As the cogs of the Gregorian calendar shift into another numerical gear, RM has recently been considering the cultural swamp that is the social media and my disenchantment with its seething, babbling and incessant content.  This insight of Jasun Horsley focuses that view sharply:

“Too much cultural immersion is no doubt accentuating the focus on the negative in a way that isn’t necessarily productive. Judging by the sort of cultural entertainment we choose, we also wallow in dark stuff to distract us from our own darkness.”

He argues that culture is seeded with all kinds of dark memes and ‘realities’ that distract us from focusing on  the dark aspects of our own psyches, and thus prevent us facing and releasing them,

“These psychological and social principals are understood well enough to be applied and so, of course, they have been. A large part of cultural engineering has to do with seeding us with fantasy-based fears that, over time, give rise to the social realities that control us.”

Social engineering, by way of financial, physical, spiritual and psychological manipulation are key components in the operations of those who would seek to control Mankind (the various methods of which have been touched on frequently at the RM site). Such is their pervasiveness, the awakening individual may well be compelled to ask, who is writing the script?  This leads me inevitably to consider those works with which I am currently engaged and how important it is to focus on writing one’s own script and not participate in those scripted realities provided by the usual outlets as exemplified by the social media (Faceborg and Twatter to name but two of the main culprits).

For that reason, 2017 will witness the revival of the RogueCast (podcast), further writings on these pages concerning a variety of subjects and continued promotion of the ‘shockumentary’ TGBMS (a film which, among other things, will serve to seed the mind of Mankind concerning the way he has been subjected to a form of iniquitous and immoral enslavement to a banking fraud that is as embedded in his mind as it is in the bricks and mortar of the shelter he lives in). A key aspect of the film concerns what the individual can do to escape its odious shackles, so there is much work to do on that front, for all of us who have chosen to engage in this epic challenge.

In association with the film, RM is also planning on writing an eponymously titled book, in hard copy and e-book form which will add further meat to the bones of the swindle.

As we begin another calendrical round, there is much to look forward to and, in short, the less time spent wading through the treacle that pours from the orifices of the MSM and social media, the better for each of us.

As less time will be spent on the aforementioned cultural swamp that is the social media, any one who wishes to contact RM is encouraged to do so via the email address referenced on this site and also to visit the forum.

Much love and blessings at the current time to all readers of these pages and, as ever, a huge thank-you to all who continue to support the work of RM and those at the Self-Realisation Community.

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