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Born of the Cosmos, hewn from the Earth: the place of the RM’s birth

Day 17,999.


RM has been considering. Considering in the sense of reappraisal.  For the RM, today is day 17,999 on this Earth and when a man has fewer days ahead of him than behind him, he is prone to such reveries.

Last night he dreamt and that dream featured as its setting his first place of indoctrination into the system known as the matrix.  It was at a state-run place of indoctrination that operated under the aegis of a man named Featherstone and it took place in a pseudo Gothic building that housed four hundred children on a daily basis.  Built of millstone grit, in 1878, it appeared to his older self as an imposing institution consisting of an immense series of rooms, each with high vaulted roofs. a place in which one was taught one’s place.  Corporal punishment for misdemeanours was frequently administered.  What the manipulators of the children’s conscience deemed acceptable or good behaviour or work was rewarded with smiles of approval or self-adhesive stars, stuck upon his output (output being that which resulted from the teacher’s input). Slaps on arses and bare thighs were commonplace. Teachers, were like all adults: they were frequently angry, sometimes interestingly benevolent but above all, they were to be obeyed and if one did not obey, there were consequences. In short, each child then, as now, was being programmed to exist within the societal and spiritually manipulated matrix of control.

This place existed on the edge of a vast plain of moorland. RM, like all the other boys aged 7 to 11 was made to wear shorts whatever the weather might be and in the West Riding that was inevitably rain. Freezing rain that hit him horizontally, stinging his legs to the point where they would be burning red by the time he reached his destination.  Quite how, why and by whom a mandate was passed that ordered children to be sent out so ill-dressed for the conditions that prevailed is a matter for conjecture but in a country so diseased and riddled with child abuse, it is weirdly logical in a sado-masochistic way.

In this dream, he was revisiting the site with a woman several years his junior. It will suffice to state that this was an erotically-charged encounter on the astral plain which may or may not of interest to the reader.  As this is not an attempt to write a such a piece,  the details of the encounter will remain private. It is more significant because of the precise detail in which the old school was recalled and reestablished in the dreamscape.

The ability to  recall events and places from our older selves (if it was forty-two years ago, then that was an age ago, an epoch in which we were our old selves). If RM is 17,999 days long on Planet Earth right now, it stands quite logically, that his former self was his older self. See how things are skew-whiff?  It is more accurate to state, yes, I recall that time, but I was a lot older then.  The old days are the past: the experience of those times is, ipso facto,  that of the older self.

It is simply a matter of perspective.

Zooming headlong into the present, it is no exaggeration to state that the last three years have been a difficult and challenging time for the RM.  The evictions of 4 November 2010 and 7 November 2011 were acts of criminality perpetrated against two men who have subsequently experienced a displacement into homelessness that they are still recovering from. These experiences we have ~ these lives we live in an apparently linear form are imprints that become significant aspects of our selves:  the experiences have a palpable effect on us, psychologically, emotionally and physically.  To suggest otherwise would be disingenuous and, a form of solipsism that, just now, seems rather dominant in some people.

When one experiences an event or action or situation, its effect on the psyche may be very subtle to the point where a man may not initially appreciate it has caused any kind of imprint at all.  His admittance to himself is of no consequence in so far as we live in a world of cause and effect.

This is palpably obvious, irrespective of whether a man accepts it or not. Whilst we exist in a linear time (as demonstrated by the fact RM can calculate how many days he has been existent on this planet) it is also true that we experience our lives in a fractal or spiraling form and that is as a consequence (effect) of the revolving nature of our unique journeys whilst on this mortal coil. Each life mirrors the movements and cycles of the cosmos.  In the simplest of expressions, we are a made of the stuff of the heavens.  This is Man’s Divinity: his life is simultaneously linear and circular.  Hence we have the expression,

As above, so below.

This revolving, spinning planet, which is on a elliptical journey through the galaxy whilst orbiting the Sun, is part of a larger cycle known as the Grand Precession and we, in the form of Man, exist in accordance with that fact. This means we are subject to the Laws of Nature, which by definition, apply to the entire Universe.

However one chooses to imagine the Universe ‘began’ is irrelevant to the Truth of the matter. It had a cause and although that may be a source of great mystery to Man, it matters not one iota what that cause was.

When there is a cause, there is an effect: if the temperature drops below zero, the water will freeze. The cause of the freezing is the cold temperature, the effect of which is liquid becomes ice. It does not matter whether a solipsistic Man believes that is an illusion, just as it is of no consequence whether he believes this planet is a spinning orb on the back of a great galactic turtle swimming in a plasmatic sea of electro-magnetic particles that fill the bath of an infinite chewbacca creature who is busy scrubbing his arse clean with a loofah made from coarse clippings collected from the armpit of God.

For the truth or fact of the matter is just what it is, and whatever that or any man may erroneously believe is of no relevance whatsoever.

Man, whether he accepts it or not, being a creature of the Universe is subject to the law of cause and effect.  Send him at an early age to an instution designed to brain-wash him into accepting an official programme of reality, and it will effect him. Smack a man around the head with a stone hammer or tickle him with an ostrich feather, there will be an effect on him. Subject him to criminal abuse caused by a void contract and be wary of him.

Be very wary.

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