Welcome to the unabashed, unapologetic and uncompromising home of the sacred masculine.

We live in an epoch in which the Male energetic principle is under an assault of genocidal dimensions, whether that be through the chemicalisation of food and water, wi-fi radiation, a mass dumbing-down programme deliberately constructed to entrap the male energy in apathy and confusion, or the divide and rule strategy of feminism, the effect is that the masculine energy of ACTION in the physical world by the Male has been somewhat neutered.

The antidote is here ~ “ROGUE MALE: An uncontrolled animal that lives apart from the rest of its herd or group, acting independently and using unorthodox methods that are unpredictable. His reasons for challenging the status quo are often excellent. (He is) a dark horse and an unknown quantity.”



Any policy, programme or system of control that prevents this masculine energy operating on an effective level, is an attempt to suppress it that is of immeasurable benefit to those who would enslave Man.

The most effective means of enslavement are to be found in the realms of finance and law, which dominate the lives of all ~ two over-arching systems of control, peopled by gatekeepers who lie and manipulate and resort to violence when the man stands against the tyranny by drawing a line in the sand, and declares, “No more!”

This may well give rise to the question, “Who are those who benefit from this state of affairs?”

The answer, of course, is all those who would attempt to control Man and suppress his divnity by way of the fictional dictates and acts of a fictional ‘government’, masquerading as laws and a system of finance that leaches his sacred energy from him by way of a controlled and taxed money supply.

Would it be wrong to suggest that any man who is not actively seeking remedy to this oppressive state of affairs and taking on his would-be oppressors is out-of-balance with his sacred powers and he has been manipulated into this by the matrix of control that feeds upon him?

The Rogue Male would argue that is self-evidently the case right now.

Though living on these shores, on the land known as Britain, the author of this site is in exile, having declared to the false-pretender herself, Mary Elizabeth Windsor of the House Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the head puppet of the ‘Crown’ by way of private notice, his refusal to consent to all external government force: he has renounced his citizenship.

With due regard to his exiled status ~ he has severed his ties with the fictional and criminal ‘UK PLC’ ~ this website is dedicated to the self-realisation of the individual.

For ambiguous, private and/or artistic purposes, the term ‘Rogue Male’ is used to express the fact we are all born singularly and that the true power lies in the individual, the one able to think critically and act upon his intuition.

Doubtless there will be a few dissenters who argue all this about the sacred masculine is bullshit and that we should all ‘chill-out’ and ’embrace our feminine aspects’ … a standpoint, of course, which only serves a military industrial complex which is intent on suppressing the male ~ after all, the elites want a  populace, that is malleable,  uncritical, dumbed down and neutered. The oppressors, the controllers and the fake manipulators do not want a male populace that, in accord with the masculine principle, takes action and engages with the tyranny it faces.

As philosopher Edmund Burke said,

The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’

Therefore, this site is dedicated to all those who take action against their would-be controllers, gatekeepers and those fake actors who inhabit the corridors of power.

This Rogue remains Male, despite the phony medical practitioners brutal attempt to emasculate (2) him by way of surgical butchery commonly known as circumcision and he can vouch that each and every action described in these pages is what actually took place, that which he engaged in and has first-hand knowledge and thus direct experience of.  The astute reader will see his mistakes and realise that they have each served to provide the RM with a series of lessons to be learned. Please be sure to take from them what you may ~ but, remember too, that this life you live is your own unique journey and it is not to be lived vicariously.  For instance, some will read the account of how and why he had his home of 16 years stolen from him and conclude that he was crazy to take on the all-powerful banksters and their minions in the ‘legal system’.  Whereas others will appreciate the male energy at play which compelled him to jump in at the deep end and do something about the swindle he and millions of others have fallen prey to. They will also appreciate how he actually beat them at their own game to such an extent that the only recourse they had was to use violence, deception and a treacherous police force to forcibly evict him and take his home without his consent. His house was taken by trickery and unlawful means. The scales of equity are out-of-balance right now and the time is drawing near for equilibrium to be restored.

Of course, none of this is to deny the power of the Sacred Female principle: our divinity lies in the marriage of male and female energy, the harmony of the two is that state of being into which we are born. Unfortunately, like so much of life on planet earth right now, that harmony is lacking and Man is out of kilter.

It is time to redress that condition and this, dear reader, is one Man’s humble attempt to do just that.

Yours faithfully,

The Rogue Male


Footnotes: (1) sacred |ˈseɪkrɪd| adjective connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration : sacred rites | the site at Eleusis is sacred to Demeter. See note at divine . • religious rather than secular : sacred music. • (of writing or text) embodying the laws or doctrines of a religion : a sacred Hindu text. • regarded with great respect and reverence by a particular religion, group, or individual : an animal sacred to Mexican culture. • sacrosanct : to a police officer nothing is sacred. DERIVATIVES sacredly adverb sacredness noun ORIGIN late Middle English : past participle of archaic sacre [consecrate,] from Old French sacrer, from Latin sacrare, from sacer, sacr- ‘holy.’

(2) emasculate |ɪˈmaskjʊleɪt|verb [ trans. ]
‘make (a person, idea, or piece of legislation) weaker or less effective : our winner-take-all elections emasculate fringe parties like neo-Nazis.
• [usu. as adj. ] ( emasculated) deprive (a man) of his male role or identity : he feels emasculated because he cannot control his sons’ behavior.
archaic castrate (a man or male animal).
• Botany remove the anthers from a flower.
emasculation |-ˈleɪʃ(ə)n| noun
emasculator noun
emasculatory |-lət(ə)ri| adjective
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Latin emasculat- ‘castrated,’ from the verb emasculare, from e- (variant of ex-, expressing a change of state) + masculus ‘male.’

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