The power of the people: the failure of HMCTS to provide remedy and an overview of the grand jury for and of the peoples of the Isles of Britain.

Michael Yelton, a man acting as a judge - seen here delivering a Catholic lesson. Was it accepted though?
Michael Yelton, a man acting as a judge – seen here delivering a Catholic lesson. Was it accepted though?

RM was present in Cambridge County Court on Wednesday, 26th November. It was an oral hearing of an application for permission to appeal an order issued by the Northampton County Court Business Centre (NCCBC), a bogus bulk processing operation that masquerades as a legitimate court.

The original order of 19th June 2014 does not exist. It is not on the court file and, when asked to produce it in court, Michael Yelton (left), the man acting as judge, argued that it did in fact exist. In a hasty attempt to prove it he passed over a sheet of paper. As incredible as it may seem, that piece of paper was labelled ‘Case sheet‘ and was immediately refused by the appellant.

The hearing was ex parte and it did not commence in a manner befitting of the appropriate treatment an individual should receive on such an occasion. With a disgruntled scowl over his face and a brusque manner that persisted throughout the twenty-five minute hearing, Michael appeared in the purple-trimmed robes of the Cult of the Black Gown (the BAR), a secretive ‘professional’ association of professional miscreants whose purpose is to make as much money for their masters as possible, to deny justice, to obfuscate, to threaten, to extort and to harass the people.

What had happened in this matter was that a firm of solicitors had made an unsubstantiated costs claim on-line via the NCCBC. The claim form was wrongly addressed, and had been returned to the issuer with ‘Addressee Not Recognised: Return to Sender’ written across the unopened envelope. With no regard for due process of the Law, the malignant solicitors had pressed on regardless, in spite of the fact that the claim had not been served and therefore, having not had the particulars of claim, there had been no opportunity for any defence to be made.  That is a clear and manifest denial of due process.

Michael, the man acting as judge, was acutely aware of this fact. His way of dealing with it was to erroneously insist that it had been served.

Given that the unopened envelope was produced in court and that it proved the bogus claim had not been received, accepted or delivered, his argument is erroneous. Consider this: whenever an item is returned to its sender, that constitutes a factual non-acceptance. Similarly, if someone insults one and the other states that he does not accept the insult, where has it gone? Who is left with the insult?

If a gift is returned, who is left holding it?

Michael appeared to be claiming service is the same as receipt. However, service is delivery, the despatch of the item and not receipt (which is acceptance). Therefore, given it was not accepted, there was no receipt and, consequently, no service.

It is a fallacy to claim otherwise.

Why did he make such a big deal about this issue? Because he knows that any claim has to be accepted by the one to whom it is addressed. If it is incorrectly addressed then the individual has every right to return it, as it may well be a mischievous attempt at deception or ‘identity theft’.

When it was pointed out to him that the NCCBC is not a court, having neither judges nor court rooms, he resorted to the ludicrous, by falsely claiming that “there does not need to be a judge for an order to be issued!”

A Draft Order had been handed to him in court:



Nevertheless, Michael, clearly in a state of some agitation, having ignored the facts, pressed on to deliver what was another prepared void judgement. He was informed that any order emanating from his failure to address the facts of the matter would naturally be void also. He carried on regardless.

Now, RM recounts this episode as an example of the typical kind of treatment a lay litigant receives when in court. These levels of aggressive arrogance, obfuscation and sophistry are prevalent throughout every level of the Crown House of Rothschild’s Court ‘Service’.

All of which brings us back to the subject of grand juries.


It is RM’s intention to produce a rough guide on how to form a grand jury. In some ways it is an easy task for, as the following piece illustrates, there exist myriad reasons as to why it has become necessary to do so.

In other ways, it is rather difficult in so far as it is 81 years since this form of jurisprudence existed, both as a fact and as an understanding in the minds of the peoples. In that sense, the task will be to rekindle that knowledge and, as gently and firmly as is necessary, to convey to the peoples just how powerful they are, as individuals and as fair-minded members of their communities.  To state it is an onerous task is not to exaggerate and, as has so often been the case these last few years, the RM feels a tad reluctant to do it. However, in the spirit of ‘if not me, then who?’  it will be produced. As a precursor to that, he would like to sow a few seeds in the imaginations of the readers.

The first point that needs making is that all external government is illegitimate; as amply demonstrated by the current forms that the peoples of these lands are under the sway of. It is a Crypto-Judaic Sabattean Rothschild fake hegemony that lies behind the machinations of those woefully inadequate individuals who masquerade as politicians and community leaders.

Greed, extortion and deception are its three tenets but those who inhabit its poisonous lairs are also involved  in monstrous acts of tyranny involving child rape/pederasty , psychological torture/mind control, theft, massive fraud and all manner of perversions that come with that psychopathic disease that has infected the minds of its architects and its henchmen, the perpetrators of the actual crimes against the peoples.

Consider, without limitation, the subjects of the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans at Hillsborough in 1989, the Great British Mortgage Swindle, council tax, police corruption and judicial treachery. These are factual matters, not ‘conspiracy theories’. Why is it that the injustices that emanate from them have not been rectified?

Could it be because those same servants of the fake state, no matter at what level they be, are heavily involved in those very activities themselves?

CPS WHITEWASHLittle wonder that the phony state, time after time, fails to provide a competent jurisdiction that is uncompromised and equitable in its purpose and effect and is able to deal with the facts, whilst avoiding any attempts at cover up.

Take, for instance, the failure of the ‘gov’ to provide a suitable candidate to oversee an inquiry into the  trafficking, rape and murder of thousands of children at the hands of those psychopathic and hopelessly damaged perpetrators of such monstrous acts. Aside from the fact that any and all of the state-sanctioned puppets (think Leverson, Chilcott and the recent fiasco surrounding the failed attempt to appoint Baroness Woolf) will inevitably do that which he is paid to do (fudge and cover up), why do the public continue to falsely believe that the fake state is capable of providing the intelligent level of investigation required to delve sufficiently into the facts of the matter and produce an equitable resolution?

Take Hillsborough for example. To put it mildly, over a quarter of a century on, it remains scandalous to any right-thinking man that the demonstrable professional negligence of those involved, the individual men, who were acting as public servants, has not been satisfied.


Whether they acted criminally is another issue but their joint and several acts of negligence caused the loss of lives on that April afternoon of 1989 in Sheffield.  Public servants, who have sworn an oath to protect and serve the public, are bound by it to act accordingly. It is a contract [or deed of trust] that exists between the purported constables of the peace and the public whom they claim to serve and who, lest one forgets, pay their wages.

For whatever the reasons, that bond was breached at Hillsborough.

One does not know what, if any, levels of compensation can ever cover the loss of a son who died as a consequence of police negligence but the fact is that each and every constable who operates in the public must be insured in case they act negligently and cause loss. This is called Professional Indemnity Insurance and it also applies to any one who is working in a public capacity, whether he be a solicitor, a judge, a bus driver, a bouncer, a roofer, plumber or a doctor, he has to be covered by a policy that will pay out compensation in the event he is negligent in his work and causes loss or harm to an individual whilst operating in the public.

Of course, he is not covered for an act which is unlawful. At that point, the man himself is criminally liable to pay for his crimes, by whatever method is deemed necessary.

The judicial system of the fake state known as the UK is teetering on the brink of disrepute, such is the consistent failure to provide the people with the remedies they so palpably merit.

Here’s a YouTube comment that sums it up most succinctly:

The NSPCC is headed by paedophile Peter Mandelson. Now that’s not a fucking conspiracy theory. Thatchers administration was infested with paedophiles. Now that’s not a fucking conspiracy theory. Jimmy Savile was not only a friend of Margaret Thatcher but was also friends with the royal family. Now that’s not a fucking conspiracy theory. I could go on but I cant be arsed. The truth is we’re governed by liars crooks and sexual deviants.”

And in those few sentences, one has the essence of how and why the compromised ‘gov’ will never be able to provide the competent jurisdiction necessary to bring to book those in the financial industry, the Houses of Parliament, the police and the morally bankrupt (barely) legal profession.

It is the equivalent of asking a mass murderer to sit as judge and jury in a murder trial.

It is akin to asking a child rapist to come over and babysit.

It as sensible as appointing a poisoner head chef of a restaurant.

It is like using a wolf as a sheep dog.

Does that make it clear enough?

It is simply an act of lunacy.

To keep repeating the same action over and over again and expect a different result is the very definition of madness.

And yet…

There is an answer and it lies within the body of the people themselves.

Given the fact that there are millions of intelligent, perceptive and right-thinking individuals on these lands who are not contaminated by psychopathy, avarice and greed and who know exactly what the golden rule is, the question arises, why don’t the peoples provide their own competent jurisdictions to investigate and determine the facts of the matter?

Articulate, expert witnesses are plentiful:  there are many who armed with first hand knowledge of the facts are more than capable of presenting an indictment to a Grand Jury of their peers and, of course, there are plenty of people who would be prepared to be sworn in and sit on a grand jury should the opportunity present itself.

Each of these individuals knows what due process of the law means. A jury of one’s peers is one’s lawful right under common law.


The Administration of Justice Emergency Provisions Act of 1939 Section 8(1) read:

No question arising in any civil proceedings in the High Court or in any inferior court of civil jurisdiction shall be tried with a jury, and no writ of enquiry for the assessment of damages or other claim by a jury shall issue, unless the court or a judge is of opinion that the question ought to be tried with a jury or, as the case may be, the assessment ought to be made by a jury and makes an order to that effect.”

The fact that they were not restored after the genocide of WWII meant that inequitable removal of County Court Juries  has lasted over 70 years.  Had a jury been sitting at his initial hearing over the attempted theft of his house in August 2010, RM has little doubt that justice would have prevailed and the Bradford and Bingley’s false claim would have been rejected in its entirety. When one man sits as judge, jury and executioner, then there is little if no chance of common sense being employed.


In other words, all power lies with the people. It is now only a matter of time before the people of the isles of Britain awaken to their sovereignty and begin to exercise it in order to put right the multiple wrongdoings of those miscreants and criminals who populate all levels of the fake state-corporatism whose tyranny knows no bounds.

Watch this space.

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