During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell.


HUMPTY TRUTHThe time for politeness is long gone. That’s if it ever really existed of course.  There are deceitful traitors amongst us whose very existence is predicated upon their promulgation of lies that serve only the Financial Oligarchical Statists who falsely claim to rule Mankind.  These cowardly self-serving men infect all aspects of the ‘legal system’, Corporate ‘Finance’, Media and geopolitics.

And yet, on a happy note, it is far less complicated than the lying renegades would have one believe.



TRUE – Those things that have been and are. That which is.

FALSE – Those things that never were and are not. That which is not.

Whatever the name one wishes to use, the land known variously as Prydein, Albion, Bharat-on, Britain, the United Kingdom, et al, has developed down the last thousand years or so into a place where falsities abound to the point where these lies have become so deeply engrained in the engineered collective consciousness that they are mistaken to be the norm, or the way things are.

This and the accompanying ROGUECAST bears witness to that fact and calls out some of those who are, whether or not they are aware of it, the most treacherous of liars, the most traitorous of charlatans and those wholly complicit in the gross deceptions that are the cause of harm and loss to others.

A lie can travel half way round the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”


When Bill Hicks encouraged any and all marketeers to go and kill themselves it was a profound admonishment, not a joke, for he truly understood the nature of the work those people were engaging in.

Take for instance a marketeer who is working for and on behalf of the fluoride industry: does he not have to present a series of false claims to those all those manufacturers whose products contain the toxin?

“Oh, yes, rest assured, the addition of this to toothpaste will result in healthier teeth with fewer cavities.”

“For sure, the addition of fluoride to the public water supply will bring benefits to all.”

“Yes, tests have shown that in areas where the water is fluoridated, the dental health of the people improves significantly.”

“Indeed, everyone knows that fluoride is good for your teeth.”

And so on and so forth. Each and every utterance that spills from his whoring mouth is a lie.

Aside from the fact that there exists no right to mass medicate individuals, these claims are falsehoods: the marketeer is a liar who is only interested in making a fast buck or quick quid and his deliberate misrepresentations of the facts cause manifest harm to millions of people, one effect of which is the calcification of the pineal gland.

He is professional liar.  It is a sorry fact that what passes for a ‘Justice’ system in Britain is also awash, at every level, with such paid liars:

perjure |ˈpəːdʒə|
verb ( perjure oneself) Law
willfully tell an untruth when giving evidence to a court; commit perjury.
perjurer noun
ORIGIN late Middle English (as perjured in the sense [guilty of perjury] ): from Old French parjurer, from Latin perjurare ‘swear falsely,’ from per- ‘to ill effect’ + jurare ‘swear.’



The legal officers, clerks, solicitors, barristers, and judges of all levels engage in acts of perjury each and every day. This is an unavoidable fact, given the entire system has been constructed on the fake Roman notion of the ‘legal person’, it is in and of itself, a totally fraudulent apparatus, designed to mislead, to conceal and maintain a collectivist structure that has been built to oppress the many for the benefit of a few.

The accompanying ROGUECAST provides the listener with personal testimony to the facts of the matter: in particular, the lies of a man called Richard who acted as a ‘judge’ and, contrary to the truth, willfully ignored a notarised affidavit, issued a false ‘order’ stating that the defence was ‘without merit’ and found in favour of a fraudulent claim by a bank, the Bradford & Bingley, which, in the long term, caused RM real loss and harm.

It also mentions the actions of a former associate who also uttered lies about RM.  Both of these men, at least for now, are unrepentant liars.

In the simplest of terms, RM no longer has time for those who knowingly speak falsehoods.

On a more immediate level, a relative was considering making a funereal donation to a corporation known as Cancer Research Ltd. She became agitated when told that said company is fraudulent because its very existence depends upon lies. The gargantuan lie which underpins its existence is that there is no cure for cancer.

It will not take an individual long to find a list of natural remedies for cancer, each of which is largely dependent upon using the correct nutrition that re-establishes the alkalinity of the sufferer’s biological system currently of an overly-acidic condition, upon which pathogens and virus cells feed and proliferate.

Hence, apple cider vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, hemp oil are just three natural remedies for cancer.

Is it in the interests of Cancer Research PLC and other such parasitical charities to ever mention this?

Is it fuck.

So, RM asked his relative if she was complaining about what he had spoken because she thought he was lying?

And, did she believe that it is wrong to tell falsehoods?

The answer was tragicomic. The exchange went along these lines:

I don’t tell lies she said.

What? You’re claiming that you don’t say things that are false? That you don’t talk about things you know nothing about? Something that is not true is a lie. Do you think it’s acceptable to utter falsehoods?  To talk about things you have no knowledge of?

She fell silent.

The truth had hit her between the eyes.

To return to the false Romano-British judicial system: it is populated by men and women who, with the absolute certainty of the deluded statist believe it is acceptable to speak falsehoods in order to keep the truth from being heard which, of course, means they are serving to preserve the status quo.

Thus, it is dominated by a lying cadre of Judges whose names are to be added to the ever-lengthening roll call of moral cowards who will utter lie upon lie in order to continue a system of tyrannical oppression over masses of individuals who have suffered demonstrable harm and loss as a consequence of the lies and the lying cunts that utter them.

Of course,  it is all stage-managed.

Behind the curtains of chicanery, the phony Courts are run by another cadre – one of financiers, an oligarchy of banksta-gangstas or a wunch of bankers (sic),  call them what you will,  it is all that the fake religion of ministerial monkey-business known as government is and ever was.

This is a fact. Just as RM has no time for liars and statists, nothing is published on this site or stated on a matter unless it be true.  It is not and never has been RM’s intention to mislead: if anything stated on these pages or in the Roguecasts is false, then it will be removed. If any named individual has proof that what one is stating is a lie, then he is invited to get in touch to rectify the situation.

There are some deluded individuals who espouse the view that the truth can never be known, that it is all somehow subjective. Such people are indulging themselves in solipsism:

solipsism |ˈsɒlɪpsɪz(ə)m|
the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist. Latin solus ‘alone’ + ipse ‘self’ + -ism .

To suggest there is no such thing as truth is to give free rein to all those psychopathic cunts who benefit from such an erroneous belief.

If one doesn’t know something is or has been, then he would do well to keep silent or, if he cannot manage that, he could find employment at BBC 5 Live, as a one of any number of vacuous talking heads.

THE TRUTHEither way, one has no time for lying cunts and the lies they tell. And that includes all those who have uttered falsities about RM behind his back, as if they were true.  In fact, it has recently come to RM’s attention – he has seen the evidence with his own eyes – that a man with whom he had been associating in the epic battle against the ‘Money-Changers’ had, in another Skype group, written a number of false accusations about him.

This man is well known in certain circles and whilst one is not saying he actively promotes himself as a ‘man of the people’, he is certainly not shy at coming forward if the spotlight is beckoning.

Because he has stated falsehoods,  that man has revealed himself to be a liar.  It is self-evident that liars are not to be trusted.  That man would do well to stay clear of RM if he does not wish to be exposed for the liar he is.

All of which, of course, is one of the joys of getting older and wiser: the truth becomes easier to discern when one does not engage in falsities.

False titties are for the bogus and the self-deceivers who buy them or squeeze them.

That is not simply a gratuitous pun: silicon implants, fake tans, plastic surgery et al are perfect metaphors of the fake realities that Man is being programmed with and, arguably, a most suitable illustration of how women are the victims of those lies perpetrated by marketing people, television and all media forms that swamp them from an early age.

Given the cancerous levels of deception that the people are subjected to and engage in each and every moment of what passes for their ‘waking’ lives, now is not the time for lying and any one that has done so had better start repenting because, make no mistake, his days are numbered for he is engaging, whether knowingly or not, in satanic work.

The spinning of falsehoods is the work of Satan. The dressing up as the Truth that which never was and is not is a foolish action to engage in.  Hence, the veracity of the statement,


Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil



Any fucker engaging in it in RM’s  company would do well to wind in his forked tongue and fuck off from his presence.  RM has no interest in the company of liars, having first hand experience of its malignant effects.

Seriously. Think about it – that applies to every phony politician, silicone spewing spray tanned tv presenter, every ignorant NHS worker who has and is continuing to repeat the lies of the marketeers as they stitch up the punter with whatever ‘legal’ big pharma drug they are pushing this week.

Interestingly, in last two days, RM has been twice to the local ‘Pharmacy’ to pick up ‘legal’ drug orders/prescriptions on behalf of others.  A more moribund place of work would be hard to imagine. The synthetic nature of the products is matched only by the insincerity of the chemist and his white coated assistants. It ‘s like stepping into a shitty LA drive-through church where pretend lovers flow in and out of phony deals via a fake priest and, whatever you want, providing it’s ‘prescribed’ can be procured.

Broadly speaking, the state-sanctioned drug dealers known as pharmacists or chemists are really no different from the street pushers of smack, crack or ketamine; the only difference being they are ‘licenced’.

Each of the above listed institutions are, in effect, forms of religion.

Religions of all kinds bind their believers.

Those who swing in and out of that chemists are entering into a church, a mosque or some kind of pharmaceutical pantomime as religious believers.

And with that image in mind,  let’s end today’s rogue rant with the poetic truth of the matter,

Beauty is truth, truth beauty

That is all ye know on earth

And all ye need to know.”

 John Keats

Further amplification of this essay by way of the spoken word, may be enjoyed HERE.

Thank you for reading and listening.


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