The Manchester ‘bombing’ – a collection of anomalies.

Will the people ever wake up?


So, once again, another ‘attack’ is carried out by what the official narrative (and it is just that, a ‘storyline’) terms a ‘lone’ individual who was known to the security services (Mi5 et al).


The date was 22 May, 2017 and, purportedly, there were 22 victims. Notice the number 22, it’s a recurring digit.



As a consequence, armed troops are deployed alongside armed cops across the streets of Britain. These men with guns are largely stationed outside Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and Parliament.

In a display of pure idiocy, we have mainstream images of the people actually embracing these moves:

Fuckwittery at its most brazen, Newcastle, end May, 2017.


Theresa May has thus used this occurrence in Manchester, along with the 22 March ‘incident’ and the alleged murder of MP, Jo Cox, as justification for partial martial law and as a fuel to the electioneering slogan of her political party.


One question that rarely arises is that of the competency of those who are armed with these automatic weapons. Based on my personal experiences of the police, for instance, I would posit that many of these individuals are the last people one should trust to be going round the streets with guns, as many of them are unthinking reactionaries, ever prone to knee jerk reactions and always willing to carry out the orders of their masters. In all seriousness, many appear to be mentally unstable and operating from a position whereby they falsely believe that their uniforms exonerate them from such crimes as assault, actual bodily harm, kidnap and false imprisonment.

Here, by way of example, is one incident in which all of the above are clearly demonstrated. In this case, note, it is an attack on a group of young people in a public park. Watch it and then ask the question, ‘what could have happened if these men in uniform had been carrying guns?’


Since 9/11, a plethora of ‘security’ measures has been introduced that are supposed to make the people feel ‘safer’. CCTV, more armed cops, scanning devices at airports, courts and other ‘public’ buildings; all for the ‘war on terror’. Yet, none of these appear to work at the moments they are most required – cameras are either shut down or not working at the time, so no footage of the purported attacks ever manifests and there is never any news of an individual being caught with a rucksack of weaponry, despite the security ‘pat downs’ and scanning devices in situ.


A constant theme that runs through these narratives is that of a training exercise taking place, either at the time, like the 7/7 Tube event of 2005, or as in this case, a year before at the Trafford Centre, just outside Manchester.


These exercises are big business, with numbers of crisis actors being employed to act out the scenes under the direction of those who organise them. This is footage of the Trafford Centre drill from 2016:


Apparently, the Greater Manchester Police also released a warning that there would be a controlled explosion on the night in question:

Just a coincidence, nothing to see here.

The disreputable President Nixon claimed that the American public would not believe something had happened unless they saw it on television, such are the levels of brainwashing and programming that the people are subjected to. The ‘goggle box’ is thus a prime instrument in the promulgation of these events, but the controlled printed media also plays a significant role, with its unquestioning allegiance to the narratives spun out by the Reuters and Associated Press ‘news agencies’, as controlled by the House of Rothschild.

Therein, of course, lies the root of the real ‘Fake News’. Thus, highly suspect images are thrown in to the mix, some blatantly photoshopped, some simply mind boggling in the number of anomalies they throw out.


Manchester ‘attack’ – man loses trousers, thank god it wasn’t his life.
Photo-shopped? Or simply very long legged?

In the aftermath of these ‘attacks’ (some of which, include genuine casualties, others none), interviews with supposedly bereaved ‘parents’ are added to the mix. A cake of fakery gets baked:

Some will, of course, vehemently deny that crisis actors were deployed in the Manchester event and will, as a knee jerk reaction, question those who put forward the possibility that these are actors, whose roles have been scripted by those who conduct and direct the ‘drills’.

However, is it really that unlikely? Is it beyond the realms of possibility that those crisis actors who were used before and after the event were not instructed along these lines?

Director of drill: “So, each of you has a role to play. We want to make it as realistic as possible. Some of you will play the victims, with fake blood and wounds applied to you by our skilled make up artists. This adds to the realism and, as such, gives those in the emergency services a valuable opportunity to act in a situation that is as realistic as possible. This is a good thing.


Others will be instructed in role play so they can act out the parts of the grieving relatives. Learn your lines, and be ready to take part in the media exercise. Again, this will be made as realistic as possible, with you being provided with the opportunity to be interviewed and filmed by the media. Your role is important as it all adds to the realism of the incident. Yes, it’s role play and a chance for you to show us how good your acing skills are. It’s all a kind of theatre and, who knows, if you are good, it may well lead to other opportunities. How many of you have heard of ‘method acting’? ”

That people readily swallow this sort of guff without question is perhaps not surprising, given the brain washing levels and psychological manipulation that is spun out by the media and the massive onslaught of the state’s miseducation programming via its ‘schooling’ system.


Those with the critical thinking skills are able to question all of this and draw their own reasonable conclusions, but, alas, the vast majority of people swallow it all, hook, line and sinker, without ever engaging in the underlying constructs of these staged events, false flags and hoaxes.

Rarely too do they appreciate that controlled governments stand as the biggest murderers of people throughout history.

Cui Bono?


The controllers – CFR, Roundtable, Club of 300, Bilderberg, Chatham House, the polipuppets, the Military Industrial Complex, security firms, emergency drill companies, crisis actors, and any and all who wish to keep mankind in a state of engineered fear. Which, naturally, includes the House of Rothschild:

The Rothschilds were not the treasurers, but the chiefs of that first secret Communism… Marx and the highest chiefs of the First International… were controlled by Baron Lionel Rothschild [1808-1878].


Christian Rakovsky, taken from The Red Symphony.


A fearful mind, is not a creative mind, being paralysed as it is in a false state of consciousness and such a mind is easy to control. Such a mind is susceptible to the manipulation that falsely claims we need more police, whether armed or otherwise.
Thus, most people exist in a state of conditioned consciousness, ever willing to pay (via taxation) for their existence in the virtual slave plantation, in which fake debt mounts upon them and their freedoms are constantly handed over to their ‘betters’, for their own ‘protection’.

Sadly, they fail to realise that the persistent threat to their lives comes not from without, but within their ‘state’, as succinctly espoused here by the Bernician:

However, in the long term, all of this will serve to awaken more people to the controls and oppressions. As increasing numbers cotton on to the nature of their constructed realities, they will rise up. It is inevitable and, despite the insurmountable odds, RM chooses to maintain that this occurrence will manifest at some point.

It is a question of ‘when’, not if.

The sleeper has to awaken: there is no other choice.

In relation to which, let me take this opportunity to salute each and every individual who relentlessly continues to reveal the ‘grand game’ and its theatrical methodologies.

In the meantime, question everything and utilise your God-given common sense.


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6 thoughts on “The Manchester ‘bombing’ – a collection of anomalies.

  1. The fact all false flag incidents have taken place on the 22nd day of a month is significant. Also, the inconsistencies each incident reveals is getting noticed by more and more people. Be in no doubt, people are awakening at a frightening rate and do those behind all these false flag incidents and bullying know it. They are terrified of the fact the population is waking up to what has been going on and are desperately trying to bring in their fantasies to reality. It is now a case of when and not if the population turns on them and their henchmen. I do not foresee bloodshed, but I do foresee the puppets and puppeteers heading for the exit as the net closes in on them. The only place they are going is The Hague and then jail. They and their henchmen have committed crime against humanity in many ways and it will, I predict, take years to deal with them.

    1. Whether one follows the official narrative or the fake one, it does appear that it is all unravelling for the elites at a rate they cannot control. I’ve just been reading this about May: “A significant observation was made by political blogger, John Hilley, this week regarding the facts which have come to light surrounding MI6/MI5 collusion with Manchester based Libyan and British-Libyan Jihadists in order to topple Gaddafi under Theresa May’s watch as Home Secretary. Hilley wrote: ‘Proper reporting of this story should be enough to bring down Theresa May’.”

      All of which means, I think our observations are accurate. All the best, RM.

  2. There is also talk that the bomber’s father has links to MI5 and this information is going to be aired on Going Underground, RTtv Sky 518 for info. on Saturday 3rd June 2017 scheduled through the day. Is anyone else now starting to wonder why in all of these occasions they all seem to follow the same modus operandi?!

    1. The mass deceptions played upon the population by the MSM need to be balanced out by all those with the critical thinking skills to see through them – which, of course, is why it will eventually reach a state of such ‘obviousness’ that the nefarious game will be over. Thanks for commenting, Michelle. All the best, RM

  3. There is another number which seems to keep appearing at these events and its bugging me. The number 9

    When it fist aired they said there was 19 dead and so many injured that figure i cant remember then it went up to 22 dead and 59 injured then it went to 22 dead and 119 injured.

    I seem to recall at Brussels the number 9 appearing to on several occasions for some reason. The other thing is always the lack of trousers and shoes which always seems to happen.

    1. Some have suggested the revealing of the trouserless legs and the shoeless feet are Freemasonic calling cards, Andrew. In any event it does have a darkly comic aspect to it. One wonders if someone is having a good laugh at the expense of the ‘gullible plebs’?

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