The king of LOVE my sheep DOG is
His goodness faileth never

Raise up thy thoughts to raise up thyself.

‘If not you to do it then who? ‘

The man is as he thinketh.
The thoughts are the seeds that will sprout to fruition.

‘And fears?’

Aye, they come and they recede.
Look! The tide is in; now it‘s out.

Watch the thoughts watch the mind,
watch the thoughts, watch the mind.
And allow the growth to come.

Ok ok ok. Here we are and a focus is due.
The Badfume and Burgle issue is still with us.

‘Or is it? ‘

I refuse to live in fear – doubly so when
it is one imposed from without ,
a profoundly unsubtle attempt to unseat one
from a position of equanimity

The free masonic sorcerers may indeed kiss the cheeks of my arse
before planting a smacker on the sphinctre of my resolve
if they think I am a spirit who will succumb to their bullshit.
They can never force it on us – we have to consent, to acquiesce
through silence, through the taciturn herdality of the holographic world we are in.
We are in.

Aye the judge erred in law.
Thank one Barrista Wood.
Aye aye aye, get this ~
The barrista may kiss
the sphinctre of my resolve
and see where that leaves him.

‘But such crudity is ill-becoming!’

One may claim so but one remains of the view
that all is metaphor and if this doesn’t work
then one may choose one of thy own.

‘Who are you and where are you from?’

No. The question is what is ‘you’?
Better to ask ‘who is one?’

Consciousness experiencing itself, that is all.

‘The question as to where one is from raises more questions.
Does it matter where one is now?’

Would it be of any use for me to contemplate that
information that arrived to say
I was from further farther and father away
– maybe as far as wide away as the Sirius constellation?

What the Dog Star?

“The dog star rages, nay ‘tis past a doubt, all Bedlam and Parnassus is let out”

Dogon Dog Star. Dog nab it!
The Dogon are down with the Dog.
Seriously? Sirius sly – catch me
cocking my leg up against that tree,
a big shaggy dog,
a hound star galactica.

Kiss my broad smile and watch it vanish.
The flotsam and jetsam of a life and lie
and long to love and resolve to re solve to love.
Resolution that’s better with the fakery behind
us and the way ahead becoming clearer.
Hand on the tiller, eye on the horizon

‘A yacht?’

A yacht is a kingdom within the kingdom and
away we go out of the corporation known as the United Kingdom
which is disunited and fake and way way beyond
what ever the people may imagine it to be…
but don’t ask one to see
Its far too difficult for the likes of ‘me’

always, upwards
and onwards and round
and round upside down back
to front and right way rounds from
Stars to where bullshit and cow pats abound.

We shall overcome
we shall over come
we shall rise and rise
back we go.

The metaphysical question that beckons is one of return and
reemergence – have we been here before?
Is there some kind of noble pact in place?
Memory wiped and swiped
We may have forgotten but
that does not preclude us
from making the decision
to be here and to live joyously and abundantly…

Ever new joy,
ever greater
We ask what we
will the universe
Will give freely

You see, it is all here
– just so, right here,
right now and this moment
is all there ever is.
All there ever is…
All there ever can be.
All there ever will be.

Just about right now.

Trust resonates
outwards and inwards, in all manner of
fractal directions and shapes.

The knowledge that none of us own any of this,
that it is all on loan and that an elite controls and
ruins the Earth’s natural resources with artful craft and
methods of deception rarely before revealed is literally shocking.

‘Trust in whom? ‘

‘Thyself, only thyself? ‘

Trust in thy kindred spirits
nurture the view that we are, quite simply,
the ones we have been waiting for. So it comes to pass.
And so we take action when and where it is required
which is always in the here and the now.
Remember, there is no other place, no other time
only this pregnant moment.

‘Who needs saving and from whom?’

Only one’s greater self from the fog and fugue
of the Maya that lies all around.
In tower blocks, roads, traffic lights,
coughs and sneezes, squirrels, peanut butter,
the cat, ice cream, film, billboards, television,
memic devices, masonic/Egyptian symbolism,
state heavy-handedness, brutality, immorality and
spiritless humans, energetic etheric beings who
feed off human energy generated by fear,
programming, delusion, conflict.

‘We can only be with each other,
every man child woman and brother?’

Find the others, make of life what thou chooseth and rest assured,
thy efforts do not go unnoticed.
Find it in meditation, that which you seek.
Questions will be answered for thou art
the Universe and fragmentary
wholes and holes and contrary energies are at play.

Be assured of thy success.
The forces of light require it.
Be merry. Be assured, be relaxed.
Be focused and remember the universe wills you to succeed
Love, compassion, generosity, warmth, strength of character,
purposefulness, direct, honest, we play the game with love, with joy,
with our effervescent intelligence, our love

‘And we?’

We Will Win.

Gandhi told it so:

“First they ignore you,
then they ridicule you,
then they fight you.
Then, you win.”

‘Dog on it!’

We are on it.

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