts, DVLA  et al) and that the deception is backed up by the use of violence against any individual who refuses to go along with the false pretense that he is his name and that he consents to being used as surety for that name and all accounts associated with it.

CAGEDIf he doesn’t do as he is told, if he refuses to consent then the well-oiled extortion practices of the fake state begin to turn. A bogus warrant for his arrest is issued. When they locate him, he is – and let’s be clear about this because without the uniform, if any man subjected another to it, it is nothing less than another man kidnapping, often assaulting, placing in the chains/handcuffs and then falsely imprisoning him in a cage like a mistreated animal.

RM has been through this extortion process before and, to put it mildly, it irritates the fuck out him.
Now, it is also true to say that until the renewal of his passport, RM had only been using the given family name occasionally. Remember, a name is only a signifier: it can never be the flesh and blood ‘I’. The individual has been programmed from an early age to believe the lie that he is his name. In any event, is it not the case that his name was given him by his parents, that no one ‘owns’ it, even though many state-corporate entities fraudulently use it without his informed consent? Is it not also the case that the individual is exactly who he says he is?


Schools play a huge part in this brainwashing: significantly by the process of ‘registration’ whereby the child has to answer to his name being read out happens many times a day for the entire duration of his time in whatever institution of miseducation he is incarcerated in.

When or if the individual comes to the realisation that he is not his name, then he begins to awaken to the deception that has been played on him.

Often, as a way of removing himself from the extortion rackets that are associated with his given name, the individual may stop using the name or change it.

Remember, a name is simply a noun or name word which signifies an individual, object or thing. The manipulation of the man into fake debts by the white collar fraudsters who oversee the banking cartels, is well-documented elsewhere but depends in its entirety on that man remaining nescient of the various accounting and/or ‘legal’ practices that operate to keep him locked in a closed system of what has been termed ‘The magnificent deception’.

Thus, the individual is locked into a virtual game of Monopoly in which he falsely believes himself to be the token that moves around the board of his own free will, that all fake debts are to be paid and that if he fails to play the role, he will be soon bankrupted and occasionally imprisoned for not having enough of the fake ‘money’ to buy himself out of the trap he finds himself in.


The insanity of this is that the individual is forcibly kidnapped by a duped constable who is unwittingly committing fraud by simultaneously working as a policy enforcement officer, someone who attempts to impose by way of threats and intimidation a plethora of erroneous statutes on the individual. And all, lest we forget, without a lawful warrant which may be defined thus,

… the term warrant refers to a specific type of authorisation; a writ issued by a competent officer, usually a judge or magistrate, which permits an otherwise illegal act that would violate individual rights and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.” SOURCE

Therein, of course, lies the reason that it must be signed by a judge: if there is no valid warrant, then the actions of the constable are illegal and the individual man may be liable for any and all costs incurred. In other words, someone has to be prepared to carry the can in the event there is a serious fuck up.

These principles still apply under the Common Law of these lands and anyone who attempts to suggest otherwise is wrong:

Statute the Fifth (1351): IV “None shall be taken upon Suggestion without lawful Presentment; nor disenfranchised, but by course of law.”

WARRANT, crim. law, Practice. A writ issued by a justice of the peace or other authorised officer, directed to a constable or other proper person, requiring him to arrest a person therein named, charged with committing some offence, and to bring him before that or some other justice of the peace.

2. It should regularly be made under the hand and seal of the justice and dated. No warrant ought to be issued except upon the oath or affirmation of a witness charging the defendant with, the offence. 3 Binn. Rep. 88.” SOURCE: BOUVIERS LAW DICTIONARY

When one is snatched like this, if the constable cannot provide a warrant that has been signed, then the lawful presumption is that it does not exist and that the arrest is unlawful. Fake warrants are routinely and fraudulently used across these lands: warrants for eviction, warrants for distraint of goods, arrest warrants and even ‘warrants’ for spying on people’s private communications.

RM does not state this as conjecture or theory: on each of the following occasions he has experienced loss and harm at the hands of men who have used fake warrants in order to steal from him his liberty and/or personal property, kidnap him and lock him in a cage.


The widespread abuse of the warrant system even extends as far as GCHQ who have to apply for what is known as ‘reverse engineering warrant’ they claim allows them to unravel the “commercial products” of the target they are spying on. In fact, it appears that GCHQ’s ‘hacking squad’ are somewhat concerned over this issue as it appears they may be liable for copyright violation:

GCHQ obtained its warrant under section 5 of the 1994 Intelligence Services Act, which covers interference with property and “wireless telegraphy” by the Security Service (MI5), Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and GCHQ. Section 5 of the ISA does not mention interference in intellectual property, which the intelligence agency believed was necessary to reverse engineer software, but a top-secret memo states that the intelligence services commissioner approved such use in 2005.

Previously published news accounts have shown that the intelligence services commissioner works only part-time, and as of last year, had a staff of one. It was the ISC who approved the stretching of the Intelligence Services Act section 5 for use in GCHQ’s software reverse engineering warrant. The ISC is also responsible for “independent external oversight” of the intelligence community. The current ISC, Sir Mark Waller, told the House of Commons’ Home Affairs Committee that in 2012 he saw approximately 6 percent of more than 2,800 total warrants, with the percentage rising to roughly 12 percent the following year.” SOURCE

In RM’s first hand experience, each of the warrants used against him was void for want of due process: none had a judicial signature and/or court seal:

1. February 26th 2010Notts police aided and abetted Scottish Power to break into RM’s house and fit ‘pre-pay’ meters whilst he was kidnapped and falsely imprisoned for 24 hours. Subsequent to this, said police offered a derisory £1000 by way of admission of the crimes when it was proven that not only was the warrant unsigned by a recognisable judge but it had expired the day previous to its unlawful execution.
2. Summer 2010 – 04 November, 2010 – when David Caress, a criminal bailiff, stole his home of 16 years, he was aided and abetted by Notts Police who falsely arrested, kidnapped and incarcerated RM for 9 hours whilst the criminals working for HM Treasury’s asset-grabbing vehicle, UKAR violently robbed him of his home of 16 years. In fact, this is the remit of said government agency which continues to ‘wind down’ the void mortgage books of the Bradford and Bingley and Northern Rock, under the aegis of Richard Pym, the former CEO of the nationalised bank.

3. 07 November, 2011 – RM was evicted from a friend’s home where he was living when Richard Inglis, a man acting as judge at Nottingham County Court, instructed, over the phone, that the inspector and his ‘riot squad’ use unlawful force to batter down a gate and crow bar their way into the home in order to steal it for and on behalf of a disreputable company called ‘Kensington Mortgages’. In this case, the police were brazen/stupid enough to carry out the crime without any kind of warrant. A week previously, the warrant for possession of the house – which showed that nothing was owed – had been extinguished when the only amount that could possibly be owing on the warrant, a £110 fee, had been settled when it was paid in full across the counter at the court.


When the receipt (see below) proving the settlement of the warrant was shown to the man acting as Inspector, he ignored the evidence of his eyes and, rather than instruct the bailiffs to leave, he took their side and aided and abetted them in the violent theft of the home. In fact, without the criminal assistance of the police’s ‘riot squad’, it is plain to state that no theft would have taken place.



4. 19 May, 2015 – RM was arrested by way of a warrant (allegedly dated August, 2011) that he was never shown. There being no due process (he had received no notice of any such threat of arrest) and no paper warrant with a signature of a ‘qualified authority’ that the police could produce, the arrest, kidnap, trafficking and false imprisonment that followed, were entirely unlawful.

Others mistakenly believe in the fake realities of this game so deeply that they erroneously believe the controllers (in various positions of fake ‘power’) can grant them the right to use violence, intimidation, threats and all manner of coercive tactics like kidnapping, false imprisonment and a fake administrative court system overseen by duped clerks and magistrates in order to extort moneys from the individual.

It is a rigged game of extortion: a monstrous circus of multi-levelled fraud that depends entirely on the continued false belief in the legitimacy of the state. Those who fail to grasp the truth that the State is without any power over the individual may be deemed followers of a fake religion know as Statism by which the individual has a false belief in the legitimacy of ‘Government’.

The utter immorality and unlawfulness of those who advocate the legitimacy of state-sponsored violence is demonstrated by the fact that the individual is subject to natural law only:

Children learn the fundamental principles of natural law at a very early age. Thus they very early understand that one child must not, without just cause, strike or otherwise hurt, another; that one child must not assume any arbitrary control or domination over another; that one child must not, either by force, deceit, or stealth, obtain possession of anything that belongs to another…” SOURCE

Worse too, and without question, these statists swallow and perpetuate the lie that there exists such a thing as ‘democracy’ – when, in fact, all it means is that a minority called the ‘elected’ are able to dictate to all just how to live their lives, which regulations they should follow and that if they don’t obey and pay, then violence can be used against them and they will be locked in a cage.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 16.31.38

In this sense, someone who ‘voted’ for the Camoron Aristo-kleptocracy party, aka the Conservative Party, has sanctioned the use of violence and incarceration in cages against anyone who disagrees with the ‘majority’ party and/or refuses to pay under the terms of any and all de facto extortion rackets that operate [DVLA, Council Tax etc etc].

The Camoron Aristo-kleptocracy cabinet.
The Camoron Aristo-kleptocracy cabinet.

Caging any kind of mammal causes it distress. Little wonder that the levels of police brutality that are associated with the caging of one’s fellow men often lead to deaths in police custody:

The last time a police officer was successfully prosecuted for the death of somebody in custody was in 1969, when the two Leeds Police officers responsible for the death of David Oluwale, the first black man to die in police custody in the UK, were found guilty of assault and sentenced to a mere few months in prison. There have been over 1,000 further deaths in custody since. However there has not been a single successful prosecution against any police officer involved in these deaths – despite several verdicts of unlawful killing, most recently in the case of Azelle Rodney.” SOURCE

GEO PRISON VANAfter a night in one of the cages at Newcastle Central Nick, RM was transported like an animal in the back of a prison van to a magistrates court in a town further south by a private American company called GEO Amey  – the vans they use (left) are effectively cattle trucks, with no cushioned seats and individual cells wherein the prisoner is locked (one can readily imagine what would happen in the event there was a serious road accident).

Upon his arrival, he was locked up in another cage in a dungeon under the magistrates court.

Being somewhat bored and interested in what he might have to say, RM decided to talk with the duty solicitor – not ideal but it is a fact that one cannot adequately address a magistrates court from behind a bullet proof glass screen, which has only a two inch gap in it. Handcuffed to the dungeon masters, the presumption is that the man is guilty – otherwise, why would he be caged, handcuffed and behind bullet-proof glass if he were deemed innocent?

RM is no longer prepared to give the system so much as the steam off his piss. Sitting in a cage is not his thing. In this situation, expediency was utmost in his intentions – he wanted out and away from this well-oiled extortion process. After all, is it not the case that one can best fight back against the system from a position of relative freedom than from a cage?

The solicitor, always mindful of his duties to the court, informed RM that he could be facing a judicial sentence of up to 2 weeks for failing to attend a summons to the court allegedly issued back in the summer of 2011 when his de-registered automobile was stolen by a man called Cant, dressed in the garb of a highway robber/traffic cop under the false pretence that RM had failed to provide him with his name, date of birth and proof of insurance, amongst other items. [LINK LICENSING SCAM]

Yet, there was no evidence that the RM had even received the summons – nothing had been signed by him [this remains a valid point: if one is ever kidnapped and caged like this, the individual may refuse to sign any and all documentation that is pushed his way by his kidnappers/jailers on the basis that it is unlawful], therefore there was no proof that he had been served. And there was certainly no proof that he had received any notification that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.


When he was eventually taken up to the dock, late that afternoon, the 3 magistrates went through the appearance of deliberating the matter and, in contradiction of the facts, ruled that RM’s person should pay a £195 for the charge at the rate of £5 per week and that he submit his commercial licence to the DVLA for them to add 8 points to it, even though they had been informed that the licence was rescinded over 4 years ago.

It was, as is most often the case in these fake theatres of aggressive baloney, a railroading. However, given the fact that it is well-established that time does not run on a void order and there is a compelling argument that RM thought this was dead and buried and therefore that it been discharged, its validity remains open to challenge. The de facto Court cannot prove it was served and therefore the police had no right to arrest the RM. Another damning aspect is that the coppers claimed they had no discretion to let him go, which was confirmed by both the arresting constable and the desk sergeant at Newcastle nick.

As such, the entire pantomime proceedings were incurably void on the basis that due process of the law had not been followed. In which case, the clerk to the court has the inherent jurisdiction to set it aside.

There are other factors too, not the least of which is how many fronts does RM have the resources and time to battle on? The expediency argument would be to pay up under protest and duress and then there are no further issues attached to the name and therefore, no chance of him being kidnapped and caged again in the event he has to use his passport when passing in and out of the land of his birth, whose borders are monopolised by a fake Crown and associated State.

On the other hand, why on earth would anyone pay any moneys that are being falsely claimed via the void workings of an illegal administrative court that self-evidently has engaged in an abuse of process in order to deliberately extort moneys from him?

Then, of course, there is the offence of human trafficking to consider. At which point did RM enter into any kind of contractual arrangement with GeoAmey? Was he not transported from Newcastle to West Yorkshire for the purposes of financial gain? Was there not an abuse power? And, what of the deception – the pretence that there was a valid and enforceable warrant in existence?

Whilst one has no truck with the United Nations, its definition of trafficking is clear:

(a) […] the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.” Article 3, paragraph (a) of the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons

The practice of arresting people at airports and other departure points is increasingly widespread: here, a man cleared of any involvement in a robbery was falsely arrested at East Midlands Airport on his way out to his holiday destination with his wife and two children. The alleged ‘warrant’ had, so the bovine Notts police claimed, not been removed from the system.


One is reminded of the technocratic world revealed in Terry Gilliam’s film, ‘Brazil’.

As Nigel Godsmark, a man acting as a judge recently stated when he gently slapped the Bradford & Bingley/UKAR barrister, Nicole Sandells, around the chops for stating that an unverifiable amount on a mortgage balance had come from a computer,

When asked where it had come from Miss Sandells for Bradford & Bingley told me that it came “from the computer”. As computers should be our slaves and not our masters such a response is not satisfactory.”

Quite right, Nigel, quite right.

And in those words is he not revealing the inherent malpractices of a Criminal and Technocratic financial system that is designed to steal the real assets of the people?

One might also ask of any so-called ‘public servant’ who is attempting to levy and/or steal property or arrest someone by reliance on a ‘Warrant’ where said instrument is and/or from where it originated on the basis that without being signed, sealed and presented for inspection, it quite simply, does not exist and therefore the individuals’ actions are criminal.

Two weeks later, a ‘Notice of fine and collection order’ arrived:


No actual sealed order of a valid court – just a ‘Notice’. The strange aspect of it was not the purported fine but the fact it made no reference to the obstruction charge and instead relied on one of the others – purportedly driving without insurance, which meant 8 points on a ‘licence’ that had been rescinded over 4 years ago.

A further notice from DVLA stated that there was no need to send in his licence!


Of course, and this is increasingly apparent to all who are paying attention, the Magistrates, County Courts and High Courts are dripping in deceptive practices. The deception relies upon the people never questioning the validity of the documents that get spewed out. Fraud upon fraud upon fraud.

An example of this at the High Court is the modus operandi of  a man acting as High Court Judge, Ross Cranston.

Subsequent to his void order, an application was made by RM for a certificate granting him what is known as a ‘leapfrog’ appeal to the Supreme Court in regard to the order that the former Solicitor General, Ross Cranston had issued back on 27 February, 2015.

The Court staff at Nottingham County Court informed him that even though the order was void (along with its associated Extended Civil Restraining Order) he would have to pay a fifty quid fee to make the application. Under duress, the payment was made and RM was assured the matter would be directed to Birmingham High Court for the attention of one of its judges.

3 weeks later, there being no response to the application, RM went down to Nottingham’s ‘Just-Us’ centre to enquire as to what happened. He was informed by Paul King, a man acting as ‘Court Manager’ that an order had been sent out. He provided RM with a copy. It had been signed by Ross Cranston, who had apparently intercepted it. When it was pointed out that no hard copy had been received and that the copy he was presenting had no court seal, he went off and returned with it stamped. To this day, 21 June 2015, there has been no actual order received. Does it in fact exist?

RM doubts it. This was taken as a clear and apparent interception by Ross Cranston, a man who is anxious to cover up the bias and falsity of his judgement in the matter involving the proven negligence of the solicitor who procured a false deed off RM in order to make a commission, a deed which the UKAR/B&B subsequently used in order to steal his home from him back on 04 November, 2010.


Whether or not one takes this as evidence of sheer human incompetency or as an indication of how fragile the entire system of technocracy might prove to be is up to the individual.

However, RM is inclined to the view that the systems of control are in fact in a kind of slow-motion self-destruction, as they are built on so many lies and deceptions, and a direct consequence of this is that the individuals working within its various agencies are lost in a sea of confusion and fraud.

In other words, the control system is beginning to crack – like a rotten egg – as it simply can no longer sustain itself in the face of the masses of people waking up to its increasingly blatant scams.

Where now? one might well ask. The various denials of due process, of justice and the clear and apparent misrepresentations of all those court officers, solicitors and fake potentates operating in the House of Rothschild’s draconian legal system means that the last remedy standing for the peoples of these lands, who are being robbed on a daily basis, is the burgeoning Grand Jury of the British Isles.


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