If I get a good deal for my client, regardless of the method, I’ve done my job.”

The above quote is from Louise Power, a 45 year old lawyer who is operating under the influence of what Thomas Sheridan’s work would view as psychopathy and which Mark Passio’s would identify as being of the Four Pillars of Satanism. Whilst the former is marked by a complete lack of empathy towards one’s fellow sentient Men, the second consists, in Passio’s view as:

  1. A belief that Self Preservation prevails. i.e. ‘I’m alright jack and fuck the rest of you.”
  2. Moral Relativism ~ that there is no such thing as Right and Wrong and that it is ‘all good’.
  3. Social Darwinism whereby the elites are an oligarchy that rightfully rules the ‘herd’.
  4. Eugenics ~ a system of controlled breeding aimed at ‘improving’ humans by various breeding methods and/or transhumanism.

In the RM’s view, both are at play and demonstrably so in the case of Louise Power whose self-confessed and manifest ruthless behaviour is typical of the entire legal profession and particularly true of those whores who represent the Banksters.

Once again, this piece is supported by RM’s first-hand knowledge and direct experience of the malicious tactics the corporate liars will resort to in order to prevent the Truth from being heard. As  such, they are all complicit in the perversion of the course of Justice.

Without being reductionist, let us begin with the simple fact that the deluded and self-aggrandising lawyers are so desperate to cover up but, happily for the world, is out of the bag…


All debts are fake. The bank merely extended credit on the back of your promise to pay made by way of your signature on a unilateral agreement which you were tricked into signing. It is void for want of disclosure of this fact. You are the creditor of the bank. Not the debtor. All the bank does is extend ‘credit’ from the deposit of this valuable agreement which is called a security.

The above paragraph provides the essence of what the Banksters are so desperate to cover up and anyone who insists one owes money to these satanic institutions peopled by those psychopathic individuals is a liar.

Now, as detailed here, the whole charade takes on an even heavier hue when one considers how the mortgage swindle works and how the coked-up banksters are gambling using the shelters over our heads.

Thousands of people are being evicted from their homes every day over fake claims made in the phony courts before gate-keeping judges who side with the banksters every time.

Yesterday morning, 7 January, 2013, my friends Michael and his mother Elizabeth were subjected to a genocidal attack perpetrated by the same Louise Power of Walker Morris.

Under her instruction, at 0530, a team of ‘High Court Enforcement Officers’ attacked the family home in Coventry. They and the Police descended on the property in a military operation. The Police used petrol powered angle grinders were to cut through the bars and grills that mike had installed in readiness for such an assault.  There was a team of armed paramilitary police in attendance who stood by in willful ignorance like the psychotic and brain dead morons they are as the violent trespass took place.

In Mike’s own words,

The police cut their way in simultaneously on the front and back, cutting through all our installed security grills.
My mother dropped down the first set of  stairs to the middle landing resulting in extensive bruising, and carried out by her wrists and ankles to be dumped on the pavement in the rain. And told, “YOU JUST LIE HERE OR YOU CAN GO.”

This brutal act of violence was committed by a High Court Enforcement Officer, a South African by the name of Conrad Van Zyl.

Please take a moment to imagine this happening to you and your mother. It is nothing less than an act of terrorism. And it was carried out over a phony debt which had been falsely represented to the courts [Northern Rock had securitised the fake loan and is collecting on behalf of those investors who have bought the security]. Mike and E know this to be the case and have a claim pending for Fraud upon the Court. Mike was subjected to a similar attack back in September 2013. He went back in and repossessed his home. The cowardly judges willfully ignored the facts of the matter which he articulated to them. Any debt is pretend. It is a fantasy and these feckers know it.

Here is the raw footage of the Terrorist Action as undoubtedly orchestrated by Louise Power and/or her Criminal Cohorts in the Banking and Legal profession:


Louise Power is the woman behind a series of terrorist attacks around these lands. The following is footage of a series of assaults which took place against Jon of Port Talbot nearly a year ago. She is the one who instructed the hired thug, ‘Nathan’ to smash the glass door panels.
View here.

Louise Power is the woman behind this assault on Joe in London: view here.

She is the woman who is currently attempting to evict a 71 year old mother of 7 and her youngest son from their farm near Kings Lynn.

She is the woman behind a miscarriage of justice in Lancashire at Preston County Court.

The firm Walker Morris of Leeds is a cut-throat cadre of traitors who are engaging in an ongoing genocidal campaign against the people: a friend described it as a ‘slow kill’ strategy and she is right.

Every eviction is an act of state terrorism and it is going on under the noses of a sleeping population whose heads remain firmly up their arses as long as they stay under the machinations of the manipulators of the mainstream media, all of which propagates a psychotic and satanic mind control.

Every eviction causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in its victims. RM has experienced this and this is why, when he heard the appalling news of M and E’s violent and unlawful eviction, it hit him in his guts, for in an instant, it sparked the memory of his own evictions of two and three years ago.



And all the while, the bovine police and the paid fuckwit underlings who assist in the theft of our homes turn a blind eye to the crimes.

Each and every eviction is a tear in the fabric of Natural Law. Passio states that Theft is the overarching wrong.

RM would respectfully disagree with that: it is TRESPASS.

The violent thugs employed by Louise ‘by an means necessary’ Power of Walker Morris, the  criminal bailiffs and the stupidly complicit cops are all committing acts of gross genocidal trespass that breach every aspect of Natural Law.

Any act that infringes upon one’s Natural Rights is an act of trespass.

RM received an email two days ago from a solicitor written in response to a claim made against the professional indemnity insurance of a firm of Solicitors for damages pursuant to his own violent eviction. Said letter stated that “You are the author of your own misfortune”.

It is that kind of erroneous, psychotic and satanic bullshit that is at play here whereby the victims of these Bankster crimes are labelled as somehow deserving of all that comes their way.

Thomas Sheridan is of the view that we need to purge these psychopaths from our communities. Mark Passio is of the view that ACTION must be taken in line with our Male energies.

They are both totally correct.

This article has identified the enemy. The question is:

what are we going to do about it?

Ask yourself these questions ~ not out of some fake fictional notion ~ but in the knowledge that the following archetypal characters are real representations of Truth and Justice under Natural Law. In this way they are palpable forms of knowledge which serve to illustrate the truth that exists in our individual and collective consciousness:

What would Robin Hood and his men do in such circumstances?

What action would King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table take?


Why the fuck should we tolerate this any longer?

What are we going to do ~ individually and collectively?

To reiterate: the Courts are perverting the course of justice. The Cops are dumb thugs who blindly follow orders. And the likes of Louise Power and any lying lawyer who acts for the Banksters are mentally ill criminals whose psychotic behaviour must be halted.

It is time for each and every one of us to respond in the manner of the Men of Old. We owe it to our ancestors and we owe to every one who inhabits these lands.

In the light of the foregoing and as a matter of urgency, RM will be organising a conference to be held within the next four weeks, in Northern Britain for all those who wish to take action in the spirit of the Ancient Britons and protect their communities from these psychotic satanists in our midst: if the corrupt courts will not provide justice, then we must claim it ourselves. The cowardly cunts who hide behind the tattered robes of the Crown and who employ idiotic thugs to blindly follow their orders need to be confronted and called out. No more evictions. No more state-sponsored terrorism. No more turning a blind eye.

Our time is now. Please watch this space for details of the event ~ anyone with a suitable venue in the M62 ‘corridor’ should email me. Please note: any one who wishes to take part will be required to  sign a declaration that they are not working for any secret organisation and/or agency of government.

The Conference will cover, without limitation,  the following:

  1. The formation of Grand Juries by and under the will of the people
  2. The formation and organisation of delegations to the courts and law firms culpable in crimes of genocide by way of trespass and theft under Natural Law ~ the right to close them down, the right and correct use of force in face of violence.
  3. The Serving of Notices closing down these organisations by Grand Juries.
  4. How to attack the solicitors bonds by way of claims on their Professional Indemnity Insurance policies.
  5. Refusing to give HMCTS jurisdiction by going into the satanic covens commonly referrred to as ‘Courts’.
  6. The issuance of Warnings to the police to Cease and Desist in the aiding and abetting of the Banks’ criminal actions.




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