• How do two films on mortgage fraud compare?
  • One had a budget of $8m, the other zero.
  • Which deals with the issue of FAKE DEBT?
  • One is a documentary, the other fictional, using scripts and professional actors.

The film, 99 Homes is

Set amidst the backdrop of the 2008 housing market catastrophe, Dennis Nash, a hard-working and honest man, can’t save his family home despite his best efforts. Thrown to the streets with alarming precision by real estate shark Mike Carver, Dennis, out of work and luck, is given a unique opportunity – to join Carver’s crew and put others through the harrowing ordeal done to him in order to earn back what’s his.”

Ramin Bahrani's film about eviction is a damning indictment of personal greed but does it uncover the key aspects of the mortgage swindle?
Ramin Bahrani’s film about eviction is a damning indictment of personal greed but does it uncover the key aspects of the mortgage swindle?

Whilst in the UK, it is the criminal Court Bailiff who does the dirty work for the banks, usually aided and abetted in his crimes by the police, in the US, it is the [real] estate agent who affects it, again with the back up of the duped police.

The notorious Nottingham Court Bailiff, David Caress.
The notorious Nottingham Court Bailiff, David Caress.

In any event, the entire planetary mortgage racket is based on multi-level fraud; which in the case of 99 Homes is nicely illustrated by the nefarious operations of the estate agent and a scene in which the duped anti-hero, who joins the ‘dark side’ after his own family have been evicted, delivers a forged document to a Clerk of the Court who is in on the racket himself.

However, at no point in the film is the biggest fraud revealed: namely that the banks do not loan any moneys and then charge massive interest rates on the imaginary loans.

The film has been rightly praised for its dramatic scenes whereby the viewer is cast into the heart of a series of evictions that demonstrate the shark-like nature of those who act as henchmen and estate agents for the banks and the deleterious effects this has on the duped ‘mortgagors’. Callousness and greed proliferate.

In that regard it is a powerful film.

However, the question naturally arises as to how it compares to TGBMS?


Here, then, are 10 comparisons between the two films:

1. #TGBMS is first and foremost a documentary. 99 Homes was apparently made on a budget of $8m whilst TGBMS was made with zero budget. There are no professional actors and much of the filming was done on hand-held phone cameras by protagonists and supporters at the scenes of the evictions.

2. #TGBMS tackles the issue of how the iniquitous banking system utilises the fiat currency system and the duped mortgagor’s promissory note to create the credit and falsely claim it has loaned the moneys itself.

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3. #TGBMS provides real life testimony of Her Maj’s Courts continued failure to provide the people of these lands with the lawful remedies to which they are entitled in defence of any possession claims the banks may fraudulently bring against them. It is an indictment of the judges, barristers, solicitors, court officers, bankers and bailiffs who are handsomely paid for their hollow successes in stealing peoples’ homes from them by way of forgery, misrepresentation and, when all else fails, violence.

4. #TGBMS features real life stories: it is not a film that is easy to watch and, yet, in the final instance, it uplifts the viewer because the message is that we will not give up.

5. #TGBMS calls the mortgage racket just what it is: genocide


6. #TGBMS has thus far not received any mainstream media coverage, despite the fact that it is an immense excoriation of the way these isles of Britain have been subjugated by way of financial wizardry and brute force for nigh on 1000 years now.

7. #TGBMS features real-life drama: in fact, some of the eviction sequences make for uncomfortable viewing for the perceptive viewer.

8. #TGBMS is quite possibly THE main issue that people across these lands are facing for it is a fight over the basic need we all have for shelter.

9. #TGBMS is the film that cannot be avoided and, when the people wake up to the swindle, may well be a significant part in how the lives of all can be changed for the better.

10. #TGBMS will make the viewer rage at the financial fraud he finds himself and his family in.

When he shakes off the chains of his oppression, he will inevitably rise. In other words, the game is over… it is now a question of when will it end, not if.

#TGBMS trailer:


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