Separating the Image from the Reality.

From 26 August 2009 and until he was violently evicted on 4 November, 2010, RM’s home of 16 years was under siege. Under siege from the forces of the ‘state’ and its controllers, the all-powerful House of Rothschild and its associated banking cartels.


Just like those before them ,such as the above referenced Montagu Norman, the individuals who work for these cartels act as fake priests who are as damaging to the fabric of Mankind as the worst religious charlatan.

How so? They manipulate the biggest religion – Money – for their own personal gain. The nature of Money – the One Eye to control them all – is such that they have the ‘licence’ to create credit and steal energy in the form of monetary ‘tokens’ out of the sweat equity of the people.

Due to the fact that no disclosure as to how such credit is created is ever made, it is one massive deception, based as it is in the hidden magic act of seemingly creating money out of thin air. It is not in actuality so – money is created into existence based on the individual’s future earnings, also known as hypothecation. Created as credit, money is thus falsely represented as ‘debt’. This is one of the hidden secrets of banking.

RM has gone into this subject on a number of occasions. I sometimes sense that this has been one of the great mysteries of my life that I have been duty-bound to investigate. It began at an early age but became more focused in my seventeenth year when I began an A-level course in ‘Economics’.  This course was largely based on the work of John Maynard Keynes and his notion of Supply and Demand and how it is to be manipulated by those who call themselves ‘economists’.  At no point in the 2 year long course did it or the teacher go into the actual mechanics of how ‘credit’/‘money’ is created as debt or indeed, what the real nature of money is.

Looking back, I am astonished that it was so lacking in the fundamental details of how a fiat financial system operates, who controls it and what the blatant dangers are of having such a system being controlled and manipulated by a tiny few.  I am also astonished by the fact that some individuals will go even further – via a degree in Economics, Business Studies or Accountancy and never realise just how such a system operates. The image of obedient worker bees, each in his own cell, within a collective hive springs to mind. Chief Financial Officers, banking CEOs and high level accountants must certainly have the knowledge of how these monetary systems operate. Yet how often do we see any of them going ‘rogue’ and whistle-blowing about the nefarious accounting methods they know are operating to the detriment of Mankind?



In more recent times, the role of the banker was regarded as an honourable profession. Indeed, the local bank manager was often regarded as an upstanding pillar of the community. A man who was responsible for the sensible management of the people’s cash assets and a man who was deemed to be trustworthy enough to make loans from the banks’ own deposits.



This, as it turned out, was a fallacious belief.  A belief that still lingers to this day, particularly amongst those of older generations, but one which may well have been partly founded in the popular mind by the media and its depictions of those who work in the financial world.

Perhaps the best known and fondest representation of the ‘benevolent banker’ is that of the character, Captain Mainwaring and his assistant, Sergeant Wilson in the classic 1970s comedy series, Dad’s Army.  Mainwaring may have been a bit of square and a tad pompous but he was, in essence, dependable exactly because he had those qualities. A bank manager had to be sensible and he was the personification of such – a rather staid fellow who was a little obsessed with attention to detail but one who was ultimately to be trusted.


When not in army fatigues, he and Wilson (above) sported the classic tie and collar, suit and bowler hat uniform associated with the stereotype. The symbolic nature of the bowler hat is not to be underestimated: advertising, marketing and promotions of all types rely upon the use of symbols, such is the nature of the human mind which is hugely influenced by those that exist all around us.

Take for instance, the Bradford and Bingley. This was a building society that became a bank. Whatever its well-meaning origins may have been, once it became a licenced credit agency, operating within and through a fiat currency system, its power and ability to make monetary profit increased exponentially. Why? Because it was now able to create ‘loans’,  add compound interest on top and extort payments from its purported ‘borrowers’, all without disclosing the facts of the matter. Namely, there was never a loan and thus there was never a borrower.


Some will fallaciously claim, with a shrug of their shoulders, ‘So what? That’s just how it is.’  Yet to do so is the miss the point by a country mile.

This ‘magical’ ability when it is in the hands of a few is obviously open to abuse.  Abuse of position, bribery, corruption and all forms of criminality naturally arise from giving this amount of power to an elite cadre of individuals. Just as it can be readily identified in the ways corruption and power have eroded the confidence of people in organised religions, right across the spectrum when the egoic lust for control and domination has taken hold of those operating in the higher and lower echelons of, to take but one example, the Catholic Church.

Little wonder that psychopaths and criminals are attracted to positions in organisations where there is the opportunity to not only have power over so many lives but also inflict cruelty, violence (albeit from a ‘safe’ distance) and fraud on others and be rewarded for doing so. Thus, we can accurately assume that there is a sizeable number of those with a criminal mindset operating in and through such entities as the judiciary, the BAR, the conveyancing industry, banking, the police, the controlled media and government. The levels of power and the opportunity to dominate others’ lives are inherent in the structures of those entities. The criminal mindset is inevitably attracted to such ‘careers’, like flies drawn to a cow pat.  RM makes no apology for stating what may be obvious to the reader, but such are the levels of conditioning we have undergone through a variety of methodologies, which can be read on this site and elsewhere,  and such is the lack of critical thinking by many, it is important to stress these points as many times as may be necessary.


The ordinary man has never caused me any lasting harm or loss.

Rather, it is the ‘white collar’ criminal (WCC) who has, through the various agencies of control, committed extortion upon me, subjected me to malicious communication, de-frauded me, stolen my home, locked me overnight in cages, deliberately deceived me through the use of legalese, injected me with vaccines deleterious to my long term health,  stolen my earnings via a taxation system that is used to wage war on other countries, ‘licenced’ my natural freedoms, stolen my natural birth rights and instigated economic and social policies designed to split up my family. The list is a long one.

The White Colour Criminal (WCC) wears the suit and tie.  This, of course, is not to discount the culpability of the underlings who carry out the orders of the WCC – those individuals, whom the controllers refer to as their ‘dogs’ are clad in day glow green, the black uniform and body armour of the police and the bailiff and they exist as an unthinking private army of unconscious individuals who simply obey the commands of their fake superiors and overlords.

I make no apology for what some may choose to term a ‘rant’ for these are the facts of the matter and it is my intention to make it as plain as can be.

Then, of course, there are those who operate in the shadows of their own consciousness – the apologists for the ‘State’ and its ‘systems’ – all those who make such statements as ‘look, that is the way it is, you can do nothing about it’; ‘if you don’t pay and obey, what do you expect?’; and all those who are in the employment of the controllers to spread disinformation, to decry the attempts of those whose aim is to liberate themselves from the oppression of the WCC and, in so doing, inspire myriad others to do likewise.

To summarise, the adage,

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts, absolutely…” (Lord Acton)

is an eternal truth or a maxim that is thus as true now as it’s ever been.  The game is up for the white collar criminal.  A fall is coming and that fall will surely be intensified by the imminent release of the coruscating  shockumentary, #TheGreatBritishMortgageSwindle.

The quote often misses out the next part:

Great men are almost always bad men.”

The reader is invited to ponder the truth or otherwise of such an observation. For now, I’ll leave it at that.


Footnote: heartfelt thanks to Jan B and Matt from Suffolk for their generous donations following the previous article.

Should any reader who appreciates the content and work of RogueMale wish to show it by way of a donation, of whatever amount, please feel free to do so. Whilst I still have no pot to piss in, the donator can rest assured that his contribution will be put to good use. 

Much love to all, especially those who live in truthfulness and under the divine maxim,  

Do no harm, take no shit.’

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8 thoughts on “POWER & CORRUPTION

  1. Why don’t you help people fight the banks and make some money? I want to take on the bank over 3 stolen properties, I understand the situation entirely but I don’t feel strong enough on my own, can you help?

    1. Hi, Philip and thanks for getting in touch. It’s a very good question. The forthcoming film #TheGreatBritishMortgageSwindle will lay out the swindle in its full gory detail. An accompanying podcast will also take the listener through an explanation as to what he can do by way of making an application for rectification and, if appropriate, how to claim indemnification for all losses suffered as a consequence of the void charge being recorded on the Land Register. The Land Registry is sitting on a time-bomb due to the fact it has allowed all those void mortgage deeds to be registered. If you pm me at roguemale@thinkfree.org.uk, then I may be able to assist you with such an application to the Land Registry. All the best, RM.

  2. I snuck in underage to watch Stanley Kubriks’
    Clockwork orange when it first hit the screen.
    The great questioning for me began as a child when things called bills would rise (bills is what they used to call them in the 50’s _70’s) they worked hard but never seemed to get on top of these bills due to the fact they always increased in value. I couldn’t see how it was possible …it was then that I knew other people who controlled the goods put up the price at whim and will. then all other companies would follow the excuse of the day. I knew instinctively I didn’t want to play in that biased game and that because the masses did it would be forced on me…..and it was so……..wisdom appears to come with age and the school of life and it brings us to understand the child within us was right by instinct

    1. Hi, Jan and thanks for the incisive comment – I completely agree: the child within us does know these things by instinct. That’s one of the things the (mis)education system tries to brain wash children away from. It’s interesting to watch a clockwork orange and realise just how fearful the ‘establishment’ are of the energy of youth. The depiction of the ‘bovver’ booted ‘thugs’ in white shirts and bowler hats is very subversive. But, ultimately, the real thugs are not the youths but those White Collar Criminals whose crimes are often paper based, if you catch my drift. All the best, RM

    1. Hi, Phil. Yes, we had a legal issue to resolve which resulted in the film having to be completely re-edited. On top of that there was a series of technical problems with the picture and sound quality. All of which we can happily state have been fixed, resulting in improvements to the overall quality of the film. Thanks for getting in touch and watch this space. #TGBMS redux is coming very soon. All the best, RM

        1. Hi, Phil. Thank you for your kind words. Back in 2009, at the original fraudulent possession hearing, I told Richard Inglis (the judge) that it is was “my duty” to get to the bottom of the swindle. Little did I know that 7 years on we would still be battling it. It’s not been easy and when I receive appreciation like this, it means a lot. Cheers.

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