#TGBMS – Knocking Down the Dominoes of Dogma

Defeating dogma has never been easy. On many occasions, the individual can become disheartened that his efforts appear to have come to nought. Taking my own experiences over the last 8 years, during which time I took on the government bank known as the Bradford and Bingley over my void mortgage and ended up being callously and criminally evicted, I can perfectly understand how and why such a state of mind may come about. The voice of my ego will tell me things like ‘it was all for nothing; you worked all those years for the house and now you have fuck all; you should have played the game; it was pointless to risk it all in a game which you could never win; the odds were stacked against you; it was hopeless from the beginning; look at you, penniless and for what point?’ etc.

At such times my self-criticising ego may bemoan the fact that this website doesn’t attract much interest and that no-one is paying attention to the work. This only serves to reinforce the egoic thinking that all the effort has indeed been pointless.

However, being essentially nihilistic in origin, such thinking does not serve me. The RogueMale site has never been about attracting huge numbers of people: the writings are often lengthy and therefore the audience for them is of a particular quality – namely those who are able to read fluently and with the required levels of discernment and critical thinking. It is a case of quality over quantity and it was ever thus.

Popularity is not something I have ever courted. It belongs to the world of the glib, the smooth operator and the one who seeks approval outside himself:

“… the neurotic anxiously seeks the esteem and affection of the largest number of people…”

Jacques Ellul, ‘Propaganda: the formation of Men’s Attitudes.’

The world is awash with psychological operations which stem from many sources, particularly religion and all forms of external governance. Most if not all of these ‘psy-ops’ are dependent upon the continued perpetration of untruths, lies that are repeated so often, they become accepted by the uncritical mind as being the truth. When those in (false) ‘authority’ repeat those lies, they operate as agents of dogma:



a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true: the Christian dogma of the Trinity | the rejection of political dogma.



mid 16th cent.: via late Latin from Greek dogma ‘opinion,’ from dokein ‘seem good, think,’ from Greek dogmatikos “pertaining to doctrines,” from dogma (genitive dogmatos) “opinion, tenet,” literally “that which one thinks is true,” from dokein “to seem good, think” (from PIE root *dek- “to take, accept”). Related: Dogmatical (c. 1600).

As the discerning one knows, the truth is simply that which is so.

Dogma, as defined above, may be true but, more regularly, it is false.  As such it can be used to promote falsehoods. Interestingly, the fallacy of the appeal to authority is what often underpins a dogma, as can be exemplified by the religious dogmas relied upon by the Vatican (or other organised religions).

Throughout the pages of this website, it is stated that the Great British Mortgage Swindle is a fraud of monstrous proportions, that exists largely due to the inability of the people to understand just how it operates, both in terms of finance and the legal system.

Its operation is dependent upon the miseducation of the general populace (which thus has no ability to think critically) and the fake authorities that are used to shore up the swindle. However, its continued existence is hanging by a precarious thread, which is constantly unwinding as more and more of those people who are capable of critical thinking grasp the nature and the workings of the swindle. That unravelling thread is the pretence that the mortgage is lawful – that there has been consideration (an actual loan) on the part of the bank, that there has been a meeting of the minds of all parties (a necessary requirement for a valid contract to exist) and that every aspect of the ‘agreement’ has been disclosed. The absence of any one of which is enough to render the mortgage ‘agreement’ void ab initio.

Over the last 8 years I have taken part in or been present at many court hearings for (false) possession claims made by banks where the lawyers for the banks and the judges sweat their way through the proceedings, fumble for words and nervously shift in their seats due to the fact that they are being confronted with the truth of the matter:

  1. No loan has taken place – the credit (‘money’) for the purchase of the house was created out of thin air.
  2. The mortgage deed is void, a lie put to paper, fraudulently signed before any ‘advance’ has taken place and illegally executed before the ‘mortgagor’ was in possession of the house.
  3. There is no valid contract for a mortgage in place as required at law, signed by all parties.

These are the facts. They are not based on any fallacy. Indeed, any one who is able to point out any errors in fact or reason is invited to do so. The fact that no conveyancing solicitor ever points out the unlawful aspects of the mortgage agreement he is advising his client to enter renders the entire profession liable to a negligence claim once a mortgagor has sustained losses. That link demonstrates how one senior judge, Mr Ross Cranston, former solicitor general to the Labour government, took it upon himself – or, as is more likely the case, carried out instructions from his handlers –  to pervert the course of justice, just like all his cohorts did. It is fair to state that he was most nervous in the hearing as he went about shutting down a valid claim against the conveyancing solicitor and that his void judgement was pre-written (he did not retire to ‘deliberate’ but launched straight into it).

His extreme discomfort (and that of the legal profession and the British judiciary as a whole) was caused by his reliance upon dogma which flies in the face of the facts and reason. Dogma which exists as consequence of brainwashing (‘education’) and which blinds him and his ilk to the truth.

Thus, when presented with the facts, it is often the case that the judges will resort to the dogmatic expression,

“Well, you got the house didn’t you?”

Or, the solicitor will falsely claim that the mortgagor’s defence has “no basis in law”, often citing another such case where a miscarriage of justice took place as proof that the mortgagor’s claim is “hopeless”. Alternatively, the solicitor will falsely claim that the mortgagor is a ‘vexatious litigant’.


Thus it follows that both judge and solicitor are reliant upon dogma. The judiciary repeats the line in a desperate and underhand attempt to get the mortgagor into agreement that a loan took place (after all, if no loan took place then the entire proceedings are null and void and the bank is committing fraud by bringing the claim in the first place, with its CEO and minions all guilty of perjury too, for without consideration by the bank, there can be no valid contract and no money is due because no actual loan ever occurred).

A solicitor who defends a bank in such matters is totally dependent upon the fallacy known as the appeal to authority, a fake judicial authority that by failing to rule, time after time, upon the facts, has individually and collectively perverted the course of justice in order for the illusion to continue.

“It’s not what we don’t know that hurts us, it’s what we do know that isn’t so.”

The truth of this statement is plain and whilst it accurately applies to #TGBMS, it is applicable to any field of knowledge.

This aphorism is wholly applicable to the British Court System and all those banking acolytes and apologists who peddle the dogma that the 11.2 million mortgages in Britain are in any way valid.

Challenging its dogmas is a costly and demoralising exercise, for sure but it is necessary to do so in order that the racket may fall and, be sure of it, it will collapse for its roots are rotten to the core.

Rest assured, those dogma dominoes are there to be toppled and it only takes one finger from one individual to begin the fall. Roll on the release of the new and improved The Great British Mortgage Swindle, the film that is guaranteed to not just knock down the dominoes but obliterate them.

Finally, to all those who may be experiencing doubt and frustration over the state of the world today and the refusal of many to wake up to the tyranny that exists all around them, though your audience may be small and some may appear not to be listening, your efforts are worthwhile – keep knocking down the dominoes and never underestimate the power of what you do to have an effect.

Acknowledgements: Michael O’Bernicia for his vision and steadfast inspiration and David R for his unerring support and sponsorship of the work at RogueMale. Always appreciated, brothers. 

Donations are always welcome, no matter what the size. Thank you. 

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16 thoughts on “#TGBMS – Knocking Down the Dominoes of Dogma

  1. You did your best. I did my best too but they-thieves used the force to steal. The organised real-criminals in the world doing their best to steal, abuse, murder People and children and everything else what is alive and beautiful This is battle between The-True-God and satan. I deeply believe The-True-God will win eventually.

    ETERNAL WAR AND FALSE FLAG TERRORby Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD

    1. Hi, Branka and thank-you for taking the time to comment. The matrix of control always resorts to violence in the last instance. There were times during my battles with the judiciary that the judges would reveal their personal dislike of me. It was as though I was an irritant who they wanted out of the way in order that they could initiate the theft of the house and thus resolve the whole matter as ‘efficiently’ as possible. That ‘efficiency’ was a charade, a cover by which the courts claim to be competent when the opposite applies. However, they could not do that until they had first dealt with the various applications I put before the court. Ultimately, they were compelled to go along with the pretence that I had had a fair hearing and due process of the law and that I had not been subjected to a miscarriage of justice.

      For instance, the man known as Richard Inglis, acting as senior judge at Nottingham (retired early, to be replaced by Nigel Godsmark, a judge who was brought in to so nefariously ‘handle’ the Tom Crawford matter) was a man who I rather liked. At the first hearing, back in August 09 (how long ago it sounds!), he did give me full reign to explain my points about the money system and the other arguments about the lack of contract, no meeting of the minds and the various defects of the purported mortgage. However, he erred at law when he chose to ignore the notarised Lien process I had undergone which established the facts of the matter. I had effectively resolved the issues outside the judicial process and, with the ‘ecclesiastical’ seal of a public notary on the documentation, it was an entirely valid defence and counter claim which should have stood. According to inside information, when this matter was brought to the attention of the Archbishop of Canterbury (public notaries are appointed by him) by an African friend (who has familial connections with the higher echelons of the Church of England), Richard landed himself in difficulties which may have well led to his early departure from the bench.

      For all my affection for him – if I may call it that- he was a man who wronged me time after time, as he grew into the role of gatekeeper, the man who was there to block me at all costs. In October, 2010, following a two day trial to have me committed to prison for contempt of court (an application initiated on behalf of the Bradford and Bingley by the ‘former’ Rothschild employee, Benjamin Wood, barrister), Richard found me guilty but decided sending me to prison would be fruitless, on the basis that my housemate, Remi, would still be in the house. He even issued an order stating that no action could ensue without Remi, being informed beforehand by notice. The agents for the bank and the police totally ignored that written order which brought about the realisation that Richard was a pawn in the game and they were acting above and beyond the law when they violently threw us out on the street on 04 November, 2010. All this happened whilst the same judge was ‘away’ on holiday.

      At that point, it became crystal clear that we were dealing with a level of criminality on a scale which I had not expected, given it was all supposedly going through the ‘civil’ court system. All of which brought about the understanding that there was an ‘unseen’ satanic force behind the actions of the lackeys, by which I mean the judges, barristers, agents of the bank and police – a psychopathic agency of control which will resort to genocidal measures if one refuses to go along with it.

      As the aphorism goes, karma is a bitch. Those individuals involved in the whole affair will doubtlessly receive the consequences of what they caused (the law of causation) and their fake ‘gods’ will not offer them any protection when they come to meet their maker. All of which is how and why I agree with you when you state the true God will win eventually.

      In the meantime, I refuse to accept any of their bullshit, for the rotten edifice is built entirely on a swamp of fabrication, deception and violence that will ultimately collapse.

      All the best, branka.

  2. Very well put as ever, Michael – wish I was clever like you! I would love to donate but am still struggling on my less than state pension at the moment! Let’s hope we can get more people with half a brain cell to assist the fight!
    All the best
    Paul L.

  3. I have huge respect for what you have done, for your courage and trailblazing in this area. Thank God for people like you. The time is not so far away when the house of cards comes tumbling down followed by the days of reckoning. Many thanks

  4. Why aren’t you releasing the GBMS film? It keeps getting delayed and the excuses don;t seem real. I’m beggining to think it will never be released and then your work will never get the wide exposure. Come on, get on with it mate.

    1. Hello, Rod. I agree – it’s been a long journey. However, what needs to be remembered is the fact we have had genuine technical and legal difficulties to deal with and that we are very much a ‘cottage industry’ type of organisation, without the financial resources that would have led to an earlier release.

      Happily, those issues are just about resolved and it is anticipated that a major announcement about its release will soon be made. I can assure you that our efforts have been unrelenting and that the newly edited film will have a powerful effect on all who view it. And, yes, we are aiming for as wide an audience as possible.

      In short – we are getting there!

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      1. OK Good Keep going as I really want to see the film and hope it gets widely seen by other people as well.

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