RM answers a dozen questions concerning

#TGBMS, The Great British Mortgage Swindle, the new trailer for which is featured below.

Financial penury is and always has been the yoke around the neck of the individual that reduces his potential exponentially.

It is now 5 years since RM was unlawfully and violently evicted from his home of 16 years by agents working for the Treasury-owned UKAR (United Kingdom Assets Resolution).

That is 5 years of living without his home and, since January 2014, his belongings, which were stolen and destroyed by the same financial entity under the guise of the  bank known as the Bradford and Bingley.

This interview with RM is a follow up to the article The Real Cost of Eviction.

TGBMS redux is due for release in September, 2016.

  1. What prompted you to begin challenging the legality of your mortgage?


I came to an understanding of how the banking system creates credit on the back of the mortgagor’s promise to pay; how there is never a legal contract, signed by all parties and how TGBMS is form of indentured labour (financial enslavement).  I had asked the bank’s then CEO, Richard Pym, to provide me with material evidence that the bank had loaned me moneys from its own coffers, that it had disclosed to me how my promise to pay (via the mortgage application form) was monetised and for a legitimate contract. All the while, I expressed my willingness to pay any and all moneys I lawfully owed. When he failed to provide any of the  reasonably requested items, I informed Mr Pym that I would be holding the alleged mortgage payment moneys in escrow. The bank then practised a fraud upon the court and began possession proceedings against me in July 2009. ”


2. Why didn’t you simply pay?

I no longer wished to be party to the swindle. However, in April 2010, a promissory note was delivered to the CEO in order to settle and close the matter as expediently as possible. When this note was rejected, the alleged debt was lawfully discharged under the Bills of Exchange Act, 1872. The judges, at all levels, refused to deal with this issue, despite it being a key aspect of the entire banking system.

3. How much did the bank allege was owed?


4. How much did the bank claim to have loaned you and how much had you paid down the years?

It claimed to have loaned me £34k and I had paid out £67,474 over 15 years. In April, 2010, in good faith, I also issued a promissory note for some £55k, which was as good as cash to the bank, which is, of course, licenced to create credit via the deposit of such an instrument.

5. What happened at the original possession hearing?

Richard Inglis, a man acting as senior Judge, ruled against the facts as established in my notarised affidavit and in favour of the ‘bank’. He, inexplicably, issued a suspended possession order ordering that the Claimant (the Bank) pay the arrears!  I challenged his order by applying to have it set aside on the basis it was void since he had ignored the facts of the matter. The same man struck out that application.


6. How and why was the mortgage unlawful?

There was never any consideration from the bank – all it did was facilitate a line of credit.

There was no full disclosure as to how the bank would be creating the credit and fraudulently claiming I was the debtor.

There was no lawful contract in place, signed by all parties, a requirement under the 1989 Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act.


7. Which judges are implicated in the matter?

Richard Inglis (since moved into ‘early retirement’)
Recorder Timothy Scott
Wyn Williams of the High Court.
Peter Smith of the High Court.
Nigel Godsmark of Nottingham County Court.
Ross Cranston of the Queen’s Bench.

8. What has happened since?

I was evicted in November 2010 and stayed at a friend’s house. In April, 2011, I moved into a house of another friend which was under threat from an outfit called ‘Kensington Mortgages’. Remi, my housemate, and me challenged them in the courts during the course of the next 7 months.

On 07 November, 2011, we were unlawfully evicted after a 7 hour stand-off with the police who claimed that Richard Inglis, the man acting as judge, had sanctioned – over a phone call to the ‘inspector’ their breaking in with a battering ram and a crow bar, without a warrant of entry. Since then, I have been living at my friend’s house.

In the summer of 2012, a mass complaint was initiated on behalf of the 3.25 million mortgagors of UKAR (Bradford and Bingley and Northern Rock) and HBOS. A lawyer for the then Financial Ombudsman Service stated that the complaint could not be accepted as they would only accept individual ones. At which point, it became clear that the real MO of the FOS was to act as paid gatekeepers for the banks, who were funding it.

In the meantime, I have applied to have Judge Inglis’s original void order set aside. To date, Nigel Godsmark, his successor has ignored that application.

I have also started the Rogue Male site in order that the miscarriages of justice be documented and that I might share my insights with my readers. I run the forum ThinkFree too, which since 2009 has been a repository of useful information.

In October, 2014, I initiated a professional negligence claim against the solicitor who falsely advised me that the mortgage was legal.

And, of course, I have been co-producing the feature film, The Great British Mortgage Swindle – a project that began in 2009.

9. Some people claim that unlawful evictions are not acts of genocide. How do you respond to such claims?

Those individuals have either no understanding of what genocide is defined as, do not know what indigenous peoples are, falsely think it applies only to peoples in other countries, have no empathy or cognisance of the deleterious effects of eviction, and/or are avowed statists who falsely believe might is right and there is nothing that can be done about it.

To suggest it is not genocide is to imply it has no harmful effects on the physical, mental and familial welfare of those evicted. I speak from first hand experience and from having association with others to whom it has happened. It causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and leaves a deep physio-psychological impact that stays with the individual for a long time. Some have tragically died as a direct consequence of experiencing an eviction so to say it is not genocidal is to fly in the face of the facts.  Every time I see an eviction on the internet, it hits me directly in the gut. I feel the trauma as I know exactly what it is like to be violently evicted, having experienced it twice in the space of a year.

10. Why do you state that all evictions are criminal?

Because there is never a lawful mortgage in place, let alone a valid debt and because no man has the right to forcibly remove another from his home.

11. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. How do you now see the events and what would you have done differently, if anything?

The theft of my resources continues to hit me hard. I no longer have a base to call my own which contained a study, my library of books, a desk. I don’t even have toolbox, my own bed, electrical equipment, the photographic mementoes from previous years. It may have been a humble terrace house, but it was my home and I had improved it in 2002 by expanding the loft space, installing a velux window, a new gas central heating system and generally renovating it. It was truly a home – a great little house which I miss dearly.

Yet, I was well-aware of the potential that it would be stolen – that is what is at stake in TGBMS , which, of course, is why so few individuals are prepared to take such a stand. There is a lot to lose. However, without the efforts of those few, nothing would change.

One of the things that irks is that the situation has not improved in those 6 years – unlawful evictions are carried out on a daily basis. At least, that is on the surface. The release of TGBMS is designed to change that.

The mortgage industry will ultimately fail: once the conjuring trick with money is understood. People will not fall for it any longer. How long this may take remains to be seen.

I acted at all times in good faith that the matter could be resolved. And it should have been – after all the facts had been demonstrated at the initial hearing before Richard Inglis. Had I known the levels of criminality that would be deployed against me, I would probably not have engaged in the dirty business in the first place. I well remember a sinking feeling coming over me on the day I moved into the house and I now realise that was because I had, at the advice of my solicitor, entered into a criminally deceptive mortgage agreement. My intuition knew it, even if my mind couldn’t see it at the time.

12. Do you harbour any ill-will to those who have wronged you? Why?

I do not have any ill-will towards those involved, many of whom acted out of a deep ignorance of the facts. However, whilst I can forgive, I do not forget. The initial void possession order issued by Richard Inglis has caused great harm – had he done the right thing and decided on the facts before him and not the common practice of the judiciary in matters like these, no losses would have been experienced. I’t’s not something which I will forget as I continue to regard it as a blatant miscarriage of justice which flies in the face of the facts.

For now, I will continue to expose the judicial wrongdoings of those individual judges on the basis that whilst there is no justice to be had in the rigged court system, there is a karmic debt to be paid.

I always had the feeling that all would be fine in the long term and that justice would be mine. In this sense, the making of TGBMS has been cathartic. If we zoom out, then we see cause and effect is at work.

Those who cause harm and loss to others will be facing some kind of karmic consequence.

The earth is full of suffering right now and much of it is caused by man’s cruelty to his fellow man. When a man lives under the tenet of “Cause no harm; take no shit” he will prosper. Liars, thieves and criminals will not because their souls weigh heavy with wrongdoing, the imprint of which will have severe consequences for each.

In the meantime, if anyone is able to make a donation in towards the work of RM, please do so. It will be greatly appreciated right now.

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