A return to the city, an encounter and salient information for those who may find themselves in Court on a phony charge over some herb or other.

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Episode notes: recorded in Nottingham on 24 June 2014, this episode considers the refreshment provided when one steps out of of the matrix and back into nature;  Facebook acquaintance that develops into a real connection.  Dealing with an erroneous herbal medicine (cannabis) charge. Cannabis is a plant, a herb for Man’s usage. No one comes between a Man and his Creator.

The significance of maintaining one’s honour in the Crown Court.

387427_10151442865448908_82515099_nHow the fallacies of the Courts are disarmed by the Truth – the only one who needs to fear the Truth in a Court is a man who is lying, which, of course, brings about a state of dis-ease in all those who work in such dens of iniquity.  This un-ease may be used to the Man’s advantage and this is elaborated further upon by the RM who explains how a young man successfully stood under the facts when faced with a similar charge which went all the way to the Crown Court in Nottingham.

How to stand under the Truth – note: this will not stand unless one speaks the truth and puts the facts of the matter on the court record.

When in court as a litigant in person ask as many relevant questions as you can think of. How to read your truth into the record.


Who has shot the bolt?

Please note: attentive listeners may well experience some amusement, several minutes into the episode, at the brief references to what the RM is referring to as a ‘comfort call’.

Please like and share as one wills it. Best wishes, the RM.

Credits: big thanks to Andrew Hardman of Warrington for his donation – much appreciated, brother.

music: ‘City Groove’ by Jingle Punks and by ‘Smile Quiet Looking Up’ by Puddle of Infinity.

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