• How gangsters committed mass genocide across Britain from 1066 to the present
  • William the Bastard falsely claimed the land belonged to him
  • Divided his booty among his mercenary Barons
  • Used Jewish Shetar to subjugate the people
  • How #TGBMS has evolved over hundreds of years



In 1066 these lands were invaded by a murderous army of mercenaries under William the Bastard, a Norman or ‘North Man’.

In the ensuing years, his mercenaries established their footholds by constructing Norman keeps and castles, essentially strongholds for the stolen booty.

The genocide of the populations of the indigenous peoples is illustrated by the Harrying of the North.

[…] William commanded that all crops and herds, chattels and foods should be burned to ashes, so that the whole of the North be stripped of all means of survival. So terrible a famine fell upon the people, that more than 100,000 young and old starved to death. My writings have often praised William, but for this act I can only condemn him.” Orderic Vitalis

In return for their service to the ‘Conqueror’, titles and lands were granted by William the Bastard to those henchmen who had facilitated the genocide:

“William the [Bastard] [falsely] became King of ‘England’ in 1066 he introduced a new kind of feudal system into Britain.

William confiscated the land in England from the Saxon lords and allocated it to members of his own family and the Norman lords who had helped him conquer the country.

These people were known as tenants-in-chief. Unlike the older […] form of feudalism these people did not own the land because the ownership remained with William the Conqueror himself. The land allocated to a tenants-in-chief was known as a manor and tended to be dispursed across the country rather than being one big area.”

#TGBMS David Caress – hired mercenary (bailiff)

These Norman henchmen were known as ‘Barons’

baron |ˈberən|
a member of the lowest order of the British nobility. The term “Baron” is not used as a form of address in Britain, barons usually being referred to as “Lord.”
• a member of a foreign nobility having a rank similar to that of a baron.
• historical a person who held lands or property from the sovereign or a powerful overlord.
• [ with modifier ] an important or powerful person in a specified business or industry: a press baron.
Middle English: from Old French, from medieval Latin baro, baron- ‘man, warrior,’ probably of Germanic origin.


According to Orderic, William confessed to his genocide of the people of the North on his deathbed:

“I persecuted the native inhabitants of England beyond all reason. Whether nobles or commons, I cruelly oppressed them; many I unjustly disinherited; innumerable multitudes, especially in the county of York, perished through me by famine and sword…I am stained with the rivers of blood that I have shed.”

How was the conquest financed?

Firstly, it was the Church of Rome, through the Pope who sanctioned the invasion and then it was backed by Jewish financiers, using the age-old Babylonian ‘Shetar’ device to subjugate the people:

“The Norman Conquest over the Anglo-Saxon/Celtic People of England in 1066 is vastly under-rated in its significance for understanding modern models of good government. From Rome, the “Norman Invasion” had the “Solemn Blessings of the Pope”. This is shown in many citations, among which is the following:

“William had some difficulty in securing the help of his barons for his proposed invasion of England; it was necessary to convince them individually by threats and persuasions. Otherwise conditions were favourable. William secured the benevolent neutrality of the emperor Henry IV., and the expedition had the solemn approval of Pope Alexander II.”

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol # 23, p.609; William 1: . . . Conquest of England . . .

“The Pharisaical system of “Commercial Law”, as codified in the “Babylonian Talmud”; was at that time Forcibly Imposed by the Romanistic-Normans over the previously Non-Romanized Christian/Common-Law Saxon-Anglo/English People. This is shown as follows:

“The Jews, whom the Normans brought to England . . . [or who financed and followed the invasion – Ed.] brought a refined system of commercial law: their own form of commerce and a system of rules to facilitate and govern it. . .

Several elements of historical Jewish legal practice have been integrated into the English legal system. Notable among these is the written credit agreement – shetar, or starr, as it appears in English documents.

The basis of the shetar, or “Jewish Gage,” was a lien on all property (including realty) that has been traced as a source of the modern mortgage. Under Jewish law, the shetar permitted a creditor to proceed against all the goods and land of the defaulting debtor. . .

Jewish law that debts could be recovered against a loan secured by “all property, movable and immovable” was a weapon of socio-economic change that tore the fabric of feudal society and established the power of liquid wealth in place of land holding. . . . Jewish Law, wherein personal debt superseded rights in real property had become the law of the land.”

Foootnote 11: H.C. Richardson, The English Jewry Under Angevin Kings 94 (1960) (Jews liquidation of land obligations broke down rigidity of feudal land tenure and facilitated transfer of land to new capitalist class).

Footnote 15: CF. 1 F. Pollock and F.W. Maitland, supra note 3 at 469… (alien to English law for creditor not in possession of land to have rights in it).

“The Shetar’s Effect on English Law”, The Georgetown Law Journal; V. 71, P 1179 – 1200); Judith A. Shapiro. SOURCE

The Shetar became the Mortgage

The Shetar’s imposition on the indigenous peoples is the origin of the MORTGAGE (Dead Pledge) , the system by which populations around the earth who had their land stolen and were then enslaved into fake debt and accompanying servitude. It has been thus for nearly 1000 years which is why #TGBMS  protagonist, Michael, claims that it has been building since 1066. This, coupled with fraudulent accountancy and a fiat currency, is how the blatant subjugation of the people has proliferated for a millennium to the present.


Thus, the mortgage and the ensuing industry that has grown around it was conceived in genocide and financial deception:

“The Shetar is a weapon of socio-economic power that tore apart the fabric of [British] feudal society and established the current cycle of debt and control of liquid wealth in place of land holding. Before the Law of the Jews became the Law of the Land the obligation of knight service under Anglo-Saxon law barred a land transfer that would have imposed a new tenant (and therefore a different knight owing service) upon the lord.

Personal feudal loyalties also forbade the attachment of land in satisfaction of debt; only the debtor’s chattels could be seized. These rules kept feudal obligations intact and assured that the lord would continue to be served by his own knights. However, in Jewish law debts against ethnic Europeans can be recovered against a loan secured on “all property, movable and immovable”.

Stealthily manipulated into the English legal system, the written credit agreement – shetar, or starr, as it appears in English documents is basically a lien on all property (including realty) that has been traced as a source of the modern mortgage. Under Jewish law, the shetar permits a creditor (the Jew) to proceed against all the goods and land of the defaulting debtor (European).” SOURCE

In every sense, the sheer scale and depth of the mortgage deception means

#TGBMS is manifestly the greatest gangster story ever told.

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