Welcome dear reader to the work of the Rogue Male.

All that you may read about on these pages is factually based ~ the steps taken were as a result of knowledge attained and heart-felt resonance do that which was correct, or the right thing to do.

Thus, I jumped in at the deep end with regard to the actions take against the white collar criminals who occupy positions in those illegitimate governmental, financial and phony legal institutions that so perniciously hold Mankind in an artificially constructed sequence of control systems.

The tyranny the RM was subjected to as a consequence of taking those steps is palpable throughout the posts and pages herein ~ or at least it will be to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to listen.

A direct consequence of these actions has been to force the RM into a state of penury ~ in other words,  he has been robbed of all he had and is totally skint. For this reason, those readers with the ability to appreciate the work of the Rogue are encouraged to make a donation, no matter how small.

Please place it in the context of the everyday purchases that are made in the various retail institutions you may frequent: the cost of a daily newspaper that feeds the brain a diet of disinformation, the price of a coffee from a corporate chain which feeds your body nothing of real substance, the value of a drink in a pub, a bottle of wine from a supermarket or the monthly charges you pay to a mobile phone or media provider are all comparisons that serve to place the value of your donation in a wider perspective.

For the last four years RM has been providing his time and his assistance for free. 2014 marks a change in so far as he is now operating a new system.

Anyone who requires his specialised knowledge on and direct experience of mortgage fraud, matters of  court, of freedom to travel/travel issues, DVLA matters and/or wishes to use templated documentation that he holds the copyright on and/or is his intellectual property, will be expected to purchase units of energy called ROGUE SOVEREIGNS (RS).

[Note: Image used for illustrative purposes only]

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 14.43.03One RS is currently valued at one hour of his time, which for current purposes equates with  THIRTY-FIVE GREAT BRITISH POUNDS (£GBP 35.00) (an hourly rate he would receive if he were working in his former capacity as a teacher). This can be applied to Skype calls and direct one-to-one meetings and/or home schooling sessions.

If you wish to reciprocate by offering your time, then that can be negotiated by mutual agreement,  in accord with that offered by the ‘UK Govt’ to its citizens, which RM has adjusted to be divisible into £35. [Govt rates are in brackets for the year 2013, which is taken at the current rate]

£7.00 [£6.31] 21 and over
£5.00 [£5.03] 18 to 20
£3.50 [£3.72] Under 18
£3.50 [£2.68] Apprentice. Source:


Obviously, these rates only apply to those who remain citizens of the state, which applies also to those in receipt of state benefits of any and all natures.

Other forms of mutually agreed value/energy are acceptable for the purposes of barter/exchange but the above value of the RogueSovereign is non-negotiable.

If you wish to engage the services of the RM, then please email him at

Thank-you for your appreciation ~ it is truly appreciated.

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  1. hi who is greg hallet in your opinion does what he say concur with what alan and barram say? also i went to donate but couldn’t get it off the £50.00 figure…

    1. Hi, K hilton. Greg Hallett is a researcher whose work mainly goes back to the early 1800s and thus covers the more ‘reent’ history of the ‘Royal’ family. He exposes a number of facts concerning their ‘illegitimacy’. Barram and Alan, of course, are historians more concerned with the ancient history of these lands. Nevertheless, they are also of the view that, due to the facts regarding the genealogy of the original British Kings like Arthur, the current incumbents at Buckingham Palace are Germanic usurpers and not British.

      The donate button has a ‘slider’ feature which, when you click on it, should allow you to move it to whatever amount you wish to donate. Many thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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