In memoriam


A tribute to my dear friend, Jan, ‘the man’.

On Sunday, 8 days ago, I was stunned to learn of the untimely demise of a man who, though I have only known him these last 6 years, has been a great friend. Jan of the Bogusz family passed away on the morning of Thursday, 13 April, 2017. His cause of death is unknown for now but, as far as I know, the doctors at Lincoln hospital did confirm it was not his heart for that was beating strongly throughout those final hours.

Jan was born just over 61 years ago, in Lincoln, to a Polish father and a British mother. His paternal clan, of which he was justifiably proud, was Silesian in origin.

When I first met him in 2011, I looked into his twinkling clear blue eyes and immediately knew him to be a kindred spirit, a man who I knew implicitly I could trust. Jan was a man of vigour, robust in physique, with a bright, fierce intelligence and a generosity that shone through his every deed. Quite simply, he was ‘one of us’.

He lived in Lincoln all his life and worked as a highly regarded electrician, one of those men whose quality of work was never formally ‘advertised’. Rather, his good reputation was spread by word of mouth among those for whom he had worked.

On top? The late Jan Bogusz with his wife, Michell.

I cannot help but think his departure is too soon. He had just freed himself of the shackles of a void mortgage, he leaves behind his three children, three grandchildren and his mother, who has also outlived him. He was looking forward to starting afresh, with the intention of renovating a house for Natalie, his daughter, and himself.

When I last spent the day with him (in a matter at the County Court, Nottingham, the details of which I will write about when the time is right) and Tom Crawford, on 31 March, 2017, he was in fine fettle: brimming with energy, bright as a button, strong and vibrant, with the ever-present twinkle in his eyes. He left that evening, having shared a meal with us, we hugged and off he popped, back to Lincoln. Little did I know it would be the last time we would see each other.

He will be sorely missed, particularly by his family, but also by all those who knew him. A rogue male, of stout heart and quick mind, who did no harm and never took any shit, Jan’s support of the work at RM and the production of The Great British Mortgage Swindle, and the generosity of his spirit towards me, right from the beginning, was truly appreciated.

God bless you, brother. I am sure that I am not alone when I state your sudden passing has left a hole in my life, which is amplified by its unexpectedness.

Blessings to the Bogusz family at this most difficult of times.

Update: for those who may wish to attend, Jan’s funeral will take place on Wednesday, 17th May. It will start at 1.30pm, at St Mary Magdalene Church in the Bail, moving on to the cremotorium thereafter. A wake will be held at 3.15pm, at Huckleberry’s in Lincoln (where ‘Ye Olde Crown’ used to be).

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6 thoughts on “In memoriam

  1. i was instantly attached to the man the first time i saw him and when we got to speak it was like we’d known each other for ever, michael has said it all and i will miss his presence at the gatherings i did meet him at ………

  2. He was my hero and always will be. A true gent and would always try his best to help you. I met him at work and we became best of friends. He was always Jan Super Sparky in my phone and as soon as anyone had any issue i would pass his number on.
    He was afraid of nothing would turn his hand to anything and gave me vision to look deeper into what is going on in the world. Which i did and then found out what i had been doing for years was the right thing to do lol
    A total shock when i heard he was in hospital in the morning and he had asked his daughter to contact me to let everyone he was working for he was in hospital. And then later on to let them know what had happened.
    Legend, hero, i could go on and on but i will never find a word for him he was that amazing. I miss him more and more everyday and i was thinking the world has lost a good man, then i thought no the world was never good enough for him.
    He will remain with me for the rest of my life even though i only met him 3 years ago it seems like a lifetime.
    You are free now brother which is something that you would never have found in this world.

    1. Hi, Andy and thanks for the heartfelt tribute to Jan. Great to meet you today, even under such sad circumstances as a funeral. You’re right too – freedom has always been the name of the game and Jan knew it! Best wishes, Michael

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