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This is part prose, part poetry, a critical and anarcho-imaginative antidote to the lies of the Collectivists, those who mistakenly place their faith in the apparatus of the bogus ‘state’. Due to the fact it is part poetry, the attentive reader will notice the deliberate references to ‘Admiralty’ Law, pirates and purloined treasure , a literary device designed to string it all together in an attractive pearl necklace. One is assuming that no swines are reading this (chuckles).

If there is one older man who expresses the wisdom of his generation, it is Jon Rappoport. On this planet for over seventy five years now, he is a man whose work is testimony to his vision, talents, imagination and individuality in all its glorious forms.

The key to unlocking one’s life lies in one’s IMAGINATION:

During the 20th century, awareness of human mythmaking grew to enormous proportions.

Looking back, it was obvious that cultures and civilizations had been inventing their own myths, before which they then bowed down.

This insight was then taken in two very different directions.

On the one hand, academics and psychologists drew the inference that all experience and perception were “relative.” That territory was infected by propagandists, whose job was to induce decay into all standards of ethics and morality.

On the other hand, some artists realized the core of the original insight was fantastically bracing and liberating for the faculty of imagination.

As in: imagination creates reality—therefore, use your own and invent your own.

We are living in the middle of that precept. What each one of us chooses to do with it is an open question.

Reality is no longer a given. The tyranny of What Already Exists is gone, should we choose to see that fact.

The catch is, the challenge is, the individual must shift from a passive to active stance.

Passivity includes seeing through various deceptions but then stopping there.

There are no limits on imagination except those imposed by Self.

From ‘THE AGE OF IMAGINATION’, March 12, 2014

Too many have given up their own thinking and their own creativity to others, they have farmed it out to fake journalists, to presstitutes, actors of all hues and assorted statist script writers.

In the lands known as Britain, many so-called ‘Truthers’ and/or those taking on the phony Crown in its cultish courts,  have, unfortunately, failed to grasp this truth: each man is the imagination of himself.

No one is that which others claim him to be, whether family member, school teacher, councillor, vicar(ious), social worker, politician or a mealy-mouthed dressed-up presenter of lies, spouting off in estuary English from a red settee from a studio at the Bread Beer Circuses propaganda machine (the BBC).

Fake dramas, shitty products, reductionist thinking ~ are just some of the hallmarks of the soap-like-rinse sham world of the mainstream media. All of it is an attempt to reduce everything down to the lowest common denominator, whereby the individual falls into line with the collective consciousness of those others who have bought the faked reality, scripted and produced by the hive mind.

The fact that Jimmy Savile was able to run amok in the state institutes known as Royalty, the BBC, Politics, popular culture, Health Care and policing should be enough for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear, that each and every one of those establishment entities is rotten to its core.

Each institution represents a control mechanism and the fact the paedophilic-necrophiliac-psychopathic-satanic-fucked-up piece of work operating through the frame of Savile was able to establish such nefarious levels of manipulation to spread  his fetid tentacles of filthy desires  throughout those state entities for decades firmly establishes, should it be needed, that he was one of the Club, a club that contains individual psychopaths who, in each his own way, is is just as fucked up as Savile was.

And yet, for all that, people in their millions still buy into the lies, manipulations and distortions generated by each and every one of individuals operating within those entities.

Even those that do turn away are prone to falling for the same psychological manipulations and deceptions as spun out by propagandists of statism like Karl Lenz, Brian Gerrish, Winston Leachman, Dean Clifford et al.

In so doing, they give over their unique imaginative and creative talents to those who would seek to place them, like a loving apiarist, into a hive of collective consciousness, as so eloquently described by another arch-statist and sophist, Aldous Huxley.


Some may think that a tad harsh. It matters not. If what is stated here is bullshit then it will fall away as easily autumnal leaves because, right now, man is at a point in his-story where he may access the truth and live his life accordingly, secure in the understanding that the phony and the fake will not stand the test of time.

If any of these men is offering a solution, then it is of the same consistency as snake oil. Take for instance, Brian. Today RM listened, albeit briefly, to an episode of ‘UK Column Live’, an on-going fear porn saga which amounts to a babbling stream of hearsay gleamed from various statist sources like the Daily Fail, the Grauniad,  the Bread Beer Circus parade and so on. The website of the ‘UK Column’ is, one noticed, promoting a new programme called ‘Doomwatch’.

How fucking appropriate, one thought.  That word sums up entirely the content of UK Column Live.  Like the People’s Voice, there is nary a remedy, never a solution; it is resplendent with how fucked everything is (which is undeniable) but rarely, if ever, does the programming offer up any genuinely empowering course of action that the individual may engage in of his own free will and volition.


Brian, like the fictional Fraser in Dad’s Army, is thus best summed up by the latter’s catchphrase,
“We’re doomed, laddie, doomed!”

Buy into this and buy into the more sophisticated outpourings from Alex Jones’ Media Incorporated across the Atlantic ocean, and one is buying into a psychological mindset that will ensnare you in reductionist-collectivist thinking, the effect of which is to stop the individual from seriously doing any thing about his life as a slave and using his imaginative-creative talents to effect his escape from those controllers of the system deliberately designed to enslave him. Passivity only serves the interests of the statists.

If one thinks that is harsh, then consider this:  has one ever heard Brian or Alex explore the possibilities man has to free himself of the Lilliputian constructs by engaging his imagination, declaring his sovereignty and jumping the vessel of piracy commonly known as the ‘Citizenship’?

Hardly likely to happen, given the self-evidentially Statist mind-sets these men and their hidden puppet masters labour under.

People bleat on about how there is no escape, that none of the freeman stuff works, blah fucking blah blah… and thus they enter into a psychological construct of another’s making which inhibits and halts them when it comes to taking action. Passivity is the enemy within.

A man who knows the truth and still registers the birth of his offspring in order to gain a few pieces of credit from the system is heading down shit creek, should his children ever truly grasp the sell-out he has committed. On the other hand, the man who refuses to register his offspring’s birth is assured of the child’s eventual and immeasurable gratitude.

Fact is, there is more to be gained by making that leap than not: the leap across the chasm of limitations (in thinking, imagination, creation) sets the individual free. This is not to say the journey is without trials and tribulations (the best stories are replete with them) but who said it was meant to be easy?

The emasculation of men is exacerbated by the cancer of feminism whereby women are brainwashed into believing that nurturance of their children, home creation, support for their male and all that allows them the full expansion of their creative urges and gifts is to be given up for that most fake of choices, a ‘career’.

Icke, Gerrish, Lenz, Leachman, Sacha Stone, Mike Tellinger, even Russell Bland (sic) are, , whether or not they are aware of it, self-avowed statists and, thus, not in the business of freeing people from their mental slavery to a phony Crown. For instance, in the programme, Brian was bemoaning the fact that many returning mercenaries in the employ of the House of Rothschild/Crown’s oil, mineral and banking global kleptocracy (commonly known as ‘soldiers’ or mockingly as ‘heroes’) came back from Iraq and Afghanistan in ‘good spirits’ only to succumb at a later stage to various illnesses, of which he cited cancer as one.

When the full horror of what each man acting as a soldier has been really engaging in (genocide) hits him, it is likely to have a deleterious effect on that man’s health. This may manifest as psychological, biological and/or spiritual illness ~ a fact that Brian either is unaware of or deliberately overlooks and therefore omits from the repetitive rhetoric spewed out from his statist lips.

There are thousands who fall into this sticky net of fear pornography and the mesh of fake ‘remedies’ offered up by Lenz, Brand et al.

In the simplest of terms, what one is looking at here is the Pied Piper syndrome which can be readily understood by any sufficiently under vaccinated child: the tune is catchy, the march (of the ‘Column’?) is merry but the route leads to oblivion whereby the individual follows the crowd to become locked in a statist cave of continued subjugation.

To continue the fairy tale theme, what is required is the surety of critical thinking as succinctly demonstrated by the boy in the story of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ ~ the Queen is Naked.

Nakedly, that is,  promoting paedophilia, religion, banking fraud, genocide and enslavement by way of psychological manipulation,  the output of which is channelled via a Jewish-dominated Media system of lies and distortions, all aimed at dragging the individual into the collective mind-set, as identified by Plato in another revealing analogy, known as the Cave.



This state of affairs is in need of counter-balancing, its deliberately constructed myopia is a downward vortex of destruction for the free-thinking individual and, as such, is wholly useless to anyone who is seeking the exit door.

This is why RM will continue to pump out an anarchist perspective and suggest routes for true remedy that exist outside the narrow confines of those content to dwell in the constructed caves of collectivist mind control.  The pages herein speak only of those matters which RM has direct knowledge and experience of: they do not offer fake remedies to the rigged game known as the legal system, nor encourage the individual reader to take action in ways that RM would not or has not taken himself.

Fuck the Bradbury pound, fuck the statists ~ the citizenship is sinking, an anarchic revival is underway. Free the mind from fear porn and step into your own empowerment.  The State is not your friend, not your daddy and no-one other than you is in charge.

The ship of fools is going down … just as the speed boat of the anarchist is being launched…

Admiralty law? It is and always has been a metaphor.

The statists are pirates stealing the individual’s imagination.

Turn away from the gangplank, grab one’s booty (the treasure within) and jump ship to swim in the cool blue anarchic seas of one’s boundless creativity.

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