12 December, 1615, Savoy Cinema, Nottingham.

TGBMS may well be a new genre of film (the ‘shockumentary’).

Shot over 6 years, the film has garnered positive audience responses at a series of Test Screenings around the country and at its international launch in May, 2015 at the Cannes International Film Market.

It weaves together the heroic stories of an unsung collection of individuals, united in their common struggle for justice, in perhaps the titanic battle of our times: the People vs. The Banks. The film catapults the viewer into the very heart of a banking scandal that involves over 11 million mortgages in Britain alone.

Incredible as it may seem, Ceri Howells, an associate of RM's, went behind his back & the public notices to buy the stolen home at a fire sale price some £50k less than its market value.
RM’s stolen home, sold off at a fire sale price some £50k less than its market value.

Featuring harrowing scenes from the ‘frontline’ as well as first-hand testimony of what is effectively a civil war being waged by the Banks against the People, the film contains a series of narratives to reveal the enormity of the swindle.

From the culpability of the banks’ lawyers and accountants to that of the bailiffs and police, TGBMS encompasses every level of ‘her majesty’s justice system’, the land registry and those in the legal professions, when dealing with claims and counter-claims of institutionalised mortgage fraud by the banks.

The facts are stark: across Britain there are virtually no lawful mortgage contracts and no bank can demonstrate it actually loaned any of its own moneys.

TGBMS stands as a disturbing chronicle of the ‘high’ level corruption and fraud involving millions of families in Britain who falsely believe they have valid and lawful mortgages. In the words of John, one of its protagonists,

This bank had been continuing to trade and they didn’t have an money. What they did have was the mechanics to create purported loans which didn’t actually exist.”

Using a wealth of archive material, TGBMS draws together the personal experiences of its protagonists to take the audience on an emotional and edifying journey through the dramatic events in their battles for justice.

After months of essential post production which has resulted in a complete remixing of the soundtrack and the addition of a tailor – made film score, TGBMS is finally being released.

The British Premiere of the film will take place in the city of Nottingham. It will be followed by a private party at the Savoy Cinema, the venue for the screening.

It is anticipated that the film’s eagerly-anticipated on-line release will follow shortly after its cinematic debut.

Many thanks to all those who have supported its development.

For more details, visit the TGBMS website.

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