How the B-B-C is a Religious Institution & How & Why Gary Lineker is a High Priest of Pap at the Temple of Mass Distraction and In-Action.

That word, ‘pap’, is a most fitting description of the inane drivel that floods out of the world’s biggest propaganda machine and the mouths of those high priests who regurgitate it from the autocues:

(pap 1 |pap|
noun often derogatory
bland soft or semiliquid food such as that suitable for babies or invalids : trying to eat a trayful of tasteless pap.
• derogatory reading matter or entertainment that is worthless or lacking in substance : limitless channels serving up an undemanding diet of pap.
ORIGIN late Middle English : probably from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch pappe, probably based on Latin pappare ‘eat.’)

Contrary to what is generally understood, the BBC is not in existence to entertain, educate or enlighten those who consume its contaminated output. It is (and always was) a highly effective weapon of psychological distraction, designed to channel male and female energies into worthless ‘pastimes’ which prevent them from paying attention to that which is really unfolding and being constructed around them: namely a psychological and spiritual cage of gargantuan proportions.


When the Roman emperors sensed discord and rebellion in the collective ranks of the men they ruled over, what did they produce to quell it? Gladiatorial contests in arenas. Frustrations could be vented via the manipulation of the male’s emotive state of frustration into organised sports. To keep those men of action in a state of in-action, unquestioning passivity & division was the aim, just as it is now.

Last week, it was announced that the BREAD BEER CIRCUS (BBC) would be taking some 272 staff to cover the 2014 World Cup football ‘tournament’.  Some critical thinkers viewed this as further proof that the BBC is extracting the urine from those who falsely believe that a licence is necessary in order to receive ‘broadcasts’ and duly purchase said. A broad – cast may accurately be defined as a wide, all encompassing net in which the shoals of fish are captured.

In the case of a media broadcast, it is net in which to capture the minds and emotions of those shoals of people who swim in seas of polluted ignorance, with the fishermen of people’s minds being the media net-works that use the alpha states generated in the viewers’ brains to capture their attention and thus their minds in matters that are of little or no consequence.

Thus, Gary Lineker gets paid an annual salary of  £1.5m for being the front man to what is in effect a Circus show. The nefariousness of that which he is fronting can be viewed in this clip, a trailer for the programme, Match of the Day: a ‘show’ in which men in blue or red uniforms chase round a sphere of air, egged on by men acting histrionically as managers in theatres containing thousands of other men whose emotional lives are caught up in the phony drama that unfolds in familiar patterns before their eyes.

In this sense, Lineker can be viewed as a high priest acting in the age-old role of placating the masses of viewers with a form of religion, the definition of which, from the Latin, religare,  is ‘to bind,’ mentally and emotionally, that is.

The ‘studio’ is, in effect, simply a virtual ‘temple’ in and from which he and his fellow templars, like proselytizing priests, spin out webs of airy irrelevance, from a pulpit of mass distraction.

This is also true of television news, in which the presenters front a hypnotic combination of red and blue lights (to slip a hood of alpha wave susceptibility over the consciousness of the congregation/audience) and regurgitate the script in the same way an Imam, Rabi, Vicar, Priest or some such authorised ‘holy’ man reads from his book of constructed reality and fake spirituality. Everything he says is scripted, each utterance contrived from the BREAD BEER CIRCUS manual of mass distraction.

Sports for ‘men’? Games for children? Soaps for women?


The tendency of women to gossip, or talk about the small issues affecting their lives and families has been manipulated by the media in many ways – one only has to glance briefly at a shelf full of women’s magazine, watch 5 minutes of tv advertising or, if one can bear it, a half hour soap opera to see just how perniciously the media pursues the female psyche, manipulating her thoughts, appealing to her emotions and generally pulling her into a glooey mass of contrived product placement. Little wonder one hears erroneous phrases like ‘shop til I drop’ or ‘retail therapy’ being uttered to justify the outcome of all this marketing: the advertisers are manipulating the female into a state of emotional confusion, specifically designed to sell more handbags, more shoes, more make-up and so on… This begins at an early age but, for now, one will turn to the techniques used on the male psyche via organised sport and its blanket coverage on the plethora of dedicated ‘sports’ channels.

To achieve these effects it uses a combination of special effects involving lighting, colour and script-writing that are neatly explained by the masterly researcher, Alan Watt in this wee film.

The whole is designed to appeal to one’s emotions, with no room for logic or facts. Little wonder women are particularly susceptible to its hypnotic effects: the appeal to emotion is precisely how satanic marketeers reach into the subconscious of the female, a fact no better exemplified than in the history of how diamonds were falsely marketed as precious gifts for engagement to marry purposes over the last seven decades, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Ian Fleming‘s James Bond films and Shirley Bassey acting as the vehicles by which this relatively un-valued stone (Rubies are rarer) became a means of wealth generation for the Cecil Rhodes founded De Beers Diamond corporation.  Once again, one is reminded of Bill Hicks’ heartfelt plea for those in marketing to go and kill themselves.

A significant aspect to team sports is the arenas in which they are played. The arch-manipulator, HG Wells outlined his vision of how these theatres could be used, just as they always have been, for the benefit of the elite controllers of man:



Before the advent of National Sports teams talked about “Arenas,” Wells offered, over a hundred years ago, that arenas could be set up all over the world for sports. Now at that time when Wells offered that idea, sports was something that children participated in while, exceptions notwithstanding, adults would go on to adult things.

It was unimaginable during Wells time that there would be a need for adult sports on the scale we have it today. Wells idea at the time was to eventually create a “Sports culture” for the men, using a tribal system where men would form allegiances according to a tribal system where men in set geographic areas would exhaust their aggressiveness in a vicarious identification with “their team.”

Because men would be more disengaged then ever before from their own destiny a “Sports culture” was developed for them in order to provide an outlet for aggression that might otherwise be channeled in things that really were matters of consequence for responsible male citizens of a commonwealth.

Between the passivity created by the entertainment model as well as the messages downloaded for conformity by the elites, and the pseudo and abstract aggressiveness aligned with a tribal team men would be effectively neutered in leadership and castrated in resistance. This in turn would allow the cultural gatekeeper elites to have their way in terms of setting the agenda for the social order.”


As the late, great Bill Cooper states,

It’s a Roman Circus… No one questions the Emperor”

This is why the likes of Wayne Rooney are paid such mind boggling salaries: he is another well-paid tool of distraction.

There are men who proudly know who scored in the third round of the FA cup for Huddersfield Town in January 1967 but have no fecking idea just what is really going on in the world around them, a world designed to suppress, to mislead and to steal their energies. These same men take their knowledge of the sport as a mark of achievement, when in fact, it is of no value whatsoever.

Alan Watt refers to the rise of the Expert Class, whereby people take Authority to be the Truth rather than the Truth as Authority.

The role of the media is not to be over-estimated in this 180′ switch in how things in the material world really are: television is, quite literally, bad for one’s health and well-being.

Aldous Huxley, the eugenicist, sophist and meme generator said this in a 1962 interview

By modifying the surroundings you did effect a change upon the human being… (this will be) the final revolution … on the mind-body… the techniques of terrorism known for time immemorial… best ways of using torture, imprisonment, constraints of various kinds… we are in process of developing series of techniques which will enable the oligarchy to get people to love their servitude…

Brave New World was essentially an account of a society making, using of all those devices to standardise the population, to iron out inconvenient human differences, to mass produce models of human beings in scientific caste system… (the) ultimate revolution by which people can be made to enjoy a state of affairs which, by any reasonable standard, they ought not to enjoy… of servitude.”

Interview, 1962.

All of which serves to remind the discerning individual of how religion comes in myriad forms, and how the likes of Lineker and each and every presenter at the Bread Beer Circus centre for propaganda are, whether of not they know it, useful tools of tyranny and priests of pap.

And if the Circus doesn’t grab you, then the Bread (shit food) and the Beer (fluoridated grains, ‘legal’ prescriptions) will.

Just like any fake fakir, Gary Lineker is there to entrance, ensnare and pacify the dumbed-down ‘proles’ into vegetative comas.

He is, in his own manipulated way, as  dangerous to his fellow men as any pope or prelate and should be avoided at all costs.

Oh, and as if that were not bad enough and in case anyone hadn’t realised it, he, for the last 20 years, has been the well-paid pusher of another product which is injurious to one’s health, potato crisps.

Cor blimey, he’s in it up to his ears…




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