The fact is elections are invariably rigged by the controllers. It’s an age old game and the election of Donald Trump is the latest example. If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let you do it.

Elections, however, are just one aspect of the bigger picture.

We live in a shaped reality, a rigged Circus Maximus in which spin doctors, marketeers, advertisers, political think-tanks, shadow governments like the Council on Foreign Relations, lobbyists, disinformation artists and other ‘clever bastards’ write the scripts.  These scripts are promoted via the mass media, through television programming,  social media outlets that are infected with paid deniers, shills and statists, through the print media, press releases and all manner of news agencies controlled by the Crown House of Rothschild [The Guardian – who owns it? ]. To make the population gullible and open to the ‘messages’, there is a state system of outcome-based miseducation which places the emphasis on the young being programmed with what to think rather than how to think.


This means that due to the nature of the human mind, which loves a dramatic story, we are psychologically, emotionally and spiritually drawn into a collective sharing of scripted realities, a passive acceptance of which is the aim of the various media that promulgate the propaganda which shapes our thoughts. All of which is designed to make one feel powerless, even if one is aware that it is a rigged system.

What can the individual do about it? The only remedy is to deploy one’s critical thinking skills, learn the methods that are used against us via the controlled media and exercise one’s own creative thinking and imagination. An immediate method of loosening the grip and tuning out of the harmful frequencies is to simply turn off the television and removing one’s mind from its pernicious influences. Even a walk in the park can achieve this. On top of which, one would do well to make the effort to engage with others and explain to them the facts of the matter. This, of course, is the way RM operates – throughout this website, speculation and conjecture is avoided: one is sharing the experiences and the first hand knowledge of what one has been through and has come to understand.

That circuses and pantomimes are effective in controlling us is beyond doubt. Theatrical devices work because the man-made world is truly a theatre, a point succinctly made by whoever was behind the brand known as ‘William Shakespeare’:

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts […]”

The question, as ever, is who is writing the script? Is one the creative force behind one’s own life or is some other entity, group or individual shaping your thoughts and directing you in a particular way? Have you swallowed the lies of an elaborately rigged and fake reality?

A reminder of the power of the stagecraft that is used by all scriptwriters, whatever the medium, came to me when I went to the theatre the other week to see a Jacobean play. Originally performed at the Globe in 1604, The Revenger’s Tragedy is filled with conspiracy, murder, sex, deception and violence. The rise of the professional actor and theatre during those times was certainly an attempt to persuade, influence and manipulate the reality of the public who paid to see the plays. This is why, when one digs a little deeper, the realisation that we are on a ‘stage’ hits us. The stage set is rigged, there are exits stage left, entrances stage right, the lights are cued, make up, costume, well-crafted lines, a gripping narrative – the ingredients are the same as they always were, only now wide-reaching technology increases the impact on the individual and collective psyche.


Many are, of course, waking up to the nature of the mass manipulations and those who are utilising their own discernment and imagination are, as ever, playing a vital role in freeing mankind from the yoke of the fake reality. It is about each one of us unleashing the power of our imaginations and, in so doing, inspiring others to take action that will result in a seismic shift towards liberation. After all, one’s own individual liberty is worthless unless others are free too.

Like so many others, RM has had a gut full of the utterly fraudulent & tyrannical financial system that dominates our lives. If one looks closely at the world in which he lives, then he will begin to see through its shiny and false facade and perceive the rigged reality around him. For instance, having lived on these shores for over half a century, it is plain for RM to state that, for all the advances in technology, there has been a steady decline in the living standards of the majority. Towns and cities are crumbling away and industries like steel, coal, oil, gas and engineering have been deliberately sold off to the detriment of the people. Communities have been shattered and, as the elites have ‘prospered’, the majority have become poorer and poorer.

For long enough, the younger RM tried to ignore all of this but, with time, it could no longer be so. Action was required. As RM declared in Nottingham County on 26 August 2009, it is his “duty” to get to the bottom of The Great British Mortgage Swindle and reveal it in its entirety. So be it.


The facts are plain enough.

There are some 11.2 million mortgaged homes across these lands. That fact involves, if we take an average of 4 people per household, perhaps as many as 44 million men, women and children. Each of them, one way or another, is affected by the fact whereby each month moneys are paid to/extorted by the Banks in order to keep a roof over their heads. It’s a racket.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Now, let us engage in an imagining of an altogether different reality.

Consider this: how would everyone’s life change if those void mortgages were gone? Blown away. Evaporated. Nothing to pay.  The home owned outright, free and clear of any and all payments. What would be the impact on the quality of life for all? On the economy?

Time and energy would be freed up for everyone to live more creatively and productively. In every sense.

Can you imagine such a scenario? RM certainly can.  If not, ask yourself ‘why not?’

If your response is, ‘well, that’s never going to happen’ or ‘it’s totally unrealistic’ then consider this: what is it that has led you to such a dismissal? Whose reality are you buying into? Who benefits from such a mindset? Is the status quo that you perceive actually real or is it a scripted reality?

In the meantime, whichever way one looks at it,  the issue of eviction remains gargantuan. Families across these lands are being evicted – by the National Trust, Housing Associations and local councils (sometimes over the ‘bedroom’ tax and council tax). And, invariably, it is over fake debt.

Each eviction, for whatever the reason, is an act of genocide on the simple basis that it causes mental and physical harm to indigenous groups of peoples and it is politically motivated by a system of control which places money above life and well-being.  It matters not if one is living in a council house, a hovel, a terraced house, a suburban semi, a large detached house, a castle or a farm, the issue of the mortgage swindle affects us all. Councils in Scotland are collecting moneys to pay off fake debts to the banksters, rentals to private landlords inevitably go to the same way, via buy-to-let mortgages, most mortgages are securitised, with the banks acting as collection agents on behalf of the mortgage backed security investors, whilst compound interest sucks out the marrow from all our bones.

No matter who or wherever we are, there exist parasitical entities and individuals intent on bleeding us dry. In short, we are living in a bankster-dominated kleptocracy of fake debt.  Even the National Trust is evicting families.

The shockumentary film, The Great British Mortgage Swindle, is a cinematic work of art that will blow away the CHOR (Crown House of Rothschild) controlled banksters and all those in the judiciary and ‘legal’ industry (particularly the conveyancing solicitors upon whose gross negligence and omissions the entire swindle depends) who continue to commit fraud and attempt to prop it up at all costs to the blatant detriment of the British people.

It serves to illustrate a judicial system that applies the law selectively. Any one with a modicum of historical knowledge knows that such a system of injustice is untenable in the long term:

“Nothing rankles more in the human heart than a brooding sense of injustice. Illness we can put up with. But, injustice makes us want to pull things down. When, only the rich can enjoy the law, as a doubtful luxury, and the poor, who need it most, cannot have it, because, its expense puts it beyond their reach, the threat to the continued existence of free democracy is not imaginary but very real, because democracy’s very life depends upon making the machinery of justice so effective that every citizen shall believe in and benefit by its impartiality and fairness.” 


On the basis that harm caused to others affects us all, one way or another, TGBMS is a must-see film, no matter what one’s particular circumstances. The only ones who can bring this to an end are us, people from all backgrounds and walks of life. No puppet politician in the theatre of parliament will provide relief. All those who have sworn the Privy Council oath stand conflicted – their first allegiance, under this mafia oath, is to the Crown, the figurehead of which is a woman known as Elizabeth Windsor, but whose real power lies in the shadows, where the adroit script-writers lurk. None of them give a flying feck about any of us – to them we are as unruly cattle who must be dumbed down, controlled, held in place and energetically screwed by the financial system or religion known as money.

TGBMS, the film, is also a riveting and powerful documentary that blows open the doors of this psychotic & genocidal kleptocracy that afflicts the people of these lands. It stands not only as historic testimony to the times we are living through but also as an antidote to the lies and distortions of the controlled media and its script writers. Unlike their output, it demands the viewer’s attention and the whole of his brain, whilst engaging his heart via the trauma and drama of the content. In so doing, it shifts the viewer into a different perception of the world he inhabits. What follows after viewing is down to his imagination and willingness to take action – to do something to change an intolerable situation.


Remember, this article is to encourage the reader to imagine a scenario where all this faux financial control has gone, where our homes and the land are ours and exorbitant rents and usurious compound interest payments are no more. The film will also assist in some way to us achieving this. RM states this on the basis that knowledge is power and that the more of us who grasp the fact that there are 11.2m home owners across these lands who falsely believe they have a valid mortgage, the sooner we can bring into effect the change that is required. Freedom from financial tyranny is the name of the game, for each of us and future generations.

Briefly, then, let us reiterate the facts of the matter.

The mortgage deed/charge is fraudulent and it has been all along.


The reader is encouraged to dig into this site’s ‘Rogue Mortgage’ pages for further details, but in the simplest of terms:

  1. The Deed of Mortgage/Charge is a financial security of which you are the originator (i.e the creditor) by way of your signature which constitutes your promise to pay (the dead pledge = mort gage).

  2. Said ‘deed’ is void from the beginning because when you signed it you were not the owner of the property and, due to 1. above, neither were you the borrower. This makes it a false receipt and an illegal document. All of which renders it void.

  3. Due to 1. above, no loan ever took place. The Deed was deposited as a security and a line of credit streamed from the creation of some electronic figures in an account, as if created out of thin air. The bank then fraudulently claims it loaned you moneys.  No loan ever takes place.

  4. Due to 1 and 3 above, each and every party in the transaction was paid and the house was purchased outright, albeit in digital credits (which could be converted into the privately issued notes of the Bank of England, if so desired).

  5. The remedy does not lie in the rigged court system. Rather, it lies at the door of the duped Land Registry, the staff of which have negligently registered 11.2 million of these fraudulent securities on its books, despite the fact they are duty bound to protect said properties from fraud!

  6. It cannot be magically turned into a valid mortgage either.

  7. There is no valid Power of Attorney for the Bank to act on your behalf – without which all possession claims, instruments, documents etc that are created and executed on your behalf are void too. All of which adds another level of deceit to TGBMS.

What to do?

The first step is fess up to the fact, that along with millions of others, you were duped by the conveyancing solicitor. Educate yourself as to the facts of the rigged game. Remember the circumstances of how and when you came to sign (execute) the deed – a gut instinct may have made you feel something was wrong at the time. Read the Rogue Mortgage section on this site. Next, combine the experience with the facts of the matter and the prima facie evidence. The law and even the statutory requirements for a valid mortgage are on your side.

Next, have a listen to this remarkable interview  with the editor and producer of TGBMS, Michael of Bernicia. It not only provides the listener with the back story of how TGBMS came to be made but also includes some salient information regarding the creation of the void charge, its consequence and what can be done about it.

Then, take time to go through the formation of your own mortgage – work out the relevant dates, dig out any and all documentation – a copy of the void deed, the letter from the conveyancing solicitor asking you sign but not date it. Armed with the truth, you have the right to demand at the Land Registry that the register be rectified on the basis that a void charge has been recorded and, as such, there is a mistake in the register which needs correcting. In addition, indemnity may be owed, pursuant to the losses that have been sustained. This would be duly provided via the Land Registry’s indemnity policy (underwritten by HM Treasury).

In the previous article, The Financial Sleuth, we referenced and included a download of the research paper into how loans are created out of thin air by Professor Richard Werner of Southampton University.

Richard Werner is actively playing his part in the unveiling of the hidden ‘magic’ of the world’s most powerful religion, mon-eye.

This is attributed to a lecture by Richard on banking – we cannot attest to its validity but it certainly rings true:

“I will tell you key points about banks. In case you thought banks lend money, they take deposits and lend money. You are wrong . Banking was developed, modern banking was developed, in the United Kingdom in the 17th century and the legal facts are very clear but not very well known.

Banks do not take deposits and banks do not lend money. That’s a fact. How is that possible? Well, legally they do not take deposits. They borrow from the public, because your money at the bank is not on deposit. Its not held in custody, it’s not a bailment. What is it legally? You have lent money to the bank. So the expression in banking are designed to mislead what’s really happening. Who is the owner of this money? It is the banks, you are just a general creditor. Which is very different from the impression given when we use the term deposit.

What about lending surely banks lend money? No they don’t. No bank has ever lent any money. How is that possible? What does a bank do? Banks purchase securities and they don’t pay up. That’s what they do. How is that? Well if you go to the bank and you borrow money you sign a loan contract. Very crucial. Your signature creates the money supply. Because the bank legally will consider the loan contract a promissory note. And that is what is considered legally, is a promissory note.

Just like the bank of England Note, central bank money, paper money, is a promissory note from the central bank. And the bank purchases this contract. That is what they do, they purchase the loan contract. Now they owe you money.

You say I don’t care about the mechanics, give me the money. The banker will say we will put it in your account. You will find it in your bank account.

Well what is a bank account? It is not a deposit. It’s a record of the bank’s debt to the public. It is a record of the bank’s debt to the new borrower, and they show you the record of how much money they owe you. That is it, they don’t pay up. And this is how the money supply is created. So let’s go in sequence:

Step one: You go to the bank and you sign the loan contract, say a thousand pounds. This will be recorded in the bank balance sheet as an increase in bank assets.

The bank will then record its debt to the borrower. But it will do this by way of some accountant trick. It should really say this is an accounts payable item. Something that the bank has to pay but it has not yet paid. But it won’t record as an accounts payable.

If you talk to an bank’s accountant they are horrified “No you cannot use an expression like accounts payable in a bank” And do you know why? Because they recorded it as customer deposit.

They show it on the bank’s liability side as a customer deposit. But nobody has deposited it, the customer has not deposited for sure. The customer is borrowing it. The bank has not deposited either. It is added to the money supply, and this is how 97% of the money supply is created out of nothing on the basis of a signature and of course on the credit of the borrower. That is money creation. So no money is transferred from any where else to the borrowers account.”  LINK TO YOU TUBE COMMENT.

In the meantime, let’s reconsider this earlier question:

Can you imagine what it would be like if no one had to pay hundreds of pounds each month to keep a roof over their heads?

We certainly can. Imagine too the effect it would have not just on the immediate lives of those individuals and families but also the boost it would give to the economy… to the natural rise of trading between peoples and the removal of all the usury, the unjust enrichment and, let’s be fair, the blatant criminality of the banks.

Now isn’t that a better script for everyone?

#TheGreatBritishMortgageSwindle will be screening at 1pm on 17 December, 2016 at the Arthouse Cinema, Crouch End in London. Visit the Box Office to reserve places.

Thereafter, it will also be screened in cinemas across these islands. To reserve a place in your town or city, please visit Cinema On Demand (COD)


Best wishes to all, and a special thank you to the following for their kind donations and support – Jan B, David R, Michael Of Bernicia, Andy Young and Jason at Raconteurs News, Tobe Leigh, Jeb.

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Further reading: http://www.thebernician.net/tgbms-check-mate/


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  1. this is a superb article should be in the times.
    today i carried out work for a family in there new mort-gaged home, having carried out work for them in their last propety and during this previous occassion i was explaining the fraud of mortgage particularly the signing at the solicitors and the lack of the date. Today the young mum excitedly told me of her daring with great pride remembering the conversation we formerly had she asked the solicitor the look the document checking for his signature and noted to him that he never dated it, he retorted that ‘we dont need to do that anymore it has no value and is standard practice’
    Your work enlightens people that you may not be aware of, keep writing

    1. Hi, Jan and many thanks for the incisive comment. The response from the solicitor is fallacious, being founded upon the ‘appeal to common practice’ – utter nonsense. The game is over for those who act as conveyancing solicitors, even if they don’t realise it yet. As the saying goes, ‘it takes a special kind of fool who cannot tell right from wrong.’

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