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Another wide-ranging RogueCast featuring the following areas of interest:

What is a Freeman-on-the-Land? Misinformation, misconceptions and misinterpretations when it comes to knowing thyself. How and why the phony British Courts fail to acknowledge the status of a Free Man – especially given that a true Free Man has renounced his citizenship . Where does the real power reside if not in the individual? What the controllers fear most is large numbers of individuals dropping their citizenship. Quandary facing the statist Judges, questions of jurisdiction, mixing jurisdictions,  authoritarianism, how a freeman is an anarchist, renouncing all forms of control, how some people attempt to maintain citizen status, a citizen is a slave, a freeman is beyond that. Might is never Right.

Queen is a figure head for the Brand known as the Crown which is effectively the CROWN HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD. System cannot survive without the creativity and sweat equity of the individual. Which LAW is the individual truly subject to? NATURAL LAW only – no one between the individual and the creator. The TRUTH cannot be rebutted.
Qui Bono (who benefits) from the view that being a Free Man does not work? Only the controllers whose presumptions are only based on false authorities.  A child is born free, under Natural Law – all claims to the contrary are bullshit.

The fake religion known as MON-EYE (Money) and the manipulation of the Retail Price Index to hide the real levels of inflation at play in Britain.  A mortgage is effectively a payment of rent to the Crown House of Rothschild. Thus man is only creature that has to pay to be here on Planet Earth. Yet, there is no such thing as a valid mortgage in these lands.

A hearing at the High Court and the failings of the Bank of Scotland, the gross incompetence of James Crosby , unheeded warnings of Paul R. Moore , Parliamentary Report into its collapse, BOS £213bn deficit, complicity of Gordon Brown . How could the Bank make loans when it was in deficit to that amount? FRAUD. Deregulation of financial markets, the joke that was the FSA – incredibly, Crosby was made its CEO.
Hallett report.

The hidden inflation – housing costs removed from the RETAIL PRICING INDEX . Disguised real inflation because it ignores those costs which have risen immeasurably since that time to a point where many pay out over 50% of their income on their shelter. Qui bono? THE GREAT BRITISH MORTGAGE SWINDLE,  Carney Head Bank of England, interest rates hike will result in more phony banking claims against people’s homes, hence more genocidal/criminal evictions. The Real Enemy Within.

How Red Ice Creations, Jon Rappoport interview June 2014  overlooks the practical and necessary step of renouncing citizenship and starving the genocidal beast known as the military industrial complex – no violence, no rancour only a simple removal of oneself from its jurisdiction. How the fear of surveillance leads to self-censorship but what if people really do not give a fuck because all they are pumping out is true? THERE IS NO NEED TO FEAR THE TRUTH. Knowledge is power. THE REAL CURRENCY IS KNOWLEDGE – THAT IS THE POWER. Mon-ey is the resistor in the flow of that currency. What is real wealth if not knowledge? There is no need to be afraid if one is dealing with the truth.

Solutions – all mortgages in ‘UK’ are void. That declaration needs to be made. Imagine the levels of freedom when everyone owns their home FREE AND CLEAR of any phony mortgage. ALL POWER LIES WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL

CREDITS: Many thanks to Dave of Wessex for his generous donation.

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