“Depravity, insanity and utter corruption.”

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Recorded in DEIRA on JUNE 1 2014

EPISODE NOTES: A rogue ramble over the following pertinent matters: friendship, genocide against indigenous peoples of Europe. Two world wars, mass slaughter of the indigenous men, satanic psychopathic bankster engineered wars, ALL WARS ARE BANKSTERS’ WARS – FOR PROFIT.


MON-EYE is a fake religion, blind faith in the God known as money. Banksters are the priests of High Finance. Santander case in Belfast, judges signing their own death warrants, significance of Sovereigns forming the Grand Jury – takes it beyond the reach of statutory law. GJ more powerful than common law courts. Putting aside individual differences to unite against the enemy. The enemy is any one seeking to commit genocide against one and one’s fellow men. Game over. Fuck off the communist EU, the Great British Mortgage Swindle – World Premier at a BanksterBusters’ ™ conference, a step-by-step guide to how the swindle was perpetrated. Ceri Howells – the usurper who bought RM’s home at a fire sale price – is a temporary custodian, a trespasser. A lie can be half way round the world whilst the truth is still lacing up its boots. No evidence of any loan, no valid two party contract as required at law. Remedy will be had. But not in a Crown House of Rothschild Court (HMRCTS). 1989 Law of Property Act s2. The MORTGAGOR IS THE DE FACTO CREDITOR OF THE BANK. Thanks to the negligence of the duplicitous conveyancing solicitor, he ends up, as a consequence of a criminal switch and bait manoeuvre being played on him,   becoming the LEGAL DEBTOR . How could that happen if the solicitor were genuine, if he was employed to secure a valid mortgage that satisfies the Law of Mortgages?

The difference between whoring solicitors and soliciting whores – how Shoosmiths of Northampton and Walker Morris of Leeds are up to their necks in bankster lies. How Rebecca Courtney and Louise Power, two women working for them perjure themselves by consistently entering false witness statements into the County Courts in bogus possession claims, the intent of which is to violently, with genocidal cause and effect, steal people’s homes from them. REMEDY lies in the formation of a GRAND JURY which tries the Banksters with genocide and fraud, acts perpetrated against the indigenous peoples of the British isles.

FINALLY, DETAILS OF THE UPCOMING BANKSTER BUSTERS™ CONFERENCE AND WORLD PREMIER OF ‘THE GREAT BRITISH MORTGAGE SWINDLE’ – effective guerilla tactics for any one facing a fraudulent mortgage claim and a step-by-step expose of the GBMS.

MUSIC: ‘Blank Holes’ by Jingle Punks

Footnote: whore |hɔː|
noun derogatory
a prostitute.
(of a woman) work as a prostitute : she spent her life whoring for dangerous men.
• [often as n. ] ( whoring) (of a man) use the services of prostitutes : he lived by night, indulging in his two hobbies, whoring and eating.

• debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money : he had never whored after money.
ORIGIN late Old English hōre, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoer and German Hure, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin carus ‘dear.’

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