Psychological Warfare and The ‘London Attack’ of 3/22

When false flags flutter, the truth is the first casualty.

Why are the people less happy?

An old friend of mine suggested yesterday that people, especially young people, are not as happy as they used to be. She cited how studies show people were happier in the 70s than they are now and how she remembered her own childhood of that time as being a happy one. I am inclined to agree with her. It is particularly notable that children appear unhappier than they were. As someone who grew up in the 1970s, I clearly remember how much more freedom children had. There was less television to watch, no electronic and/or other computer devices to be glued to and even though we were ‘schooled’, the institutions were not surrounded by 7ft high steel fences, the corridors did not have CCTV and there was no national curriculum being imposed on us.

Furthermore, we actually spent as much time outside as we could – on returning from school, one would slip out of the grey uniform and into one’s ‘playing out’ clothes, often muddied from the previous day, to go and meet up with friends to ride bikes, play endless games of cricket and football, hide and seek, den-building and general ‘laking out’ as it was termed in the local vernacular of the West Riding.

Am I being overly nostalgic? No. These were the times when children made their own entertainment and, although we would be called in by our mothers when dusk came or tea was ready, we were left unsupervised, unhindered and free to do as we wished, providing of course, we were not harming anyone else.

Little wonder we were happy – the neighbourhood was our world and it was our playground or, quite often, our training ground for life and, schooling aside, we had the freedom to explore it.  I do not look back fondly at my incarceration in the local state indoctrination centres, and those teachers who imposed their rules on me from the ages of 4 to 18 were hardly paragons of free thinking and virtuosity who had our best interests at heart (school was often a violent place, with random acts of aggression perpetrated by teachers and children alike), but there were opportunities every day to live a life outside of its confines. It was also a lot easier to play truant in those days than it is now and, of course, there was no requirement to stay on til the age of 18 (though I did choose to). Neither am I stating that our childhoods were idyllic, merely emphasising that there were more gaps in the matrix of adult control to explore or escape through than there are now.

I would argue that the matrix of control has been ramped up over the last 16 years – since the events of 9/11, which signalled all manner of ‘security’ measures being wheeled out.

The whole amounts to nothing less than a psychological operation on the consciousness of mankind, the effects of which have trickled down into the childhoods of the young. In other words, there is good reason why people are not as happy as they once were. We were not born into this world to live lives that are limited, to suffer state-programming in incarceration centres (schools) that only ‘teach’ us what to think, not how. 

The levels of psychological manipulation are so dominant these days that they form a panopticon of the mind (as is the intention behind them). People are so engrossed with and in the mobile devices and their content  that their minds are seemingly unable to focus on the world around them with any degree of critical thinking.

Furthermore, due to their schooling, the pollutants of the environment, fluoride in their drinks, mass vaccinations, the control of the country’s credit creation by private House of Rothschild financiers, the deceptive practise of birth registration, the kleptocracy of the state, the never-ending wars, their miseducations and the relentless mass propaganda exercises they are subjected to, they are frequently incapable of seeing through the lies and distortions that are perpetrated against them on an hourly basis.

Said lies and distortions are invariably pumped out into the consciousness of humanity via the usual fake news outlets who are fed the storylines via the Rothschild-controlled fake news agencies like Reuters and Associated Press. They are swallowed hook, line and sinker by those false ‘journalists’ who merely repeat what they fed.

Thus, when an event occurs like the previous week’s ‘London Attack’, the cogs in the propaganda machinery begin to turn, instantly churning out an official narrative which, upon critical examination, does not add up to the some of its parts. Incoherency dominates, with the cut and paste methodology serving only to pour oil on the flames of the psychological manipulation emanating therefrom. The truth is indeed the first casualty in a war on the psyche of the people.

A cursory examination of the narrative reveals there is a number of anomalies concerning the ‘London Attack’ that will lead the discerning critically thinking individual to conclude that, on the balance of probabilities, the event was staged. That sentence may well cause outrage in the mind of any one who has simply swallowed the narrative with no consideration as to how it has been scripted. Staged events, by their very existence, are scripted. The world is a stage – the question is, as this site has posed on many occasions, who is writing the script(s)?

Psychological warfare is nothing new. Scripted events, like false flags have been part of the history of this warfare for hundreds of years. Off the top of my head, those that have been scripted include the so-called Gunpowder Plot the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the sinking of the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin incident that lead to the US war with Vietnam, and, the mother of them all, the 9/11 ‘attack’ on the Twin Towers.

Anyone who believes that false flags do not happen, that there is no reason for them or that no one benefits from them would do well to look into Operation Gladio  whereby controlled opposition groups, or ‘terrorist cells’ were created after WW2 in order to foment events across Europe that would lead to greater controls being imposed on the populace by the very same ‘shadow’ governments, financiers and/or ‘security’ operations that were responsible for the mass slaughters of the 20th Century.

Without limitation, the anomalies of the 3/22 attack that have come to one’s attention are:

  1. The fact that there was a training drill taking place prior to the events, as confirmed by this young man
  2. The date and its connection to the Skull and Bones society and Freemasonic numbering “The date 3/22 (322) is not only the emblem of America’s leading CIA-Freemasonic elite group, Skull and Bones. 3/22 is also the culmination of the three-day Satanic Feast of Pelusia, consisting of – get this – “the invocation of Isis.” 
  3. The arrival on Parliament Square of a red Freemasonic helicopter:
  4. The curious incident of the purportedly Romanian woman who jumped into the Thames after the car had passed her by, the footage of which shows some chord or other, possibly a bungee jump rope, to which she was attached, all of which is shot from a distance, indicating different weather conditions from the day in question. Was it even a woman? The splash might suggest otherwise.
  5. The fact that it is claimed that between 40 and 50 people were injured when the purported attacker’s car mounted the curb and the fact that none of the photographs and footage appears to show any such number of casualties.
  6. The ‘great shoe mystery’ whereby the purported victims’ shoes had come off in the melee, to be neatly placed nearby.
  7. The ‘lone wolf’ status of the alleged attacker, and the possibility of him being an asset of the security services.
  8. The appearance on the scene of Tommy Robinson, the self confessed “jewish”  “zionist” in the presence of the Zionist organisation, ‘Rebel Media’, suggesting he and they had knowledge in advance of the alleged incident.
  9. The Go Fund Me account set up within hours on behalf of the alleged American victim of the attack.
  10. The curious actions of Tobias Ellwood, an American Tory MP with background work in the secret services and how the by-standing paramedics and doctors allowed him to perform the CPR resuscitation on the policeman (who was possibly killed via some bizarre ritual murder) rather than themselves and the inexplicable smearing of his forehead with a streak of blood thereafter.
  11. The immediate labelling it as a ‘Terrorist incident’ by the possible Mi5 agent known as Theresa May, without any investigation into what might have happened.
  12. Westminster Council turned off the CCTV last year. Why might that be?
  13. How despite the imposition of draconian ‘security’ measures, tapping phone calls, collecting private emails, extra powers of investigation, no one knew what was going on? As Jon Rappoport writes, “Wherever you see the Surveillance State, you see technocracy. The claim that surveillance is being utilized to prevent terror attacks is a cover story. In fact, there can be no all-embracing technocracy without real-time tracking of every citizen’s energy consumption.”  source
  14. The curious incident of the Mannequin under the bus wheel (again, without shoes): and the likelihood of another being used at the roadside for purposes of the aforementioned drill that was taking place prior to the alleged attack.
  15. How Channel 4 misreported the name of the alleged attacker, only for his lawyer to confirm that he is currently in prison.
  16. The stock of photographs conveniently provided by ‘official’ photographers (Stefan Rousseau and Toby Melville) of the state’s actors like the ‘Royals’ and ‘Parliamentarians’ – video by ‘Annie Logical’.

None of it adds up to a coherent narrative.

It is curious to note also that the staged event was predicted:

As ever, the question that is left hanging in the air is Cui Bono?

Possible Beneficiaries

  • The fake state.
  • The hidden controllers like the Tri Lateral Commission and all those who wish to foment civil war, possibly between muslims and indigenous peoples or the continued manipulation of the false left-right divide;
  • Those who operate a divide and rule strategy.
  • Those who wish to keep the populace within a mental panopticon , wherein the fear of being under attack is greater than the actual manifestation of one and thus the population are easy to control, guided into total acceptance of whatever increased ‘security’ measures are deemed necessary.
  • Those who wish for increased powers of the police state. Afterword: sure enough, on the back of this a headline duly appeared on 24 March in the ‘Evening Standard,

    “Scotland Yard to rush through £11m spend on guns to protect London from terror attacks”

  • Those seeking further excuses for censorship

Meanwhile, we have the division caused by the fake left and right, both of whom swallow the official narrative because it suits their agendas. The right take it as proof that we are too tolerant – that Enoch Powell was correct, that these ‘barbarian invaders’ should be deported and tougher immigration laws are needed. Whilst the left accept the narrative as proof that the people are somehow ‘not tolerant enough’ and if we were only more supportive of our muslim populations, more inclusive, then none of this would occur. Both are also conveniently and complacently overlooking the fact that many muslim groups are not religious organisations but cells funded and controlled by the security services such as Mi5.

Also worthy of consideration is the fact that the alleged targets of these attacks (in this case, ‘parliamentarians’) are always left unscathed, with the actual victims, when there are any, being members of the public or, as may have been the case here, members of the police or military, any of whom may have been killed as part of some nefarious ritual. If a genuine Islamic jihadist wanted to blow up a ‘Parliamentarian’, why would he not succeed? After all, it’s not difficult to get close to the MPs:

Theresa May, possible Mi5 agent, with some men who may or may not be wearing nightshirts.

– and certainly not impossible for a genuine assassin to hide some kind of lethal explosive up his kaftan or his orifice ready for detonation.

Why would a genuine suicide bomber not take a leaf out of the assassination of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval?

As ever, and just like the other staged events, we are always left with more questions than answers, questions that are never touched by the fake news outlets and their woefully ill-equipped ‘journalists’.

Little wonder, therefore, that in times like the ones we are living through, levels of happiness among the young are not as high as they once were. As one ages, there is thus little regret that I had not been born later – without my childhood, I would have little cognisance nor appreciation of what sovereignty truly means, nor understanding of what individual freedom consists of.

In any event, these staged events amount to nothing less than psychological warfare, being raged on and against the indigenous populations and, as such, may be taken as clear evidence that there are traitors in our midst, enemies of the people with scant regard for noble concepts like peace, individual sovereignty and western philosophy, freedom and the rights of man.



It is not unreasonable to take the view that, given the historical factual occurrences of false flag/staged events committed by the varous alphabet agencies of government down the years and across the world, this was another staged event. Engineered to trigger fear, from which the public expect, or even call for ‘security’ to be ramped up, it serves the dual purpose of psychological manipulation and the ramping up of further draconian powers of the state. The effect being to demoralise the people thus making them feel more helpless and leaving them easier to manipulate.

Easier to manipulate if they swallow the official narratives from the fake news outlets, that is. As ever, the individual is encouraged to complete his own research and exercise his critical thinking skills in order to blow apart any and all attempts at psychological and spiritual manipulation.  In short:

Keep ‘em peeled and use your common sense.

Afterword:  it is interesting to note also that a number of so-called ‘alternative media’ operatives, like Paul Joseph Watson (of InfoWars), Stephan Molyneux and Red Ice Radio, all seem to swallow and promote the official line, i.e the one that the mainstream media feeds the populace. Have they never heard of false flags? Do they have no historical knowledge of staged events? Do they not do any research? Or are they, perchance, paid agents of the Military industrial complex whose aim is to create division?


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  1. I also remember life was far better during the 70’s and I am from Norther Ireland where despite what was going on all made sure they had a good time, and could afford it. Also there was more choice more business etc compared to the drivel they are trying to feed the public nowadays, but happily it would seem that same public are at last starting to wake up to the rubbish that has been fed to them for the last few decades. This has been done deliberately and by the useful idiots that we the tax payers pay for – commonly known as politicians etc. Now the lie is out re globalism – it has sucked the life out of every country in the world, but all must be aware of the new one they want to take its place – that is AI and the merging of human and computer – 100% not good. Perhaps it is now time to get rid of all the control freaks that are being forced on us each and every farcical election and ram it home they are our employees not our controllers?

  2. As a neighbour of mine said the other day, “They are making mistakes we are all noticing.” Very true. I noticed a mistake the stage managers of the London false flag incident made, too; police officers guarding the Palace of Westminster aka Houses of Parliament, are from the Met’s Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Group (RDPG)…. who are armed.

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