The War on Children.


There are many attacks made on children, whether perpetrated under the guise of religion, health or education/brainwashing. However, male genital mutilation is not usually accorded the same levels of outrage and condemnation as female genital mutilation. Some would, quite reasonably, posit that is because we live in a gynocentric world in which feminism is rife, women have been promoted to positions of power for which they are manifestly ill-equipped (see the demise of Sweden) and, as ever, men’s lives are expendable. The male is here to make and be a sacrifice to war, to the ‘system’ and for the benefit of women.  His life is of less value and, accordingly, it will generally not be as long as a female’s.

The issue of male genital mutilation is one RM has written about before – its origins lie in the bizarre dystopian history and development of Judaism. The fact that Rabbis are still engaging in this barbaric act, in the name of their ‘religion’ cannot justify it:

An act of Genocide. In the name of religion, Rabbi cuts off infant foreskin then sucks the blood.

It’s interesting to note too that Muslims also commit this barbaric act against their male issue. This link is about a woman in Nottingham, who had a boy child with a muslim who one day took the child away and had him circumcised, without her permission.

It is a fecking weird and wholly damaging practice, whichever way one looks at it but the bottom line is this:

a child is born into the world and (barring any birth defect) he is born perfectly equipped, in body and mind to make his way through life on this world. Which is just as God/Nature intended. Any suggestion that his foreskin is an imperfection that needs to be rectified is utter nonsense. It is there to serve a purpose, as previously explained in this article.

No one, whether father, mother, doctor, health visitor or priest/rabbi has the right to sanction or engage in any form of mutilation upon any infant. This point is succinctly argued here by Christopher Hitchens:

Of course, there are some sick individuals and groups in this world who promote and attempt to justify all manner of crimes against children. Many of the abusers of children operate at high levels of the control system. Mind control via sexual abuse is, when one looks into it, another barbaric act that needs to be completely removed from the face of the planet. Nothing can justify it, which is why one should be very wary of any institution, lobby group or individual which attempts to promote it as simply another aspect of life which should be normalised or de-stigmatised.

This link identifies how sodomy of children – especially boys –  around the age of 3 is used to create mind controlled individuals. It makes for shocking reading. Nevertheless, it is worthy of our consideration if one is to be aware of the levels of depravity that operate on this planet.

All of which is part of the war against nature. In their natural state, our brains enable us to think logically, to extrapolate and work things out as is necessary for us to make our way through our lives’ journeys. If some one is trying to deceive you, then it helps if you are able to apply critical thinking and see through the methodology by which he is seeking to do so.  The aim of these sick controllers is to promote a godless state – within and without the individual. Thus, devices are used to hamper brain function in each of us whilst events are engineered to induce chaos across regions to destabilise the many. If you cannot work out the machinations of the world around you, the influences that shape your psyche and the means by which you are subjugated, then you are living in a state of godlessness.

Would it be overly controversial to state that all the methods used against mankind are designed specifically to leave him in such a state? Manipulation of our DNA via vaccinations, chemical spraying of crops, genetically engineered food, geo-engineering of the very air we breathe, (mis)education systems, pharmaceutical drugging, mental viruses placed in popular culture, tyrannical financial controls, war, social engineering, feminism, cultural marxism, phoney religions, eugenics, government psy-ops, media production, registration systems that lead to enslavement, taxation, oppressive judicial control… the list is extensive but each element serves the same ultimate purpose – to keep the individual from realising his christ like consciousness and from being fully-functioning, as nature intended.

To put it mildly, we live on a weird plane of existence. But our reality has been engineered for nefarious reasons. Those reasons may, quite reasonably, be described as satanic in so far as they are anti-nature/God.

The question is, does the individual acquiesce or does he resist, using the full might of his own critical thinking and ability to take action against those who would oppress him and curtail his life?

In any event, the real warrior is the one who takes care of the young, the infirm and the elderly:

If previous generations had paid attention to what was being engineered around them, then we may not have come to find ourselves in this state of being. Don’t let anyone convince you there is nothing we can do about it. Resist it, step away from the state-sponsored tyranny, stop paying those extortionate taxes, refuse to register your children, home educate them, take your name off the electoral role and should anyone commit trespass against you, tell them to fuck off.

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3 thoughts on “The War on Children.

  1. My heartfelt sorrow and sympathy goes out to all who have, or will, suffer this appalling mutilation. I’ve long thought of male circumcision, and all forms of torture to children but this must be the worst, as an archontic imposition designed to control us by causing the mind/spirit to split, as you term it, fragment. Classic way to form a Manchurian candidate. Trauma based control – and almost impossible to heal because at infancy the cognitive faculties which might enable the child to deal with the trauma are not developed. There are no barriers to the primary fear and pain inflected, it is all exquisitely felt and there is no refuge. Many infant males die and all go into shock, and switch off as a survival mechanism. The physiological mechanisms to ensure survival kick in:- shock and fainting where blood is withdrawn from the brain and we become unconscious. I’ve seen some videos and I live with a man who underwent this – for no reason, I can tell. Full human potential cruelly limited – lives half lived.
    It seems that most of the ways we find to get fulfilment are pale imitations to compensate for a primary loss, things like wealth, power, control of people, wars for territory or gold, all the corruption we live with.
    This may seem irrelevant but I recently read, partly, the legend of Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach – it’s very long. Part of it deals with the king Amfortas who is wounded in the groin and cannot either heal or die. Parzival heals Amfortas, aka Infirmas, by asking the correct question: “What ails thee?” Seems humanity has an ailment and the enforcement of circumcision may be at the basis of it. And as it is linked to religion it seems like a double whammy with the one reinforcing the other and, without separating the two, it seems it will be difficult to eradicate the practice. I’m not religious BTW – belief systems seem like a yoke we have to get free from as they are imposed from outside.

    1. Hi, Astra and many thanks for the very insightful comment. I wondered, as I read it, if the withdrawal or dissociation you write about is what some might term ‘autism’? A condition for which there is no medical diagnosis but which generally involves some form of neurological withdrawal.

      Interesting to read the reference to King Amfortas too. Reaching a point of cognition was important for me in so far as it unleashed a lot of pent up anger and outrage which led to a form of reconcilement. Whether one can truly get over it and heal the trauma, I don’t know: not only is there the trauma but there is also the difficulty of being able to forgive those who allowed it to happen and those who committed the act.

      It is a topsy-turvy world in which the docking of dogs’ tails causes outrage but the circumcision of a boy’s penis is permitted, providing there is parental or religious ‘consent’.

      Best wishes, RM

  2. Hi RM,
    That’s interesting, hadn’t thought of that. And there seems to be little acknowledgement of a possible connection between circumcision and ASD. I found this Danish study which definitely finds evidence, and it lists lots of references too. The rest either seem to be unaware of a possible correlation, or seek to discredit it.
    Danish study published in 2015, see here:
    It’s very interesting and the researchers (Frisch and Simonsen) say, “We confirmed our hypothesis that boys who undergo ritual circumcision may run a greater risk of developing ASD.”
    Very brief summary:
    They point out: “We had no information about ritual circumcisions in Denmark after 31 December 2003, because ritual circumcisions were no longer performed in Danish hospitals after that date, and surgeons in private clinics no longer reported such operations to the National Health Service Register, because public subsidies were no longer offered.” Interesting – obviously, a government policy change took place I wonder why – just a thought!
    Boys v girls – it seems boys are almost 5 times more likely to have ASD (autism spectrum disorder) than girls. They also noticed …”a strong positive correlation… between rates of infant male circumcision and ASD prevalence, with high rates of ASD in circumcising nations such as the United States and considerably lower rates in non-circumcising countries of Western Europe.”
    (BTW another study found Amish societies were more or less even in boy/girl ASD rates.)

    Numbers in cohort:- 342,877 boys and 325,000 girls born between Jan 1994 – Dec 2003. At follow up in April 2013: 5033 boys (1.5%) and 1026 girls (0.3%) diagnosed with ASD before 10th birthday giving a ratio of 4.6:1 that’s almost 5 to 1.

    CIRCUMCISION RESOURCE CENTRE Comprehensive site giving particular help to new parents so as to warn them of the risks, and featuring a book by Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. Circumcision The Hidden Trauma

    Some more websites of interest:
    This site gives a summary of the Danish study also, and this study has been featured in the Huffington Post: and as well as others.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, boys are more likely to develop ASD than girls. This does not take into account the factor of circumcision (see Danish study).

    On the site Autism Speaks Inc. no results returned for circumcision so this does not seem to be a factor taken into account by them.

    The site: states the causes of ASD remain unknown but that genetics may play a part, and environmental factors like early exposure to certain chemicals.

    Most websites dealing with ASD do not mention circumcision as a factor. I did a search under ‘risk factors for autism.’

    Molecular Autism [ ] reviewed studies on environmental risk factors but did not factor in circumcision. It found these NOT related to ASD: “…vaccination, maternal smoking, thimerosal exposure, and most likely assisted reproductive technologies are unrelated* to risk of ASD. …advanced parental age is associated with higher risk of ASD.” They list a lot more but again nothing on circumcision .
    Shouldn’t say this but I get the feeling they are looking for a genetic factor mainly – these scientists just love messing with DNA.

    Another study ( also said ASD causative factors are unknown but a genetic component may be likely and the MMR vaccine is exonerated. (Same comment as above.)

    On a more optimistic note: treatments for ASD have been used successfully by, mainly, homeopathic practitioners:
    Two examples:

    Neither of these throw up anything related to circumcision and ASD. They are mostly concerned with mitigating shocks to the system, like vaccines, medications, environmental toxins, effects of illness.

    Sidetracking slightly, Frederick Leboyer wrote a book called “Birth Without Violence” that started a movement towards more natural birthing practices.

    Looking at all this, it seems if you want to create disturbed people you get them young and it’s easy – too easy. But its all so obvious that no-one notices. Sort of the elephant in the room syndrome.
    Brought out a bit of the researcher in me here. You’ve just so hit on something.

    best wishes, Astra – sorry it’s so long

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