The Government is Killing Us…

just as it did our ancestors.

200 Hundred Years of Government Sponsored Genocide & Terrorism.

How the British ‘Government’ has been engineering false flag attacks and terrorist atrocities on the people for hundreds of years.

It is fair to state that the British Government is scared shitless of the people, which, of course is how it should be:

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

What if you were to suggest to the average man in the street that his ‘government’ (not his own morality or consciousness of wrong and right but the ‘state’ that exists without himself) is, and always has been, his enemy and that of the people?

He might agree but most people, I’d wager, would take issue, despite the fact that the British ‘government’ has a long and ignoble history of engineering staged events in order to increase its powers over the people it falsely claims to ‘represent’.

These are dangerous times for ‘government’ right now. The Grenfell Tower inferno and resultant deaths is a stark illustration of the utter contempt those fake polipuppets have for the people. It should certainly be used as another nail in the coffin of a UK government, that in accord with its deplorable history of genocide against the people, at home and abroad, appears to have deliberately bypassed any attempts to implement, what for most, would be basic standards of safety for those who live in these types of housing blocks. By way of illustration:

In support of the fact that governments commit genocide upon the people, generation after generation, one could quote abundantly from the annals of history, dating back to all civilisations. Government has always been about how to control the people. Tried and tested methods of suppression and control of the people have existed since time in memoriam and those techniques are in constant usage.

The allegory of Plato’s Cave  is perhaps the clearest of all the analogies that we may use to understand the significance of how the state uses mind control techniques to shape and mould the hearts and minds of the people. These days, the television and moving image is the technological equivalent of the fire that casts the shadows on the cave wall, creating the false flickering reality by which people figure out the meaning of their lives and behave accordingly:

Plato’s Cave – controlling the media.

When those techniques break down, the ‘controllers’ resort to force.

It is the circus maximus, the grand bread and circus show, and it is the domineering screen of Orwell’s 1984. It operates to such an extent that it successfully dominates the thought processes of all those who come under its thrall.

The BBC is the state’s vehicle for its promulgation of its messages to the population.

This engineering of the collective psyche has been going on for millennia. Religion has played its part too, as has the introduction of a Frankfurt education system that teaches its captive audiences what to think, not how to think.

It is hugely successful. The techniques work. Throw into the mix the psychological developments of the last century – New Age religion (via theosophy, Crowley and Freemasonry), the creation of eugenics, the rise of social Darwinism and Marxism, the viral spread of ‘psychology’ spun out by Sigmund Freud, his nephew, Edward Bernays, and the weaponised anthropology of the Tavistock institute and, over-arching it all, the control of finance – and one can begin to see clearly the psychological mesh or matrix of control that lies between the individual and his natural state of free or critical thinking.

It is a mesh that the deep state spends billions of pounds on maintaining. It is a massive, though relatively simple, operation of conditioning and brainwashing that relies totally upon the control of the media (a term only recently used to describe the mass mainstream communications networks). That control is currently under threat as a consequence of the rise of the internet and the independent media, a tsunami of individuals who now have the means and the technology to use their critical thinking skills to disseminate factual information that blows apart the fake machinations of the deep state and the mainstream media.

The question as to how and why so much energy and money is spent attempting to control the minds of the people is an interesting one but it boils down to this: those in ‘power’ are scared witless of the people rising up to usurp them.

Personally, I find it incredible that anyone would wish to limit the thinking and the lives of others. I am thus opposed to any and every form of control that limits the capacity of the individual to live in accordance with the righteous precept of ‘do no harm, take no shit’ and to prosper on his own terms, in line with the principals that have been made plain to us from a variety of sources, including the teachings of Christ:

The Summary of the Law is composed of two Great Commandments that both take the form “thou shalt:”


Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Matthew 22:37-40 Source

These are straightforward enough to need no further comment.

Inevitably, as one journeys through life, it becomes clearer that all is not as it should be.  An unease forms in the solar plexus of the one who wakes up to the panopticon of psychological manipulation that he is living under. Once he begins to delve into the machinations of the systems that beset him, he grows increasingly conscious of how and why the deep state is an extreme force that exists with one purpose: mass manipulation. He learns that the ‘government’ without himself is a collection of extremists whom history has demonstrated beyond doubt is responsible for the mass slaughter of millions of people world-wide.

At the moment, it appears that the city of London and the country at large is being subjected to a series of engineered events that are specifically carried out in accordance with the age-old principle of divide and rule. The hung parliament is designed to create the illusion of chaos, the staged events are aimed at injecting fear into the minds of men – both in order to control and subjugate the masses.

To repeat, there is nothing new in this.

By way of illustration, let us turn back the clock to 200 years ago. As written about previously, the socio-economic situation in Britain at that time was bubbling with malcontent caused by the oppressions of the elites on the many (different time, same shit).

“Following the Napoleonic Wars England was immediately plunged into economic hardship. In the industrial textile towns of the North wages fell sharply as the factory system took hold, traditional handloom weavers being some of the worst affected. Weavers, who could have expected to earn 15 shillings a week in 1803, saw their wages cut by two thirds or more. Then came the Corn Laws of 1815. Intended to protect British agricultural workers from cheap foreign imports, they actually caused an increase in grain prices and a decrease in supplies, only adding to the poor’s woes. These hardships were then further compounded by poor harvests the following year, which resulted in food shortages during the winter of 1816-1817. As discontent led to riots, Lord Liverpool’s government were facing growing demands for social, political and economic reform.”  Source

The Luddites were another manifestation of this. The history of these lands makes it plain that when the people are treated like shit, they will eventually rise and attempt to shake off their psychological and physical shackles. The ruling classes know this, or at least they should, but one can be forgiven for thinking they do not, given the levels of blatant malfeasance that take place at all levels of ‘government’.  Malfeasance which, to reiterate, is perfectly illustrated by the latest ‘Fire of London’, the atrocity that took place at the Grenfell Towers, near Notting Hill.

Before digging into what has been falsely labelled the ‘last revolution’ of 1817, it’s also worth blowing apart the dubious claim of Theresa May that the ‘Manchester Attack’ was the worst terrorist incident the city had experienced, when much of the evidence of the alleged event suggests that it was faked – a false flag.

As a matter of fact, the Peterloo Massacre, a government attack on the people, was far worse in that it was a state-sponsored attack on a gathering of thousands:

“On the 16th of August 1819 the huge open area around what’s now St Peter’s Square, Manchester, played host to an outrage against over 60,000 peaceful pro-democracy and anti-poverty protesters; an event which became known as The Peterloo Massacre.


An estimated 18 people, including four women and a child, died from sabre cuts and trampling. Nearly 700 men, women and children received extremely serious injuries. All in the name of liberty and freedom from poverty.” Source

The Pentrich ‘Revolution’ of 1817 was, in fact, a false flag event, using patsies and government agents to stir up the people so that the government could impose repressive acts and measures against the populace. It was a staged event, organised by ‘Oliver the Spy’ – a government agent, William J Richards – who had been released from gaol to work for his masters – and who acted as agent provocateur and the catalyst for events.  The episode was manufactured, founded on the belief of the people that there was going to be a mass uprising that would take place across the country. Accordingly, a body of men was organised, ready to march to Nottingham, gathering support on the way.

However, it was all engineered.  A false flag event.

“Oliver was pulled out of debtors’ prison on the proviso he would spy for the government. He was paid on results, so he created those results.” Pentrich historian, Sylvia Mason.

Thus, Richards’ role was to foment a fake revolution centred around the towns of Derbyshire and the city of Nottingham itself in order that the government could be ‘justified’ in imposing repressive legislation across the country.  It was “an attempt to launch a revolutionary uprising in Derbyshire, by workers convinced by a government spy that a network of similar risings was planned elsewhere. There is evidence that similar plans were afoot in a number of places, but linked only by informers, and the premature events in Derbyshire and some arrests elsewhere led only to disaster.” Source

“The principal activist in the Nottingham and Pentrich area was the veteran radical Thomas Bacon […] who suggested Pentrich as the base for the rising, possibly because of its proximity to the Butterley ironworks which it was hoped to use for the manufacture of pikes and cannon during the coming insurrection. However, Bacon took no part in the rising. Its actual leader was Jeremiah Brandreth, a 27 year old man who had worked in a number of trades, and had only recently moved into the area. Taking charge a few days before 8 June, he organised support from the area around Pentrich.” Source

Government retribution, over an event that it had effectively organised, was brutal:

“The Pentrich rising had involved only a few hundred men at most, many of them effectively forced into taking part during the night march to Nottingham. Armed with a few guns, home-made pikes, scythes, and pitchforks they killed only one man during the whole episode. The Government, however, decided to make an example of them and forty five were tried for High Treason by Special Commission in Derby in July. Three were hanged, including Brandreth; thirty more were sentenced to transportation, including Bacon.” Source

This comment from historian EP Thompson on the engineering of the uprising is as applicable to the staged events in 2017 as it was to the Pentrich false flag, notice the highlighted ingredients and then apply them to the current state of engineered ‘terror’ at play:

“In a sense, the Government needed conspirators, to justify the continuation of repressive legislation which prevented nation-wide popular organisation.


[…] The line between the spy and the agent provocateur was indistinct. The informer was paid by piece-rate; the more alarmist his information, the more lucrative his trade. Fabricated information might be eagerly accepted by the authorities who propagated the myth. At a certain stage, it is impossible to know how far they were themselves deluded by conspiracies which their own informers engendered. To isolate and terrorise potential revolutionaries, it was possible to adopt a policy of deliberate provocation. In this sense, it was the policies of Pitt, in repressing the corresponding societies, which set in motion which led to both Oliver the Spy and the Pentrich Rising of 1817. 


These years reveal such a foul pattern of faked evidence, intimidation and double agents, that it is possible to regret that the logic did not work itself out to its proper conclusion. If the Cato Street conspirators had achieved their object in the assassination of the Cabinet, the Cabinet would have been slain by conspirators whom their own repressive policies had engendered, and their own spies had armed.” P530

[DOWNLOAD available here]

“The true nature of Pentrich has been variously distorted as a rebellion, or a revolution, an expression of the desire of common folk for armed uprising. In reality, it was largely a deliberate provocation by the State. The motive? To crush the yearnings for democracy. In a letter in 1831, Lord Melbourne, a former Home Secretary, recalled that there was “much reason to suspect that the rising…was stimulated, if not produced, by the artifices of Oliver”.” Source


“The government as good as organised it – they named the day in documents and showed they were planning it from 1815. They were afraid a real uprising was coming so they allowed the Pentrich men to march so they could be arrested as used as scapegoats.” Pentrich historian Sylvia Mason

Same As It Ever Was.

#FakeNews, 07 November, 1817

The use of scapegoats or patsies to blame for ‘terrorist events’ is a tried and tested methodology. One only has to consider the use of Osama Bin Laden as the purported organiser of the 9/11 attack, the Muslim patsies used in a variety of false flag events across Britain, the most recent being the London Attack, the Manchester ‘bombing’ and the Borough Market event which saw the purported muslim attackers (allegedly) assassinated by the police.

As ever, the narrative has to be controlled. Back in 1817, it was, of course, a different game for the access we now enjoy to all manner of media and technology enables the truth to be heard amidst the usual cacophony of lies – the fake news.

The events of 1817 led to the repressive legislation of 1819 known as the Six Acts being passed:

The Training Prevention Act prohibited civilian bodies from training in the use of weapons. This piece of legislation hardly seems out of place in the modern world, let alone in the period of disaffection of the 18-teens. It also limited the activities of the agents provocateurs


The Seizure of Arms Act, linked to the the Training Prevention Act, gave JPs and magistrates the right to search private houses for weapons, to seize them and their possessors. This Act also limited the activities of the agents provocateurs


The Seditious Meetings Act restricted to parish level all public meetings that were called to discuss ‘any public grievance or any matter on Church and State’. Organisers had to proved local magistrates with due notice of the time and place of the meeting. The magistrates were empowered to change the date and/or time of the meeting at will, to prevent any attempt to organise insurrection. This was, perhaps, the most serious infringement of public liberty but it was repealed in 1824.


The Blasphemous and Seditious Libels Act fixed the penalties for these activities to fourteen years’ transportation. Magistrates were empowered to seek, seize and confiscate all libellous materials in the possession of the accused. This piece of legislation was not especially effective because it was never enforced rigorously, and also because of Fox‘s 1792 Libel Act. Juries were reluctant to convict people on flimsy evidence.


The Misdemeanours Act provided for speedier legal machinery so that people could be brought to trial faster. This reduced the likelihood of bail being obtained by the accused; it also allowed for quicker convictions. Perhaps this was no bad thing, on either count.


The Newspaper and Stamp Duties Act greatly increased the taxes on printed matter, including newspapers, periodicals and pamphlets. Publishers and printers had to provide securities for their ‘good behaviour’ . Any publication appearing at least once a month, and costing less than 6d. was subject to a tax of 4d. The Act restricted the freedom of the legitimate press. Radical publications simply went ‘underground’.” Source

All of which were portrayed as a loss of traditional freedoms, as enshrined under the constitution, as illustrated by this contemporary cartoon:


The man in the street may be currently labouring under the delusion that the government is there to help him but recent events mean that his delusion is hanging by a thread. Whether or not we are heading towards a true revolution remains to be seen but it is fair to state that any genuine revolution has to commence in the mind and heart of the individual. Party politics is a chimera that is beginning to break down. The collectivist mindset leads only to more government which invariably leads to more genocide, for that is the modus operandi of the state:




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